T-Mobile’s Product Road Map Shows Even More Android Devices Before Year’s End


The Samsung Vibrant will be out by the end of the month, the Motorola Charm was just announced, and now we are hearing whispers of the Motorola MB710 heading to T-Mobile as well, so just how many more Android devices could they have up their sleeve? According to a leaked product road map there should be more than enough to keep Android enthusiasts busy.


For starters, it looks like updates are coming for more than a few phones, including the myTouch 3G Slide and myTouch 3G and the Motorola Cliq and Cliq XT in the last few months of summer. Then in September we see the Motorola Charm, though it may end up coming earlier if this road map happens to be a bit outdated (it seems to originate from just prior to the summer handset season kicking off). Also in September we see a phone called the HTC Vangaurd sporting Android, though no other details are available.

Things really start getting interesting in November, as T-Mobile looks like they want to stock up big on Android options for the holiday season. Plans are for two Moto devices (one of which could very well be that XB710), an unspecified LG Android, and the oft-rumored HTC Project Emerald device. Much speculation has pointed to this phone being a refresh/relaunch of the Sidekick brand in a big way, though no hard evidence has surfaced to suggest this as fact.

Enough to hold over current T-Mobile customers to see what’s next? Is the upcoming Android assualt and HSPA+ speeds enough to win over new subscribers? Just how many Android phones across carriers will there be keeping us here at Phandroid busy come the holiday season? My brain hurts thinking about it.

[via AndroidSpin]

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High-End Motorola MB710 Passes the FCC, Headed for T-Mobile

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  1. Sweet!

  2. I’m just tired of waiting and will get the Vibrant when it comes out. :)

  3. O yeahhhhhhhhh!!! Patience is the key young Android…

  4. I have been patient since the Android OS came out. No more!!! Muhahahahahahah. :)

  5. oh this has GOT to blow up before the 21st!!

  6. Swehe I’m with you. I can’t take this g1 any longer. Even though ithe Emerald phone will probably be much better, the vibrant has everything I need in a phone. My patience is exausted and I’m not worried abt FFC or a flash

  7. The one for the Cliq looks like it says Eclair MR, not a new phone.

  8. I just figure I will buy it off contract, so that I can sell it for the holidays if something else comes out that I like. :)

  9. Wake me up when someone brings out an Android phone which has the power of the Nexus One (or more) and has a qwerty kb like the G1s.

  10. The Vibrant is actually being released July 15th.

  11. Looks like 2.2 Update for the Slide late July? And 2.2 for regular Mytouch in August?

    I wonder if the Samsung sept-oct is the Vibrant 2.2 update schedule?

  12. @Mr. G1 – LMMFAO!!!

    Hold up, can someone tell me what ever happened to the SE Xperia X10 coming to Tmo? I could have sworn there was one that passed through FCC with Tmo specs?

  13. Please let that Dell listing be a reference to the Streak. Yeah, I know it says “Netbooks” under it, but I can hope :)

  14. @ Al, allow me to introduce you to my friend, the Samsung Epic 4g

  15. Forget the Xperia. What’s up with the Dell Thunder, Flash or Smoke?

  16. WHAT!!?? No Dell Streak!!!???? If I had a knife right now I’d stab myself in the adams apple.

    I Guess I’ll buy the no-camera flash having, FFC-less, average-everyday-smart phone looking Vibrant.

  17. Well.. it would have been nicer of them to update the original myTouch first, but I’ll take it whenever it comes.. and watch with interest all the new phones coming in the next year. When I purchased the myTouch all there was was a market full of “rumor phones”.. the last year has been something else, that’s for sure. My phone has been great, and no buyers remorse whatsoever, even with all the great phones that have come since. It’s going to be interesting to see what is available in a year from now when I am actually due for an upgrade.. till then I am content with what I have and don’t need to make an early jump on the upgrade train.. to me that is how good Android is.

  18. I see about 11 or 12 green men up there and about 3 or 4 of them are MRs.

  19. Well that is just great, they promise us a cliq update by Q2 and what do we get? end of the summer.

  20. @reef-I couldn’t agree with you more!
    @legion-best thing about the Epic will be that it supposedly has a SIM card slot-don’t think I haven’t considered using it on TMO.

  21. Yeah and the cliq update is in the mail.

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