[Rumor] Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) Details Outed, 1GHz Minimum Specification


With most of the Android faithful still waiting on Android 2.2 (and some even still waiting on Android 2.1) for their devices, we’ve apparently gotten first details of the supposed Android 3.0 updated (supposedly codenamed Gingerbread). We’ve long heard that we wouldn’t see this crunchy, sweet, gingery treat until the latter parts of the year, and new information suggests that it could be landing in the beginning (mid-October).

According to Digestiv, Android 3.0 will not be adaptable to hardware that does not meet the following specifications:

It must have a CPU clocked at 1GHz or higher
It must have 512MB or more of RAM
It must have a screen sized 3.5-inches or higher

If this turns out to be true, Android 2.2 will be the end of the line for a lot of manufacturers who prefer to diversify their line-up with a myriad of quirky devices (here’s looking at you, Motorola). This would make a lot of sense for Google to impose said restrictions: it would ensure that – going forward – their ambitions for Android can’t be hampered by the need for manufacturers with low-end ambitions to adapt. For them, Android 2.2 will have to suffice (and considering Google has plans to end this fragmentation problem going forward, we can’t say it will have as much of an effect as one might initially think).


Enough about that, though, let’s get into some more of the meaty details that come along with this supposed rumor. Android 3.0 will include native support for devices with an HD resolution of 1280×720 (720p) so long as they’re 4-inches or larger. With Android’s tablet pool filling up by the day, this will be a welcome addition for many vendors that want to take on the iPad.

The user interface is also said to be getting some very close attention with this release. A complete revamp would be in the works, and we believe it: Google hired Matias Duarte – the leading user interface and experience designer responsible for Palm’s webOS – to take on the task of making Android look as beautifully as it performs. I don’t want to cite the overly-used, overly-cliche saying of putting make-up on a pig (especially since I should be the last Vanilla Android-loving person to call the interface “pig-like”), but hopefully it will encourage vendors like HTC and Motorola to ship more devices with Android’s default skin to avoid the headache of making users wait months at a time for firmware upgrades. For an example of how the UI is aiming to look and feel, they say take a look at the Gallery app that comes with Android 2.1, and apply the same overall feel to the right of the OS. That will be a nice looking Android, indeed!


And finally, Android 2.1 and 2.2 will continue to be maintained in their own separate branches, while Android 3.0 will be maintained in its own branch for devices that meet the specifications required by it (like we alluded to above).

Froyo is still a long way from home for some of you, but should this information turn out to be true, are you ready to get your gingerbread houses built up before this holiday season?

[Digestiv via Unwired View]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. So if this is true what about HTC vision?

  2. My upgrade period starts next August. That should be enough time to see 3.0 released, ironed smooth, and have a few top-notch phones appear.

    Until then, I’m ok with my rooted 2.2 droid and I will support google in this path. :)

  3. So basically Galaxy S, HTC Evo, Motorola Droid X and others are the only ones that fit this specification list eh?

  4. ok, my htc wildfire will never see Android 3.0….i will get a gun and kill every single person i see….

  5. @Moises It meets all of that and more.
    Its going to the powerful android phone on the market.

  6. if GPU powered acceleration is implemented into gingerbread so we can at last have super sweet scrolling within the UI then I may just cream my pants! And then send them to Andy Rubin. If he wants them of course.

  7. “It must have a CPU clocked at 1GHz or higher
    It must have 512MB or more of RAM
    It must have a screen sized 3.5-inches or higher”

    Makes a lot of sense thinking about all the Android phones coming out, at least for Verizon. If you were an early adopter of the Droid and have no interest in the phones that are coming out now, it shouldn’t be an issue for you.

  8. @4 You bought a ‘mini’ Desire/Nexus One and knew full well at the time that it wasn’t a top-of-the-line phone. You’ve no one but yourself to blame.

  9. Some will bitch about it…but I think the OEM’s are simply stupid and forced themselves into this. Its like Google gave them a pot of gold and they put it on the crappiest hardware they could find. Google shows them how to do it and they follow suit but then they still try to stick it on some crappy hardware. And for what reason??? Now its come down to telling them look….we have to have some min specs here. They’ll kill the platform with some of these crap phones. My wife was going to look at an Ally in a few months. After this news I think I’m gonna suggest she get something in line with what they are talkin about.

  10. Wow, if true my Droid will be my last Android phone.

  11. Certainly something to think about as I go shopping for a phone this summer. Yikes.

    Actually, I think this is a mistake. If people who bought the Droid 1 at launch, which was the flagship Android phone last year, won’t get the updated OS before their contract is up, then I think they’re going to be upset.

    I don’t understand why different UIs can’t work like skin plug-ins for open-source software like WinAmp and Firefox. That way you can get the better UI elements for phones that can handle it, but you’re not running an old OS if your phone doesn’t. Unless the speed requirements are for some other purpose.

  12. Great news for the thousands of us with a htc desire.. But even if your device doesn’t meet the specs, I’m sure someone out there will be able to crack it…..
    Still waiting for my froyo though!

  13. Personally I don’t see why it needs 1GHz minimum if the JIT Dalvik in 2.2 is so good…unless there’s some quite hefty features in 3.0 to give it a pounding.

  14. “screen technolagy we have never seen before”htc vision res=1280×720

  15. At the same time of Froyo is going to be for lower end phones, there is some amazing stuff coming out.

  16. Nexus one and droid incredible should also see 3.0. Which makes sense, the only google phone should be technically able to receive OS updates within a year of its debut.

  17. 3.0 huh? Sounds good to me… bring it on.

    but I’ll have to say that if anyone wants me to upgrade before my current phone dies there is one key item to address.
    battery life!

    yes I know it is often app related or due to the vendor “enhancements”… I don’t care… I’m carefull about the apps I load and how I use the phone… and all in all its not bad. Eclair 2.1 totally made me happy feature wise.

    so to Google, manufactures, networks if you want me to get really excited, tell me battery life is better than iPhone 4, tell me I can go more than 48 hrs between charges and actally use the phone. then I’ll be jumping up and down.

    Just like the Gingerbread man can’t escape a hungry fox… and a phone can’t perform on a dead battery.

    (samsung moment, 2.1)

  18. To answer your question the HTC Vision will be coming with android 3.0

  19. @ Peter

    The Desire, Nexus One, X10, Droid 2, Incredible also fit these specs..
    I don’t see why people have a problem with this, i mean you can’t have an old device with a slower processor and expect it to keep up with newer devices forever.
    Just look at the 3G trying to run the new iOS, it bogs down the phone. Google is just preventing that from happening.

  20. @Khalid

    Google is evil and he told me to do so!ahahahahhahahaahha

  21. Super phones vs regular smart phones. No problem with that, and 2.2 is nothing to be down about. I’m loving the new 2.2 upgrade.

    I’m just hoping that 3.0 gives the user more customizing options, like adjustable themes.

  22. @10. Seriously? Smart phones aren’t cheap. You should be fully-aware that when you buy one, it won’t be the best thing out there forever.
    The Droid will get 2.2 and it’ll run damn fast and you’ll be happy with it, but you’re already running a budget smart phone. My Nexus One won’t be updated forever and that’s fine. In fact, I bought it outright so I’d never have to deal with it being ‘out of date’ during a 2-year contract. I plan on replacing it within 9 months. If you can’t afford to buy the latest and greatest every year(at least) you’ve no right to complain when your phone isn’t the best any more.

    Would you expect your computer to run the latest games 2 years after you bought it? You sound like one of those unreasonable people.

  23. So the Xperia X10 despite being a high end phone will not be suitable? It has 384MB of RAM.

  24. I don’t understand why people are bitching? A phone can only get so good if it’s a crap phone.

  25. Doesn’t make sense to me… So you try to battle fragmentation by splitting the OS into high-end and low-end devices. What version will developers target? If you mantain the low end version, its because some manufacturer will want to ship a device with Froyo in the future, and that means FRAGMENTATION you want it or not.

  26. if the release of said 3.0 devices from this article are accurate (late november/december) then them seem to fit in quite nicely with the black friday availability of the first Verizon LTE enabled phones.

    I’m thinking that Verizon shafting me out of a Droid X upgrade is starting to look like a good deal for me ;)

  27. “With a 4.3 inch screen, 800mhz dual core processor” those are the last specs I saw for the HTC vision

  28. For now, I will enjoy Flash on my rooted, FroYo running Moto Droid. I will be happy to jump to a phone with HDMI out and maybe dual cores when it is available.

    For you people who love to complain, all of this is temporary. Don’t you see where cellular technology is heading? Superphones running Android are poised to take over. There will soon be little-to-no difference in hardware specs, and the only changes you’ll see are in camera resolution, onboard memory, and processor speed. All the rest will be common.

  29. You cannot restrict opensource software to anything. Google will probably not support products internally that are less than specific hw reqs but nothing can stop anyone from using android on whatever hardware they would like. So. BS.

  30. Good thing I originally planned on getting a new phone Q1 2011. I will enjoy my Acer Liquid til then (hopefully FroYo will be stable soon but Éclair is pretty damn good to begin with).

    I am surprised that people are surprised. Did you guys seriously expect to run every Android OS on your phone? I bought my phone assuming FroYo would be the highest version I would get and so far that seems to hold true (though once it comes out, maybe somebody can port Gingerbread to the Liquid. It has a Snapdragon which can be overclocked to 1GHz. Only problem is the RAM, only Liquid E has 512 megs of ram).

  31. I know this will upset a lot of people when they impose hardware restrictions but such is the price of innovation. The people who are angry at the high end spec minimums are the same people who don’t want to accept paying $450 for a video card to play all the new games. You just can’t have forward progress without drawing a line in the sand at one point. Even Apple IOS 4 isn’t fully backward compatible so what can ya do? :S

  32. @27 It’s not bullshit at all, you’re just all upset and full of it. Groups like Cyanogen will try and make it work for lower-end devices, but Google are only going to put out minimum requirements if they feel they’re needed.

    What’s really going on here? You probably bought a low-end smart phone and were cheap when signing a contract and now you’re all pissed because you won’t be able to run the latest and greatest. See comment 22.

  33. I am so torn right now. I was planning on breaking contract with AT&T to get the droid x on the 15th. Now it is starting to look like waiting for an LTE Android 3.0 phone and riding out a few more months on AT&T is the move to make… I know you that if you keep waiting for the latest and greatest, you will wait forever, but this is sounding like a leap big enough to wait for… Opinions?

  34. Hopefully it supports 16M colors.

  35. @28 Exactly. I deliberately bought my Nexus One directly from Google and didn’t get a contract because I like having the latest and greatest. Whilst I’m not going to buy a new phone every single month, if you want a good smart phone, you have to be prepared to spend some money on it and every year at least. My Nexus One will probably be replaced in 6 to 9 months.

    Everyone complaining needs to realise this and just drop the ‘wah, wah, I thought my phone would last forever’ crap.

  36. @30 I’d personally get whatever the carrier you like best is calling the Galaxy S. That looks like a solid phone. Buy it outright(it looks like T-Mobile are selling it for $450) and treat it well. eBay it when a really nice Gingerbread, LTE phone comes out and sign up for a new contract if you don’t want to buy that phone outright, too.

  37. who’s betting this comes out before european heros get upgraded from 1.5

  38. @khalid

    I’m already disenchanted with Google for “hiding” the Nexus One till I already had purchased my Droid (remember the Phandroid articles denying it existed?). It’s great hardware, but gets treated like a second class citizen already for updates. Basically if you bought the Droid you got screwed, now you have a phone that will be supported like a red headed step child before it’s first year is up.

    I had no expectations the Droid would be the best phone for 2 years. You were smart not to lock in to a contract, I was not. I’ve had good luck with being happy with phones for 2 years with Blackberry.

    At this point, the choices look like:
    1. buy a phone directly from Google
    2. buy a phone from a Google partner, like Motorola, and get screwed
    3. Leave and get an a competing smart phone.

    Since I am unhappy with Google, the right answer seems to be to not go with them.

  39. @38 It’s unfair to accuse them of ‘hiding’ anything. I could’ve bought the Nexus One and the very next day a better phone came out. You can’t predict these things. They had an event to launch it and before that rumours abounded. If you bought in the middle of that, it sucks but it’s unfair to blame anyone. Perhaps even yourself. It depends on exactly when you bought it.

    Foyro(2.2) really is awesome. It’s fast and I’m very happy with it. Of course I want Gingerbread, but we don’t really know what will be in it yet(aside from having a more polished interface)

    Android is about fast iteration and because it’s become popular, loads of phones are out there.
    If we take your argument to the extreme and deliver what you want, there’d be virtually no downloadable applications because the operating system wasn’t popular enough and very few decent phones existed. I’m sure you’d hate that situation, too.

    In choosing to get a smart phone you’re putting yourself in a position of saying ‘I want the best thing there is’ and if you do that, you have to be willing to replace your phone every year or settle for ‘better than a feature phone, but not the best out there’.
    Again, Froyo really is awesome.

    If you want to hate on Google, what options do you really have? An iPhone. You get to choose from one current phone in two colours and two levels of storage. You get exactly what Apple tells you you get and average software.
    Because Apple isn’t a cloud software company you’re restricted in what cool things you can do with your phone and have to plug in to iTunes for almost everything.
    You also get an update to the software once a year only, meaning shitty innovation.
    If you’re happy with that, that’s great for you. I’m not.

    You could get a Blackberry, but would have a similar situation. Some new Web OS phones are likely coming from HP, but you get no applications because developers don’t care.

    Ultimately, Android is about innovation and having the best available. Again, if you want that, you have to deal with the fact that your phone will soon be outdated. It’s just like buying the best gaming computer out there, it won’t be the best for long.

  40. at least the incredible will be good

  41. Interesting news, although if true I see trouble ahead for the android platform. Although the high-spec flagship phones get all the media attention it is just as much the lower spec android phones which are increasing android’s popularity across the world by introducing smart phones to such a wide variety of people. Such minimum requirements on the OS will only serve to increase fragmentation as low spec devices will still be in demand and so will end up being shipped with 2.1 or 2.2 (especially if Google continues to maintain both these branches).

  42. Love my Nexus One and eagerly await my HTC Vision with gingerbread on T-Mobile.

  43. Although only rumor in some ways this move makes sense. So long as they maintain two development branches for Android 2.x and 3.x. I think they should really have a different naming convention, like Android Lite (instead of 2.x) and Android Pro (instead of 3.x) and keep with the desert names. That way the Lite version can keep up with Pro on some features but lack certain others. Gingerbread Lite and Pro could both benefit from UI improvements and improved skinning abilities while only Pro benefits from the super shinny new Launcher (or what have you). Of course at some point a branch will need to be retired. So maybe adopting a naming convention similar to Ubuntu would be in order (Adjective Noun). Android 2.2 could be Beautiful Froyo and 2.3 would be Colorful Froyo and 3.0 Gingerbread and 3.1 Amazing Gingerbread.

    Maintaining two branches is important so that those with lower spec phones can still see improvements and new features as they have been, but the OS as a whole can improve and move beyond hardware limitations imposed by manufacturers.

    I can also see this as a licensing agreement change. Where the manufacturer has to agree to only make phones with 3.0 shipping on them adhere to this, while support for older phones could be left up to the manufacturer. Time will tell.

  44. @38…..Hahhaahhah. Are you kidding me? You are mad at Google because you bought a Verizon Droid? And to support your claim you reference and article from this site? Come on man. You have to know by now that 95% of the content on this site is speculation at best. Remember something….its the Droid with Google…..not Droid by Google. Not to mention that this is the evolution that happens day after day in the wireless industry. If you want something that will not change for years at a time, get an iPhone, just dont hold it in your left hand. LOL

  45. @38…..or better yet….root your phone and stop your complaining.

  46. Looks like the desire will be OK :)
    I feel sorry for people with phones that wont be upgradable ( I suspect someone will work out how to do it ) but technology is moving at a great pace and at some stage even the newest of tech will be outdated ie iphone4, looks pretty but already outdated spec wise.
    We are not in the dark ages ( iphone users excluded )and unfortunately there will be some casualties.

  47. @29: That is the worst logic I have ever heard. Of course Google can develop Android with minimum requirements. Having minimum requirements doesn’t change it from being open-sourced. It simply states that phones with requirements less than those won’t be able to run the software due to lack of power, memory, etc. Besides, the article didn’t say Google would try to stop anyone from putting 3.0 on a phone that isn’t compatible, they simply said that those would be the hardware requirements that would be needed in order to actually run the thing. Manufacturers would be stupid to attempt to make and release phones for Android 3.0 that doesn’t fit those requirements.

  48. I have a X10 Mini – best phone I ever had.

    Why on earth will they make a system, that requires the phones to be that big? Can’t tell how much I like my mini simply because its so small :)

  49. I love my N1, but I hate T-Mobile. My contract runs out in November (originally from the G1), but I might bounce to Verizon if a better phone comes out then.. plus I already have FIOS from them so maybe I’ll get some kind of discount.

  50. As long as non-ui related updates keep rolling in(ala maps, etc) there shouldn’t be a huge issue. The new GUI scheme is supposed to dazzle.

  51. Can’t believe that I read this article omg gingerbread. I don’t got froyo on my desire yet

  52. Being a software engineer, I completely understand the need to push the envelop and minimum requirements, such is the cost of innovation. But these minimum reqs are really, really high. We have no idea what the 1ghz is used for, and perhaps the user wouldn’t use that feature. Maybe it’s to cover their assets to record HD in software rather than in hardware. Maybe it’s to assist the GPU, who knows at this point. Lets hope this isn’t an arbitrary limitation like Windows 32bit 3Gb memory.

    Now, if the performance of the pre-Jit Android 2.2 was the norm, then it would make sense. But the Jit of Android 2.2 already boosts performance to awesome levels. Now you tack on a 1ghz minimum? Something isn’t right here. Since I will never by a locked phone again, or at least one that’s not rootable, I’ll be flashing custom firmware immediately. Xda Dev or Modaco guys will fix this problem pronto.

    A minimum size for a screen? Weird.

    I hope this rumor stays a rumor.

  53. Website after website keeps calling this release 3.0 … but I can find no official word that is 3.0 and not 2.3 .. the first 3.0 mention was from a handset manufacturer interview… What happened to the whole map of releases that had 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 etc going well into the next few years ?.. they are just going to throw all that out and go with 3.0 4.0 5.0 etc ??

    Where is the “official” word from Google on this ?

  54. Makes Sense! (no pun intended) They want to higher the standard of Android Platform but also want to let people with lower end phones use it too. So im betting, 2.X will be for smart phones and 3.X will be for Super Phones. although im not too sure because i dont think they would want to spend too much time on developing 2.x when they can work on 3.x although they might be able to just compile 3.x stuff for a lite version for 2.x. just a theory of thinking why the big jump. 2.2 to 3.0.

    Good business idea to set Android up for success if true. I really like the news. Don’t feel bad guys because im sure xda and other devs will get it working on your phones. My g1 is still 2.2 compatible thanks to them. It shouldn’t be too different. Just look at it as like buying a ps3 vs our current ps2’s if they were phones. We cant expect to put a playstation 3 system in our playstation 1’s and 2’s right?

  55. This will turn out to be false.

    It’s in Google’s best interests that Android works on as many platforms as possible.

  56. Am I the only one who thinks that 2.1/2.2 is very good? Not something I would cry about personally.

  57. I’m calling BS on at least of those restrictions.

    1GHz CPU requirement: TI’s OMAP can outperform the 1GHz snapdragon when clock significantly under 1GHz.

    3.5″ Screen requirement: I don’t see how screen size could be a limitation. Resolution, sure, but not physical size; how would the software even know the physical dimensions of the screen anyways.

    512MB RAM requirement: This one could be real, but seeing that the other two requirements seem like they were pulled out of someone’s ass, it’s probably BS too.

  58. what is the source? digestiv? I click on the link and get some russian website

  59. @57 quantumrand

    don’t be so quick to call shenanigans on the screen size thing. one of the things andy rubin has lamented about is the fact that it’s hard to improve the software keyboard when they have to support so many different screen sizes.

  60. @DroidDev

    I bought a phone with the GOOGLE Android operating system. With the belief that GOOGLE would treat all phones with the OS equally. That simple has not been the case, now with this announcement, they are accentuating that point.

    There was NO Nexus One at the time… Rumors which were denied by this site and many others.

    Frankly the arrogant attitudes of yourself and others on this thread towards people who spent a lot of hard earned money on a phone are helping convince me that leaving Android behind will be a good decision.

  61. 60. droid

    Good riddance. The community won’t miss you.

    Go buy an apple phone. I hear they have tons of models to choose from.

  62. @61

    Of course you are right. The Android community won’t miss any of the idiots who bought Droids. After all, it’s only the biggest selling Android phone.
    As for Apple I also hear they haven’t obsoleted any of the phones, or given preference to one of their supported phones over another. So maybe you are onto something there.

  63. I actually believe this will prevent fragmentation more than cause it. By keeping 2.2 on low-end devices up to date with the current APIs most apps will still be able to run on all devices. Apps that require high-end phones wouldn’t be able to run on the low-end devices anyway and can be targeted specifically for 3.0, giving a better over all user experience for everyone – especially those on low-end devices who would otherwise download heavy programs they couldn’t run.

    The minimum requirements are probably just approximate, so we have some idea what they’re talking about, but to me this is a very good move. Now we can get an all encompassing user interface that really sparkles with the power of the phone, rather than what we have today, that only caters for the lowest common denominator.

    Regarding the JIT in 2.2, I’m fairly certain pretty much all of the Android core is written in some low level language (most likely C or C++), so no matter what they do to the virtual machine, the basic UI will keep running at the same speed.

  64. These phones have the specs:
    * Nexus One
    * EVO 4G
    * Droid Incredible
    * Droid X
    * Galaxy S, Captivate, Fascinate, Vibrant, Epic 4G
    * Desire
    to be updated to Android 3.0 then?? http://briefmobile.com/android-3-0-gingerbread-update — I don’t know about that. The Droid for example… very capable phone. But, it won’t ever get an update? Ahh. Someone at XDA will have to work on that. ;)

  65. @Alex – For the same reason you can’t run beautiful PC games on a on a shitty PC. or in this case, outdated hardware =) Anyways, I don’t see what there is to be mad about. Just because this comes out doesn’t make your phone any worse. Just not as up to date. I’m still greatly happy with my Sprint Hero (only because it’s rooted and I change ROM’s every month =P ) It doesn’t mean I don’t want a new phone, which is why I entered every contest possible to win one and thanks to Phandroid, I get an EVO which will support android 3.0 so a tongue out to all the unfortunates hahaha JK. Gotta interject that so as to avoid flames from the heavens.

  66. This if true looks like a desperate attempt at preventing fragmentation by causing it! Fight fire with fire.

    Also, the current mess of Android fragmentation, because it is fragmentation not legacy bulls*, is caused by Android Cool™ factor of being Open. This would look like a backpedal. I agree Google should impose more strict specifications and not allow vendors UI modifications nor carriers.

    Hell, if this was done from the start we could, I don’t know, get an Android update the day it gets released from Google! It’s not like it can’t be done, certain phone from certain company is quite capable of doing that…

  67. @droid
    Your joking right? Pulling my leg perhaps? Apple is giving up on the first iPhone. Its not getting OS4 now is it? Go buy the only string of phones they have with no options if you want, or even grab yourself a Nokia phone if that is what you choose. Do you also complain that windows doesn’t work on your 486? Be happy you have a great platform right now and be happy for those that get the next one. Not everything is about you. Its the community. Selfish.

  68. My HTC Incredible = Good to go for Android 3.0! :D

  69. Ok first of all can people calm the hell down. Stop being over zeuls fan boys.Smart phones do cost people alot of money and fragmentation is horrible especially when you have a brand of phone that has the lable android OS and it competes with the iphone directly which offers a service of quality for all.

    I mean the last time we had fragmentation everyone bitched at them (microsoft)Google doesnt want to be like that, because all its doing is creating the old skool way of making a buck.Your not looking after customers and your shrugging ur sholders every half a year when you release an update full well knowing it has way more exciting features.

    Google doesnt want its customer base to be left in the dark, they want them to be in the future paving the way for the evolution of the smart phone, the phone companies however dont care.

    Now i was lucky, ive just entered into a deal 24months with HTC’s desire, and im so glad i did, because not only is it liek the nexus one which google seems to focus alot of their testing on… im in a 24 month contract. How rubbish would it be that i have an android os which has had an update but cant use it… for 24 months.

    Now for all those like me who may be ok, well im glad for you. But for those still waiting for updates on much simple tasks, i do feel for you and it really needs to be sorted out. Competition is good, but when you have a android os and you cant get what everyone else has on their smartphone but an apple can… then something is really wrong. Thats not competetion thats just robbery.

  70. The guy who came up with that information, Eldar Murtazin, may regurarly get prototype devices as well as loads of info but he could also be miastaken. Remember when he insisted that google phone doesn’t exist? Plus its waaaay to early (even for google itself) to be certain about anything about gingerbread.

  71. @67

    So the less than one year old Droid is comparable to a 486 from 1998. Feels about right.

    Wow, you should write ads for Google “Buy and Android phone, it will be as useful as a 486 within a year.”

  72. The Motorola Droid 2 will get the update.

  73. @droid
    If you bought a 486 in 1998 you made a huge mistake unless you like antiques (its from the 80’s). And my analogy was in reference to things change in time. If your hardware cant support the new software don’t blame the software maker. Its not their fault they created something that is too good for the hardware to work with. And in October when Gingerbread is supposed to release the Droid will be about 1 year old. At 1 year go to Verizon and ask for an early upgrade. Problem solved and we can all be happy.

  74. @56, you are not alone. Getting a new phone or the newest software release is only about bragging rights.. Your rusty old Motorola Razor still makes good phone calls and your netbook still surfs the web just fine. Me? I’m not going to keep pouring my money into cell phones and I do love my dInc.

  75. @bullet

    You are correct about the date, but the analogy is lacking. You could install Windows OS all the way up to Windows 2000 on a 486. The question is not whether they created something too good, but if they bother to be backwards compatible.
    Also, MS never put out their own PC and released windows to its users months before any other PC’s.
    FYI, Apple OS4 can be installed on the iPhone 3G (I just looked, I didn’t know.)

  76. @droid
    Nothing wrong with the analogy. I’m not talking about Windows 2000. Try to install Windows 7 on it. Doesn’t work. And the iPhone 3G is not the first iPhone. Its the second. 3G was released in 2008. The first iPhone released in 2007 will not get the update. Yes that was kept up to date for 2 years (3rd being this year and not getting it). So everything falls by the wayside and thats not a bad thing. It means its progressing very fast and the hardware is having a hard time keeping up to date. I want the limits to be pushed and the standards to be raised in every way. Keep up the good work Google and keep evolving.

  77. I’m sure the most of us are more than intelligent to understand that at some point you will need to upgrade your hadware to evolve your software. And by all means no one has a problem with that…Just what bout the folks who bought “A new phone” for instance being the wildfire and can’t upgrade to the 3.0. The question will be asked well.. it was only released 3/4 months ago the answer will be… well tough luck mate. Htc shouldn’t be allowed to get away with releasing new phones which are branded as improvements regaqrdless of being a budget phone as people still expect it to be still eligable for updates..because ITS NEW!

  78. @Droid

    What are you talking???
    1.) First iPhone (and practically iPhone 3G) are obsolete. First iPhone can no longer even take updates. iPhone 3G is limited. I mean…they can’t even get wallpapers out of the update. So that point is false.

    2.) You’re upset because you bought a phone DESIGNED by Motorola, BUILT by Motorola, and SOLD by Verizon. All Google did is give the OS. They have NO control over what manufacturer put what into their phones. Like posters said…if you want that type of control, go to iPhone. That’s not a bad thing, but just saying…that’s iPhone’s MO. Not Android.

    3.) But going from that…you complain now that Google is TRYING to (supposedly) start a trend like Apple’s. Making a set requirement so they can make sure phones will be equal and won’t have to be behind like the Droid now is.

    Google is not held responsible for anything but the OS. Google, as of now, has not put ANY restriction on what Android 1.0 – 2.2 can go on. So as previous posters said, you’ve only to blame Motorola, the people who made your phone. It’s not like 1Ghz processors weren’t available for them to put into phones.

    As far as this update goes, I don’t see what the problem would be by splitting 2.2/3.0 (if it is 3.0).
    They’ve already stated that all the core fixes are done, so mainly…future updates will not affect any type of features…and they’re separating the apps from the OS and putting them with the market to be upgraded on Google’s terms.

    I see it as this. 2.1/2.2 will become the base OS. I mean…between 2.1 and 2.2 there is no core differences that would keep an app from running. Is there?

    So if all Gingerbread is going to bring is a minimum requirement and UI fix, there shouldn’t be no problem with app functionality. There’s no added features. There’s no fragmentation…in the sense of 1.5 > 2.1 fragmentation where there are abilities in 2.1 that are not in 1.5.

    I see this as good. This will make sure that future phones can use all apps, have minimum difference in hardware, and should run the same or at acceptable levels.

  79. Funny 2.2 is running pretty smooth on my g1…wanna bet gingerbread makes it on here as well? I <3 xda.

  80. @Droid/@60….I am not saying that you should leave Android, but you should be more informed about the purchasing decisions you make before you make them. This is no different than you going out and buying the best PC on the market, knowing that the next day something will be bigger and better, and you will not have it. This is technology, and technology has a vicious life cycle. Root your phone. Its very easy with the guides that can be found almost anywhere online, and once rooted you can install any build you want. The dev’n/modding scene is where Open Source really thrives.

  81. @77 Exactly.
    I think with phones there’s a pretty easy rule of thumb for the absolute least amount of time before a piece of hardware isn’t supported anymore. If you buy the highest end phone available at its launch, it should still be updated throughout your two-year contract. For the Droid 1, it will be not quite a year when Gingerbread is released.

    I don’t know. They’d have to have some major enhancements to justify that. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I can see the requirement for certain apps, but at the OS level?

    For the record, this doesn’t effect me directly because I’m going to be getting a Droid 2 or an Epic which both fit the requirements.

  82. Ooo the MyTouch 3G Slide and MyTouch lineup just died… Looks like T-Mobile has to up their devices next year.


    HTC Vision is a Dual core 800 thats like 2 800 processors that should do fine seeing as its the flagship Android 3.0 device.

  83. This is what I have been saying in all the forums. You need more then 1ghz processors and 512 RAM/ROM. When the come out with the next update with an H. You will most likely need more then 1ghz and 512. We have been using 500 processors for at leat 5 years. Home computer 5 years ago were what 2ghz and 1.5 ghz RAM. NOW I know the ram is 3 times at least higher. Soon these phones will control garage doors, house alarms house functions. We need 2ghz and over1 ghz ram.

  84. A lot of you seem to forget that there are a lot of numbers in between 2.2 and 3.0 … just because your phone doesn’t meet requirements for 3.0 doesn’t mean you won’t be getting upgrades.

    I have a feeling, that running 3.0 on lesser phones might be like what happened when I installed Apple iOS4 on my iPod Touch 3G … it’s laggy, apps crash, and battery life sucks now. of course it looks good doing it :-/

  85. Its obvious that Android 3.0 is going to implement 3D capabilities with specs such as that. Only thing really that needs 1ghz.

    Many of you may praise XDA now but if I am right even XDA can’t help you and please give your hopes up with T-mobiles G1 Android 3.0 definitely won’t be able to handle it. That was a first generation android and its lucky enough to even make it as far as it did. You are just dreaming if you think that G1 can even handle 3.0 android.

    Even if I am wrong XDA still won’t get 3.0 android on the G1 I guarantee that.

  86. I have a Galaxy S for a couple of days now and I love the phone. But I seriously doubt that it will get 3.0 even if the specs match. The problem is the TouchWiZ UI 3.0… I heard rumors that the new UI from Vanilla android will only allow that many customization which is not necessarily compatible with what manufacturers want. So it might be that Android 3.0 will not come to any of these devices in order to not kill the “user experience” as they refer to it.
    Don’t get me wrong I am a fan of good software updates and can’t wait for 3.0 but I want 2.2 first… I’d still vote for the UI being an app that one can download in the Samsung App Store – in my case. So one can decide if one want the custom UI or not and one can upgrade to the new Android version really fast if one can live without the UI. To Manufacturers: one can use Apps to modify the home screen – check the Market, you’ll find a lot of them

  87. @droid

    #1, and this is rather important. This is just a rumor. There is no official statement from Google. It is very well possible that these requirements are for the manufacturers

    #2 I have a Droid, and with root access have overclocked the CPU to 1Ghz. No issues, no problems. So IF the only stipulation for Droid being able to run 3.0 is that CPU spec it only means that Motorola won’t be putting out their own update, but I bet Cyanogen will.

  88. I remember it took me 2 years before I bought my first PC because every time I checked or did my research a newer higher spech was on the horizon, but eventually I had to jump in and yes, no sooner had I bought that a newer higher spech was released.
    The same thing with Android phones, I bypassed the G1 and watched the forums and tech sites until I read about the Hero, my current phone, it was at the time of release the highest specced Android phone, soon to be followed by rumours of the X10 and then the eventual release of the Nexus 1.
    So personally the minimum requirements do not bother me because currently my contract doesn’t expire until Nov 2010 but even then I’ll be looking out for the latest phone be that HTC Vision or the latest Dual Core 1.5 MHz with 1 GB RAM and true 1080p HD recording and output with 510dpi and inbuilt 64gb HD which is expandable to 128GB with Super Micro SD card oh and 5G.
    Let’s all except that technology moves on and current technology is dated the moment it’s released.
    Now manufactures let’s start seeing phones being relesed with Gingerbread 3.0 by the new year please (Oh and world wide!)

  89. It’s require 1GHz processor to run, I think too much.

  90. i have wildfire because its a phone that fits into my hand,i could have picked i phone or desire,if i want a tv screen for a mobile.
    im still waiting for 2.2,never mind next ginger bread,htc look after your current customers because if you dont they will change allegiance when their contact need reviewing.

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