Telus “Unleashing” the HTC Triumph on June 8th?



The first two weeks of June are chock full of big handset releases (and we aren’t just speaking strictly about Android. Lookin’ at you, iPhone), and Telus doesn’t want to be left out of the mobile madness. Telus’ home page now has a countdown teasing of something that will be unleashed June 8th, and the only thing that has been on our radar that may be worthy of such promotion is the HTC Triumph, a supposedly rebranded version of the HTC Desire headed to the Canadian network. If this is the case, its only two weeks out before Telus subscribers can get their hands on the Android handset that has already taken Europe by storm.

[via Engadget Mobile]

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  1. HTC is just kicking ass and taking names latley. Nexus One, Incredible, Desire and EVO 4G. Hell you would think they were the only company making phones lately.

  2. now if they could only market better in the US.

  3. They seem to be doing well and making a lot of profit at the moment.

  4. Still waiting on the HTC Hero 2.1 update. They should focus on making the stuff that’s already out function like promised, rather than putting out a new device every week.

  5. Typing this from my desire, very impressed with HTC and Android right now. Things have come a long way since the G1

  6. “now if they could only market better in the Us.”

    Uhm,… Huh?

    I’d say N1, Inc., and EVO 4G are being marketed pretty well!

  7. HTC has to change their slogan to “HTC: we pwn.”

  8. And I’m still waiting on a good android phone to hit AT&T.

  9. not sure if I wanna jump ship from Rogers get this Triumph on contract with Telus… I still think the N1 sets the bar tho, hopefully Rogers gets that in stores soon

  10. @defkon. The hero 2.1 update has been out for 2 weeks now you should follow things better before bad mouthing a company

  11. sorry to disappoint all.. but this countdown has NOTHING to so with Telus Mobility but more so for their IPTV Service..

    otherwise it would be posted on telusmobility.com

  12. @defkon. HTC have to bring new handsets out frequently to stay ahead of the game.We all want the best hardware available and the best way HTC have to keep up their marketshare is to keep releasing new phones stuffed with the newest technology. The Hero was a great phone but the speed of technical change is progressing even faster and unfortunatley some things do get left behind.

  13. @dubskeet – defkon is probably talking about the GSM Hero. 2.1 is not out for that yet. I’m not one of those who are really angry at HTC for it not being out yet, but the fact of the matter is that the GSM Hero, which came out way before the Eris and Sprint Hero, has not been updated yet.

  14. I dont want to ruin your day, but for your information, the http://www.telus.com is for landline services (internet, TV and home phone only), who do not offer cell phones.

    on the telus mobility website, there is no countdown. One would assume this means it has nothing to do with any wireless device.

  15. @LLama ur right. its actually their new tv service being launched in BC. But working for telus i can confirm the triumph is launching soon since it made its way to inventory systems at the store level.

  16. If u do a

  17. actually if you check the telus site there is telus mobility on the home page now… so it could still be the Triumph landing… let’s hope so!

  18. Couldnt this be the HTC EVO 4G

  19. I was just talking with support staff at Telus and they mentioned the next major release they have is the new Blackberry phone (is there a new Bold? I could care less about BlackBerry), I would guess this countdown is for that phone and not for the Triumph/Desire. I wish it was though, I am holding out for it. Or thinking of switching to Wind Mobile and pick up an Incredible. I just moved from the states, the Incredible is easily the best phone out there right now.

  20. I spoke with a dealer that said the Triumph is listed differently in three places: one as the Desire (which it is), another as the Triumph, and another in some name I have forgotten which was really weird (then again, I guess phone names are weirder than any other product out there), but the specs were *identical* to the Desire, and apparently dealers can *place* orders (not have inventory yet) on June 8th.

    So my guess is that the Triumph is what this countdown is referring to, even though its not on the telusmobility site. To stretch things just a bit, one could say that it provides ‘Internet, television and telephone’ as an all-in-one, and so deserves to be on the ‘top’ site, rather than limited to cellphone only. Yes, other phones do the same stuff now, but this phone (IMHO) will make it a little more usable.

    I’ve been trying to buy this since beginning of May. If I buy an unlocked Desire, does that make me a criminal according to the proposed Bill C-32? It appears to me to be so. But if I buy it from Telus, I can’t legally unlock it to travel with it either, right? I would have to roam at something like CAD$30 an hour. Or does C-32 only apply while I’m in Canada? Ouch.

  21. Optik Tv… Booooo!!

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