Samsung Hits That 200,000 Units Milestone With the Galaxy S in South Korea


The other day, we reported that Samsung had sold 100,000 units of the Samsung Galaxy S in their home country in under a week. While the numbers may seem paltry to what the iPhone or other phones manage to do in other parts of the world, 200,000 in South Korea is considered a hit. Now, just a few days later, Samsung can proudly claim that they reached that “hit” factor in 10 days.


As you can see in the picture above, SK Telecom employees are excited (and overly joyous) about the occasion, and they should be. Samsung’s looking to hit a stride in the smartphone market that they arguably haven’t enjoyed since the introduction of the Instinct. With this device set to launch in 110 countries by the end of this summer (including various spin-offs of the device on all of America’s major carriers), Samsung’s in pretty good shape to reach that goal of capturing 10% market share goal before the end of Q4 2010.

[YonHap via Unwired View]

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