US Cellular Subscribers Rejoice: Android is Now on Your Carrier Starting with the Samsung Acclaim


Today US Cellular picks up its first Android device, the exclusive Samsung Acclaim. The phone features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 3.2-inch screen, and Android 2.1. It’s priced at $99 on contract, but US Cellular is feeling generous and throwing in a second Acclaim for free should you so choose.


The Android smartphone comes with the full Google experience plus a few apps harvested from the Android Market for a phone that is good to go out of the box. You’ll get Evernote, Twidroid, and the Weather Channel app to name a few. You’ll also get Your Navigator Deluxe by TeleNav included in the $30 smartphone data plan for all of your navigating needs. Bundle that with Google Maps and you’re sure to never get lost. So what are you waiting for people in US Cellular markets, your day has arrived! [Though we don’t blame you if you’d rather wait for one of USC’s more tantalizing Android phones…]

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. Why would anyone in Santa Clara have US cellular? I didnt even know they had a presence in California.

  2. I thought US Cellular was only here in the midwest. Anyway its nice to see the local not so big companies get in on the android action.

  3. I actually work @ US Cellular and YES, we are branching out…NO, we may not be all over the US, (we are a regional carrier, NOT a National carrier) but do have a little market in CA, and Phandroid is for EVERYONE, isn’t it? Not just for those who live in CA…LOL!! Enjoy the 1st Android phone guys–plenty more coming sooooon…

  4. lol US Cellula-who? Sprint got national coverage more than a decade ago, I’ll leave that regional stuff to you TDP, oh and the 6 million customers that you serve…ROFL 6mil.

  5. ‘Why would anyone in Santa Clara have US cellular?’ Why does anyone choose them- good coverage and awesome customer service.

  6. Us Cellular is just Ok their Customer Service is fairly competent and their products are left mostly untouched ..unlike Verizon. They are both CDMA so service is piggy backed on Verizon’s network. Pricing and discounts for new cutting edge phones isn’t that great so unless they grow Really Really Big in the next year or so… my money is still with big red (unfortunately)..

  7. I have had US Cellular for over ten years and live in North Carolina. I love it!

  8. Why would “national” coverage matter? What difference does the number of subscribers make? I live in a very small town, and have great coverage, and Ev-Do everywhere, and its priced just the same as other carriers with poor networks (at least in my area). People would choose U.S. Cellular, because they cater to the rural community.

  9. I love this phone. It’s quite amazing.

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