Samsung Galaxy S Now Available on T-Mobile UK Site



The Samsung Galaxy S in all of its forms and factors is about to roll out to the United States, but let us not forget it is still rampaging across other parts of the world as well. T-Mobile UK now has the handset up for grabs on their website for free on a £35 monthly tariff. Considering other areas of the world are getting the most complete, and therefore some would argue superior, Samsung Galaxy S experience compared to the stripped and modified US variants, those who have a chance to get their hands on the international version would be doing themselves a disservice to at least not check it out.

[via MobileBurn]

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  1. Is it possible to get it unlocked from T-Mo UK’s site?

  2. It’s exciting to see Samsung launch a product globally…..however I dont know why its so hard to supply a phone in the US with all the original specs it was intended to have in the first place.

  3. Will the UK version work on t-mobile in the US?

  4. If you get it from Vodafone in the UK you get the 16GB model, not the 8GB that the other UK carriers have :D Guess were I got mine….

  5. Vodafone are crap though – what use is an Android phone if you’re capped at 500MB a month?
    I heard that you can up that allowance to 1GB if you ring up and ask them to…

    Anyway, T-Mobile offer 3GB in comparison, and even that’s subject to FUP so you don’t automatically get charged for using 3.001GB a month.

    Also, you can buy this phone from O2 for £355 with no strings attached. I’m sure a couple of other retailers were offering it for around the £360/370 mark too

  6. The UK model works on T-Mobile.
    I can get wifi speeds up to 9397 kbps down and 3813 kbps up.
    I can only get Edge 2g/3g speeds of 157 kbps.
    I’m using the Android app from speedtest.net
    The colors are better than on the Nexus One.
    The tethering works well.

  7. The Nexus One is mostly faster than the the International Galaxy S for connecting to T-Mobile in the US. However sometimes it seems to be slower than the Galaxy S.

    Nexus One: 6 – 896 kbps (Varies throughout the day)
    Galaxy S (International version): 70-157 (Varies throughout the day).

    The International model works on T-Mobile.
    I expect US model (the Vibrant) to be as fast as the Nexus One for connecting to the internet.

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