GarminFone Sees Price Cut to $129.99 at T-Mobile



Because the GarminFone is having no trouble at all just flying off the shelves, T-Mobile has slashed the price by seventy bucks from $199.99 down to $129.99 on a two year contract. We still aren’t sure who to believe, the analyst claiming most stores probably haven’t sold any more than five of the Garmin-Asus produced handsets, or the folks at Asus making claims that sales are bopping along as expected. The quick denial and sudden reduction in price come as more than just a little suspect. We’ll believe you for now, Garmin-Asus, but still don’t expect us to say we didn’t see poor sales in your future from the beginning.

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  1. Price drop makes sense when you compare this phone to the new Samsung one they are getting in a few days.

  2. And no one cared.

  3. And 5 more people will buy it, doubling their sales.

  4. Why would you buy this phone when Android phones feature free turn by turn navigation for free? Plus you dont get the latest Android OS with this phone! If you are on T-Mobile go with the MyTouch Slide or wait for the 2 new Motorolas coming out in a couple of weeks.

  5. They need to cut their losses and just sell an Android App.

  6. I can’t imagine who in their right mind would think this device would be successful. YEARS ago when I first got wind of a “GarminPhone”, and (the always) mediocre phone-based navigation always had a monthly fee attached, this thing had a chance. But it took them so long to get to market that there are better free alternatives.

  7. i have this phone n is great haters……..!!!!

  8. of course jaestoner is saying that, he’s the only one to buy it ha

  9. “Pssst… hey, T-Mobile…” he said in a hushed tone, “the PRICE isn’t the problem.”

  10. I have this phone and love it. I guess I’m one of the five that got one. Ill be looking for the android update, I’ve read there is supposed to be one coming out.

  11. I have this phone and love it. I needed a navigation system and a new phone, so this phone saved me from having to purchase both. I not a techy by no stretch of the imagination, but I do know what I like so, for me, this phone is the best.

  12. the majority of people dont know that this phone doesnt require internet like all the other phones do for the gps to work. u can unlock the phone, buy a map from the garmin site of some european or canadian or etc city country whatever, and buy a prepaid simcard over there and b set to travel. no internet needed! nice for travelers. and u can still put music in it, take pics n videos. and its still android google, so u can always come back to it and sync it with ur google account for phone numbers and calendars and notes (via 3banana app for the notes). a 2-in-1 gps and android phone…. its a good cool tool to have

  13. I have this phone and I am not sure why everyone finds it hard to believe people buy it….I love it. To each their own and the price cut doesn’t have any revelance to whether or not it is a good phone when a newer edition and model comes out the old ones get lowered.

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