Jul 5th, 2010

Marketing mistakes are common, but we still get a bit childish in snickering at the offenders. This time, Best Buy has listed the HTC Aria in the latest edition of their Mobile Buyer’s Guide. To the left of the Area is Verizon’s LG Ally, and to the right: the HTC EVO 4G. Both devices appear to be much smaller than AT&T’s latest Android.


To be fair, it’s common for a device’s size to be misconstrued in an advertisement due to the need to display it more prominently, but can the fact that the HTC Aria is showing 4G capability be forgiven? Of course it can! We just get such a kick out of this stuff that we had to point it out as if Best Buy employed the most inexperienced marketing department ever. In reality, the people that are targeted by this guide won’t really care either way, nor will they notice.


[via BGR]

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