Droid/Milestone Launches in Korea as Motorola QRTY


Adding to the list of Android phones headed to South Korea, the ever-faithful Motorola Droid (aka Milestone) is landing south of the Demilitarized Zone carrying a new name tag. The Motorla QRTY is the same phone you’d expect minus one sizable difference: the hardware keyboard now features Korean characters. We are assuming it gets its new name from the QWERTY keyboard, regardless of which language is on the keys.


Unlike the Nexus One, which recently launched in Korea with Android 2.2 before an OTA update hit current owners of the handset, the QRTY will not be privy to an early release of Froyo for the Droid. Hope of an updated OS aside, the phone is now available through SK Telecom.

[Press Release, via UnwiredView]

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  1. MotoBlur looks really out of place on a Droid. lol

  2. blur? hope not

  3. That sure is a Blur launcher if I ever saw one in that picture.

  4. name fail? perhaps moto fail?

    but i don’t blame koreans, they have been android supporters for quite a while now.

    good luck, emm QRTY

  5. wow is this the first android with a non english kb?

  6. hi,

    Well it loos nice, but i don’t think the key-pad is gonna make it any better, really it should have been a bit bigger. Anyway thanks for the latest phones news

  7. stop this qwerty thing motorola, launch Droid X worldwide instead of only verizon.

  8. The real physical key-board are getting hard to find these days, however they’re very useful

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