Samsung Captivate Promo Video Goes Live, Looks Like All The Other Galaxy S Videos


I expected to see some unique advertising for these devices seeing as all of the big four carriers here in the states felt the need to change how their customers will see the Samsung Galaxy S. Instead, it looks like at least two of them (AT&T and Sprint) have used a cookie cutter promotional template provided by Samsung because it felt like deja vu whenever I reached to press “Play”.

Still, it doesn’t cease to do its job in letting the uninformed know why they shouldn’t overlook this piece of joy coming out of AT&T July 18th (and I’m sure whatever they’ll be airing on TV will be much more unique). You can grab the device on a two-year contract for $199.99.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. “due its job”? Seriously?

  2. the song and the super AMOLED are the amazing things about this promo

    everything else, please stay on AT&T’s shelves

  3. You can watch the promos for all four variants over at the Galaxy S website. They basically change the background color to match each carriers colors.

  4. @RebelScum mistakes. Read more about them here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mistake

  5. Have you seen some of the Sprint and AT&T commercials. Well, maybe you haven’t, that’s part of Sprint’s problem, but, if you have you see the other part of Sprint’s problem, their commercials are nothing more than the CEO talking about service plans. AT&T is a little better, but they just talk about how their 2G service has better coverage then Verizon. Neither one really markets their phones, so, why wouldn’t they take slick advertising like this from Samsung?

  6. I’ll pass on this. Thanks a bunch AT&T for fucking up the hardware. no front facing camera no flash.

  7. This may not be exactly related to the Promo video but this is the most recent Samsung Captivate post so I decided to ask it here.
    Can anyone explain what exactly DLNA is? I was kind of disappointed when I found out that the Captivate didn’t have HDMI-out, but it is instead DLNA. Can someone explain how this works? Do I need a certain TV or device?
    I heard somewhere that with DLNA you can stream it right to an Xbox 360, is that true, and is it easy?

  8. This should help you …
    “DLNA is short for Digital Living Network Alliance, and defines a standard for moving movies, photos, music and other media from device to device. DLNA servers can store media in one location, and, without any setup or configuration, can stream the media to DLNA compliant players, like the PS3 and Xbox 360. The big draw behind DLNA is to throw away major configuration, and create a simplistic way for consumers to get media from one device to another.”
    You can set your computer up with windows media canter for instance and stream anything you want … even live tv if you have a capable tuner.
    Also, the standard Galaxy S does have video out via the 3.5mm jack not sure if the Captivate will or not.

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