HTC to Complete Android 2.2 Roll Out by Christmas


HTC has made it clear that all of their newly released phones will get an update to Android 2.2 (Froyo), but given a rocky history when it comes to getting the latest version of Android to their phones (we’re looking at you, HTC Hero) a promised update hasn’t always necessarily equated to a timely update. HTC public relations man Eric Lin is now asserting that HTC would like to get the Android 2.2 updates out of the way by Christmas. Let me check my calendar, because I believe that’s about five months away.


Not to say that some phones may not see the update sooner — the HTC Desire is already rumored to be getting Froyo in August (no doubt partly thanks to its status as the fraternal twin to the Nexus One) — but this leaves a lot of wiggle room for HTC to secure the update for phones like the HTC Droid Incredible and HTC EVO 4G, two of their hottest Android phones. Of course, “before Christmas” could mean updates as soon as in the next few weeks (that’s before Christmas, right?), but for some reason we feel like we indeed would sooner see a ROM from Santa and his team of elves than an official update from HTC.

And once they get Android 2.2 out of the way, the Gingerbread update that has been churning in the rumor mill lately won’t be getting to HTC handsets until at least the first quarter of 2011. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

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  1. Phew. Thank God I got the Nexus One. Hopefully, Gingerbread can bring an end to this issue.

  2. Still impatiantly waiting… 1st….

  3. Guess I should have refreshed the page :) ?!?!

  4. The 2.2 froyo for the evo is coming soon in 2 weeks..i cant wait

  5. cool. google said 3.0 will come out in the holiday season.

  6. Wow aren’t they supposed to have Gingerbread by then?

    Nexus 1 can’t possibly get Android 3.0 first if T-Mobile is getting the flagship 3.0 device(htc vision) by the way.

  7. So they will complete the roll out after the release of 3.0? Perfect timing (note the sarcasm).

  8. Well the good news is that with Gingerbread any future updates should be far less painless due to Sense UI, Blur, Touchwiz, etc… no longer being needed. Here’s hoping.

  9. @Mark … where do you get two weeks from for the EVO?

  10. I wonder if 3.0 will take the stock UI away from the HTC EVO. Like how 2.1 took the stock UI away from the HERO. Just has Sense UI. AT first the Hero had the option to turn it off before the update. I like the option to turn it off. I mean what’s the point of having Sense UI and a firmware update can’t really be used through Sense? The features will still be Sensed based. Some features may show through the options and settings, performance may increase, the icons, new wallpapers, but the actual UI changes only through stock.

  11. I am not waiting for HTC come on XDA!!!

  12. Not good enough HTC, you need to spend more resources on your Android branch to keep up with Google’s updates..

  13. It’d be really very nice to read a technical explanation of this whole issue. Did Google make a bad job that’s why HTC can’t modify it easily or is it about the drivers? Of course they have to test it but why does it take so long? And why they don’t tell us more about it?
    Certainly they don’t advertise that they roll out updates so slowly… If I knew it… I have a Desire.

  14. Mark that’s just messed up. You can’t just say something like that and not leave some sources

  15. By christmas, by htc standards, that usually means around easter :)

  16. Well it looks I was right a few months back when I kept telling the people who were talking down about the Nexus One that they were going to get 2.2 in 6 months. The Nexus will get 3.0 in December and HTC Sense devices will in June 2011. Please remember that T-mobile’s new “Super Phone” will be the first to launch with 3.0 so there is a small chance that the Nexus will get it before or right after, it that phone doesn’t have Sense than I might be getting that one.

  17. It could be worse. You guys could own a Motorola Cliq which is still running 1.5 after all this time. MotoFAIL.

  18. Hope that includes the Aria. Us AT&T folk need some JIT action for our mediocre Android devices.

  19. Received the 2.2 update on my nexus one on Saturday, 7/3.

  20. Froyo by Xmas? And that’s HTC??? Probably means Froyo by Easter for Motorola & Samsung users.

  21. What’s the point if not all people having the Desire in the U.S. when it’s only available in the U.K. and other countries. just tired of looking at that picture.

  22. @ajaegermeister don’t buy a kids phone.

  23. @JJFNIGHTS80
    Uh, HTC makes a lot more phones than just the Desire.

  24. Does anyone know whether 2.2 will bring support for Java Applets? How about applications launched via Java Web Start? And while we’re at it, how about Java OpenGL?

  25. lol…this is exactly why I’d never get a Sense UI or any other skinned phone for that matter. I’m so happy I made the move to the Nexus One.

  26. @Steve. For those of us with T-Mobile that wanted to jump on the Android bandwagon, it was the best option we had at the time. It’s still not that bad of a phone.

  27. i’m ok to wait as long as the firmware is perfectly bug free.

  28. Pity us Australian G1 (Dream) users who are unlucky enough to be with Optus ad not willing to root our phones. We are still stuck on 1.6!!!!

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