Jul 6th, 2010

Qualcomm announced they’d be shipping their own platform and SDK to enable a new generation of augmented reality unlike anything we’ve seen before. At the time, Mattel had simultaneously announced that they’d be using the platform to bring Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots to your Android screen as virtual plastic fighting robots duke it out in an actual, physical “arena” that you point your phone’s camera to.

It sounded cool, but we didn’t realize there was a video showing how it would work until now. And that’s all we need to say, because once you watch this video, you’ll instantly feel an urge to knock down Mattel’s door in an effort to get them to hurry up and release this jar of awesome sauce (yes, I said awesome sauce) so we can swiftly be taken back to the sweet memories of our childhood.

That, or you could just buy a RESE kit for a few bucks and call it a day (I wouldn’t expect much in the way of portability, though, in comparison).

As Qualcomm continues to accept entries for their $200,000 developer challenge, we hope more gems like this by other outlets begin to creep out of the cracks in the wall.

[Thanks, Android & Me!]