3.7-inch QWERTY-fied HTC Vision Spotted in the Wild


The HTC Vision has long been rumored as the QWERTY-equipped high-end Android that many people have been looking for, and that rumor does not fail in getting stronger and stronger as the weeks pass us by. A relatively clear shot of the supposed device has surfaced and looks like everything the rumors have been describing it to be.


The screen most certainly is sized at 3.7-inches (different from the 4.3-inches that we’ve been hearing thrown around, although no word on which technology would be used), the original blurry-cammer claims it’s being powered by a 1GHz processor beneath the hood, and – obviously – the keyboard is “visioned” in all of its 4-row QWERTY goodness (see what I did there?).

It’s running Android 2.1 and – beside the spotting of a possible optical trackpad resting at the bottom of the device – we can’t find anything else new (or obvious) to point out here. Do you guys think this device would be worthy enough to carry on with the Sidekick brand for T-Mobile? Or do you think this phone will end up going somewhere else?

[via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Ugly

  2. Looks like a Nexus One with a optical pad, Google’s next ‘official’ android device perhaps? Also, is it plausible that the keyboard attaches, rather than slides – it doesn’t look quite right for a slider. If this is on its way, it has become my primary choice. Samsung Galaxy S looks just like every other cheap Samsung touchscreen, and not convinced on the processor front.

  3. Promising. Based on the size of the keypad I hope they have figured out a way to make the phone thinner by using the keypad side of the phone to house it’s parts. Now if someone will put their thinking cap on and build a smart phone with a speaker on the FRONT side of the phone. When was the last time you saw a TV with the speaker(s) on the back? Never, so why in the world do they do this on our mini TV’s?

  4. it has a sense notification bar but vanilla android 2.1 launcher

  5. I don’t know what this is.. Perhaps just the bad photography, but it just doesn’t seem right.. Not that we don’t know for sure whether or not the “Vision” is the TMoblie superphone with the dual core processor and large screen that was hinted at.. maybe that is something else entirely.. I just don’t think this is the superphone.

  6. phone looks good hoping that t-mobile gets this beast will deffinitly be my next phone and its not ugly

  7. One of the things I love about my ancient G1 is the sliding keyboard with 5 rows. Wish this one had a dedicated row for numbers but if this is coming to T-Mobile, I’ll finally dump my faithful G1.

  8. Its good to see that some companies are still trying to cater to the consumer, QWERTY on the Vision is a prime example.

  9. i REALLY hope this is not the vision. it looks very ugly, cheap, and plasticy. also, the keyboard looks terrible. why wouldn’t they make it 5 rows?

  10. and for the specs listed in this article, i might as well keep my nexus one.

  11. Shaun wrote: “Samsung Galaxy S looks just like every other cheap Samsung touchscreen, and not convinced on the processor front.”

    you’re kidding, right? it has the most amazing color I’ve seen on a phone screen.

  12. wassup with that double chin on it? that space could be used for more screen, come on htc.

  13. it’s not to see that HTC finally came up with a kb but it is no match for the Epic’s 5 row kb.

  14. not=nice

  15. @ ari-free
    From what I’ve seen, the screen is impressive; I should have been clearer – in the UK, the actual device itself is rather bland, and if it were not for its size, it would look like any other Samsung model. The Wave stands out. Would favour Nexus One’s updates over the Galaxy’s screen personally.

  16. keyboard and trackpad? i like very much, oh god i hope this is for verizon.

    also anyone else notice this is not running htc sense but has the sense icon for messaging but the stock android 2.1 launcher, strange

  17. Should i start BASHING now?? I told yall tmobile didnt have anything up their sleeve. Some of the TMOBILE fan boys swore tmobiles coming out with a beast of a phone called the HTC Vision 4.3 inch, dual core ect. BWAAHAHAHAHA . Jokes on you fan boys!! I frickn told told you guys. i called this one.Gimme my props.

  18. If this is the so Rumored HTC Vision i was waiting for… then id rather just hop on the samsung wagon. I was hoping for a super phone that was gonna jump set the bar. not one that is like the rest with a keyboard.

  19. Sorry, but this makes literally no sense. HTC would not backtrack this far from the Touch Pro2 keyboard. Why would they make something worse? The ergonomics on this would be awful compared to the TP2. As for everyone saying that it’s no match for the Epic keyboard. So, you’ve used the keyboard on the Epic? History proves that a keyboard can look great, but sucks during real life use. But that’s cool, have fun with TouchWiz. As for you HTC, just slap Android, a new processor, and more RAM in the Touch Pro2, and be done with it. Shouldn’t be that hard.

  20. This will be landing at AT&T near you. Yet another crappy looking hardware phone for AT&T. I bet this POS is coming to AT&T still very disappointing that I have no AT&T GOOD HTC ANDROID PHONE that’s not even the Desire or Legend. Pisses me off when I see phones like this that looks like crap

  21. I just wish all the former Sidekick and BB users out there would join the rest of us in the 21st century and give up on these ugly-ass physical keyboard handsets. A modern slate touch keypad is at LEAST as easy to use if not more so than any physical keyboard out there. Instead you get these Frankenstein’s Monster Incredibles or N1’s with a keyboard jerry-rigged onto it. Awful.

  22. I have very large thumbs, and this is why I like a qwerty keyboard. I have the G1 which has both. Almost evertime I use the touch keypad, I have to delete a wrong letter and try again. I only want to type a message once, not twice.
    I’m not sure about the Vision. I’ll look when it is actualy released. For now I’ll settle on the MyTouch slide. Go Genius Button!

  23. Numbers are not shifted characters. What part of “entering a number should not require extra keypresses” don’t you understand?

    Give it five rows, or I might as well save the weight and buy an Evo and Swype, or just figure out how to graft the G1 keyboard onto it.

  24. UGLY

  25. ugly!

  26. i wrote ugly,but i want to write again ‘super ugly’, lolz!

  27. holy sht! This is the ugliest piece of crap HTC ever shat out. I was lookin forwrd to the vision so freakn bad. now im just sooooooooooooooo depressed :(

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