Adobe Demos Flash Support on the Droid X [Video]


The Motorola Droid X won’t be shipping with support for Adobe Flash 10.1 when it hits shelves later this month, but a promised update to Android 2.2 in the waning months of the summer will bring the platform to the more-than-capable handset. If you are eager to see just how that 1GHz processor handles Flash content and what it will look like on the 4.3-inch screen of the X, the below video will give you a pretty good idea of what you’re in for.

While many would be more than happy to see Flash go the way of the Microsoft Kin, there is no doubt the mobile-optimized gaming content and a whole slew of ready-to-go video content from sites running on Flash will be a great addition to the Droid X’s gaming and media arsenal.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. Cool.

    But some parts looked painfully slow to respond to the user input.

    Looks like it’ll be clunky until further refined.

  2. I wonder if the lag b/c the processor can’t handle it or b/c of the software hasn’t been optimized properly to run on this type of system. It would be interesting to see a comparison of the Hummingbird processor running flash. (Videos like that probably already exist though, huh… lol)

  3. NO WAY!!! Look at that sweet World Cup app. I can’t wait to check all the scores to the World Cup on July 15 after the World Cup ends! Sweet!

    Seriously though, I like that flash is coming to smartphones. Maybe it won’t work as well as we want it, but you don’t have to use it. But there is a choice on whether or not to use it, unlike some other unnamed phones.

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