South Koreans Buy 100,000 Galaxy S Phones in Six Days


It only makes sense that Samsung’s doing well in their country of origin where they’ve pushed the Samsung Galaxy S more than anywhere else (beside the US, at least, with the four major carriers here making a pretty big deal out of it). SK Telecom – the exclusive carrier for the device – announced that they sold 100,000 units in the six days since it’s been launched (June 24th up until now).


There’s no way to put this into perspective considering how different the market is in Korea compared to other regions (I don’t think anyone’s touching the iPhone’s sales records any time soon), but Samsung Hub tells us that a device that hits 200,000 units is considered a huge success over there. The fact that Samsung hit half that number in under a week spells great fortune for them and SK Telecom if trends continue to sway in that direction.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. It is a domestic matter ! Who cares ?

  2. I wonder if Samsung pays beautiful young women to walk into the store and be seen buying their product. I would be interested in seeing the iPhone sales figures in South Korea for comparison. I can only find combined international sales numbers.

  3. @Jared

    that’s what all the girls look like in South Korea~~
    you’re living in the wrong place!!!

  4. I’ve seen so much news on the Samsung Galaxy S and even photos taken by it, but I have yet to see a reviewer comment on how well it takes pics in low light situations (The one w/o a flash that is). Can someone please let us know how well it performs?
    I mean this is very important to me and I’m sure MANY others!!

  5. galaxy s will sell well in south korea and few other companies. but worldwide it is gonna be IPhone 4.

  6. SGS will be sold all over the world

  7. Damnnnnnnn I’m moving to South Korea!!

  8. @Bob the funny thing about the 1.7 Million iPhones sold is that according to an article in WSJ and BusinessWeek they are reporting that 77% – 83% of those sales were upgrades to existing iPhone users. Which means that actual NEW uptake isn’t all that great taking into consideration Andy Rubin’s statement last week that 160,000 Android devices are activated DAILY.

  9. @Rick James
    Don’t worry the Galaxy S is coming to the states very soon.


  10. People don’t seem to realize that camera tech has also advanced…and Samsung knows how to make cameras.

  11. I am android supporter, but to expect Galaxy S to match sales or even come to around 50 percent of IPhone 4 is too much I think. If Galaxy S does achieve a rate of 50 percent of selling of IPhone 4, android daily activations will go to 300000 daily activations next month itself. If it matches IPhone 4, we are looking at 400K activations daily. Is that possible ? 400K per day ?

  12. who knows? Most of Android’s momentum came from Droid/Verizon. People are excited by Evo but again it is just one carrier in the US. This is android’s first major global push.

  13. @peter

    OMG, the pictures look like so bad :S

    Aside there is no flash!

  14. Bob, aren’t you forgetting that the iPhone sales were mostly pre-ordered? they may not keep the same numbers over a longer period of time. Besides, Android has many green fellows out there, iPhone is only the lonely. And, there is the antenna issue :-)

  15. @peter..

    I love the XDA site, but unfortunately it blocks me at work (websense)

    so would you mind posting the thread??


  16. South Korea’s population is ~50M. So that’s 1 in every 500 people bought a Galaxy S in 6 days. That would translate to about 600K sales in the US at that same rate based on our population.

  17. yep gr8 numbers, would be interesting to see how they do worldwide. I think they should sell atleast 1 million a month, what say ?

  18. @Darkseider It may be true that most of the iPhone4 buyers are upgrading. What do you think happen to their older 3g and 3gs?

  19. @Jared

    Beautiful women, where?? one average, and rest below average.

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