Jul 7th, 2010

We have all been wondering when and where we might see the Motorola Motoroi/Milestsone XT720 cross the pond and land in the States, and the FCC may well have just given us our answer (at least to the where part). A phone that looks to be the spitting image of the device that recently launched in Europe has passed the FCC on its way to what could only be T-Mobile’s bands. Along with giving the model number as the Motorola MB710 and some shots of the handset, an early version of a user manual is included referencing T-Mobile’s now-defunct MyFaves.


We know from the documentation that the phone will feature MotoBlur, but it isn’t clear whether the MB710 will feature the same 720MHz OMAP 3440 as the XT720 or whether it will be bumped for release with the same 1GHz OMAP 3630 found in the Droid X and Droid 2. Either way the processor should be serviceable enough to make this the only high-end Android phone by Motorola to hit a non-regional carrier in the US that isn’t spelled with some combination of the letters ionzerv.

[FCC via Android and Me]

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