White HTC EVO 4G Hits Best Buy Shelves Early



See an HTC EVO 4G and want to paint it…white? Thanks to Best Buy you can put the brush down. The white version of the EVO 4G has shown up in select stores well ahead of it’s July 11th ship date. Have one on pre-order? You may be in for an early treat. Engadget is confirming the news from several sources, and even got ahold of a shot of a few units sitting pretty (REAL pretty) on Best Buy’s shelves.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I think it should be all-white, not only the back cover that’s why I still prefer the original black model (P.S. HTC please release a GSM version of this thing in EUROPE).

  2. Wooohooo, hope mine ships out early. I need to ditch this crapple iphone pronto!

  3. yeah it doenst even look like a white version.

  4. why would anyone want this?

  5. Yea an all white one would look awesome. Idk what they were thinking about half and half.

  6. Is there anyway to get a pic of the entire phone? I want to see what the entire phone looks like before i decide to pre-order it!

  7. @Scott, I want it because of the huge shortages for the black one. Also, it’s not very different from the style for the iphone 3G/3Gs which had the white in the back only.

    @chris – http://images.bestbuy.com/BestBuy_US/en_US/images/global/360/360pop.html?sku=9955611

  8. Kevin- was that a Rolling Stones reference or just an accident? (Aftermath)

  9. Got a phone call about 2pm letting me know the phone I preordered arrived early just don’t have the funds till thurs, guess I’m heading to best buy first thing in the morning thur.

  10. White, black doesn’t matter to me personally. As I will make sure mine has a case and I can make it almost any color I want.

  11. Why is only the back white? Looks like when someone has to replace a single panel on a car with one of a different color from the junkyard.

  12. I agree they should have gone full white with the phone (i’m hoping my amzer white shell case thats coming will do this). But it does look nice and clean.

  13. somehow stumbled into bestbuy and saw they had them in stock today.. between me and a few friends, we left with every single one they had left ( about 8 ). sweetest phone i have ever owned, and at 199 dollars.. yea

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