Asus: Garminfone Sales Are Fine, We’re Still Navigating Your Life


Oh, and Ali ducks the punch and comes back with a right hook of his own! Asus – speaking with DigiTimes – says that Garminfone sales are doing just fine. This was in direct response to an analyst – Yair Reiner for Morgan Keegan – who claimed no stores sold more than 5 handsets based on a survey of 50 T-Mobile retail stores.


Asustek said that shipments to T-Mobile are as previously planned and has received positive demand from the consumer market.

We can’t say who’s more accurate in their claims (Asus, of course, has access to their own sales records, but I can’t imagine they’ll be speaking too much more about this manner anytime soon), but hesitation to address sales figures has never been a good sign for any handset manufacturer.

[via PhoneDog]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. never believed too much in analyst prediction of anything. I guess they just see the blogs and see techies complaining about 1.6 and ridiculing garmin for competing with google satnav etc and they form opinions that sales will be poor. It might be true, but ASUS will definitely know better since they know how many have been sold and possibly Google as well.

  2. Palm Pre – Sprint NEVER talked about sales figures.
    EVO – Sprint was out almost the next day (not quite accurately) talking about the sales numbers.

    It’s NEVER a good sign when they avoid the numbers.

  3. evo sales are fine as well its sold out lol good sign as any

  4. ok guys what I meant was it never sold well, but it didnt do so bad as to sell only 20K. Maybe it sold 100K who knows ? and maybe Asus does not want to reveal those sales figures because selling 100K in a month is crap compared to 1.7 million that Iphone sold in 3 days lol.

  5. I think there is room for a phone with full navigation. I recently tried Google Navigation on my Hero while I was driving, but poor GPS reception and/or data connectivity ruins the whole deal. So you will want a phone with a good GPS antenna and full maps installed, if you really need to rely on navigation, unless you carry a TomTom around as well, that is. If it’s just for playing around Google Navigation will do.

  6. @pieeater I don’t know what’s wrong with your Hero,but I have used my google navigation to navigate to various places around my city, and I have never had a problem. It has almost never been wrong, and I haven’t had a problem connecting.

  7. @pie-eater
    I have used the built in Google Navigation on my [sigh!] stock G-1 without many problems at all. The only caveat I have seen is that it is best to have a solid 3G or wifi connection when initially getting the directions or it will take forever. I have even been able to continue receiving full navigation during times of no cell phone signal at all (0 data & voice).

  8. I too use Google Nav and love it. I’ve found its interface (and search engine of course) is far better than Ovi Maps which I used with my previous phone. It would be nice though if Google allowed downloadable maps for individual states or countries though…that is indeed it’s one big weakness; I enjoy occasional country drives and once I’m off the beaten path and lose my cell signal, Google Nav is useless.

  9. @paul gps takes ages to pinpoint location. Is there an app to update sat positions? Might help. Data wouldn’t normally be a problem for me, gps is.

  10. Um, is there even anyone in the Garminfone section of the forums here?

  11. if google allows precaching of routes then it is all over for garmin, tomtom

  12. I dropped my Garmin and switched over to Google Nav for one main reason: My garmin cost $65 to update, and even then the maps were still incorrect. Google Nav is always up to date, for FREE.

  13. I just got my Asus-garminfone from t-mobile yesterday. this thing is amazing.. i love it.. my initial impression from having had the G1 and Cliq was that i wasnt going to be able to adapt to not having a keyboard. i was wrong a few of the settings are in different places but still present, the alarm function diddnt let me select an mp3 (this could be new user error) my only complaint about it is no 3.5mm headphone jack, however it doesnt use the mini usb when cradled and charging so the dongle works fine for mp3 and pandora in the car. honestly i amd thoroughly impressed over all with the device call quality and microphone is impressive over most of the other android devices. if its not selling we it doesnt seem to me to be for a lack of quality ..more likley lakck of marketing and product placement.

  14. 1.7 million that Iphone sold in 3 days lol.

    lol Apple can sell 1.7 million phones that barely function, then tell you to shut up and eat it, and you do lol.

    The triumph of marketing!

  15. My friend has the Iphone4 and I just got the new garminfone. Honestly we both liked the garminfone better. Both of us are adults, so we are not much into games or videos. The garmin navigation is much better when traveling than the google nav. I have tried both back to back.

    Its too bad most people just want toys instead of usable devices. The garminfone should rate much higher in my op.

    Not to mention service is noticeably better on the garminfone than the Iphone4. And for someone who needs their phone in various places, thats a huge factor.

  16. All you people who claim google maps work perfectly all the time try moving out of the city to more remote areas and watch you blood pressure go through the roof.
    I have an A50 and it works perfectly everytime anywhere. If my life depended on the gps realiablity of my phone i wouldnt go anywhere near anything outside the garmin. This was proved when me and a mate got lost in remote queensland and while my phone guided us out of trouble his phone became a gaming unit. I laughed my head off, nice phone dude.

  17. By the way my mate had an Iphone.

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