Pre-Order Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile at Radio Shack, Get a $50 Gift Card



The Samsung Vibrant, T-Mobile’s version of the Galaxy S, will be shipping out July 21st, so it isn’t too late to get yours pre-ordered. If you haven’t already done so, you may want to consider reserving your piece of Super AMOLED-packing beauty through Radio Shack, where you not only get to skip the mail-in rebate making the phone $199 up front on a two-year contract, but you will also receive a $50 gift card towards other purchases at the Shack. Not a bad deal if the Vibrant is in your future, and if you’re a T-Mobile customer looking for the most powerful phone they have to offer that is most likely the case.

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  1. are they still shipping it for the 21st? When T-mobile is releasing it on the 15th?? And why would I pay to get a gift certificate when I can pay $50 less at T-mobile??

  2. You apparently don’t get a $50 gift certificate if you want to pay the full price for the phone and have no cell plan. In fact, I can’t find any way to get the phone without a plan at all. Seeing as you save money in the long run paying the full price for the phone and as T-mobile stores get the phone a week sooner I see no reason to get this “deal.”

  3. sound like a better deal at radio shack!!! you dont have to wait for the mail in rebate, which is music to my ears! plus you get a 50 dollar gift card! fuckin A bro

  4. I preordered last week. Called last night to see when they will be arriving and they told me they will have them on the 15th and I can pick it up then.

  5. Picture of Tmo Vibrant box http://twitpic.com/23sa8f already in stores

  6. The shipping date is now the 15th. See link.


    Also for more information you can get the phone from lets talk for $149 with contract and some rebates.


  7. I know I can do it at Radioshack website, but is there any way to order this directly from t-mobile website without joining any plan?

  8. You cant get it on Amazon for 149 btw

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