Expect the Droid X to Come Pre-Installed With A Hefty Selection of Apps


Don’t color us surprised, but we’ve learned that the Motorola Droid X will be coming with a large amount of apps pre-installed and we’ve gotten first word of the full list. Along with all of the standard set of apps by Google, we can expect to see Blockbuster online, Swype, an FM Radio, a Motorola Phone Portal, Skype Mobile, Backup Assistant, City ID, Motorola DLNA, Verizon’s Voicemail app, Verizon’s Mobile Hotspot app, and NFL Mobile, of course.


Whether or not some of these apps will be user-removable remains to be seen, but I imagine you wouldn’t want to remove a few of them. SWYPE – even after its developers have opened the floodgates for new beta testers recently – is a welcome addition for any phone with a touch-only interface. Other obvious desirables include Verizon’s voicemail and hotspot apps, but I guess that all comes down to who’s using the phone and what works for them.

In any case, at least you know what’s going to be on your phone before you buy it, so there should be no excuse for making ill-informed decisions at the point of sale.

[via Phone Arena]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Droid x or droid 2 that is the question

  2. @ Ben : both!

    As long as you can remove the apps you don’t want then It’s all good.

  3. NFL football…yes maybe the day will come when a verizon phone will have all the digital TV channels available on fios.

  4. i wonder if the hotspot app is free like the palm pre plus or if you have to pay monthly for it

  5. Wonder when we will hear about the number 7 and 8 winners.. been waiting for about.. almost a week.

  6. I’d imagine they’ll be charging for the wifi hotspot. I think the reason the offered it free for the Palm Pre Plus was to get people to buy it. Droids are already pretty popular at Verizon so I can’t see them doing the same thing with the free wifi.

  7. They better be user-removable.

    Blockbuster: Ditch.
    Swype: Keep.
    FM Radio: Ditch.
    Motorola Phone Portal: ehhhhh, maybe keep.
    Skype: Ditch.
    Backup Assistant: Ditch.
    City ID: Meh, maybe keep.
    DLNA: If it works, keep, but it probably won’t, so ditch.
    Verizon’s Voicemail: Ditch.
    Verizon’s Mobile Hotspot: Ditch.
    NFL Mobile: Ditch.

  8. I think that most of those apps are very useful… i am a huge fan of visual voice mail but i bet that Verizon will still charge a monthly fee to use it even though it comes pre-installed

  9. I wanna go to june 23, and see this baby can offer

  10. EDIT: I wanna go to june 23, and see what this baby can offer


  11. What’s desirable about VZW’s Visual Voicemail? It costs something like $2.99 per month. One can use Google Voice’s visual voicemail for free with or WITHOUT using a new GV phone number.

    As for the other apps, I sure hope they’re easily removed, but I doubt it. These things should be optional installs and not come by default on the phone. Blockbuster?

  12. Still waiting for a phone with 2.2 built in on VZ.

  13. wow this phone is looking better every day. I was going to wait for LTE but with a family plan I’ll have several upgrades to use if I am needing to next year before August. I really hope that we dont have to worry about the phone being out of stock as I couldnt imagine how impaptient i would be if i was waiting for an incredible.

    I love you motorola.

  14. Not real sure if I’m liking this CRAP on the phone. Custom ROM asap for me.

  15. I dont understand what all the fuss is about ?? So there pre-installed ?? all phones have pre-installed apps , if you dont like them just dont use them , they are no in the way , just ignore and move on

  16. ARGH! Look at that SWYPE KEYBOARD… has a microphone option!

  17. I thought the same thing – that Android Swype keyboard has a voice to text button! I wish mine had one.

  18. Moto and Verizon are moving dangerously into the world of bloatware with all of these “pre-installed” apps and skins

    You know? Its exactly like the pc makers putting norton on your computer

  19. The default Android 2.2 keyboard has a voice-to-text button too…

  20. Here’s the ones I want to keep…

    Blockbuster: Keep.
    Swype: Keep.
    FM Radio: Keep.
    Motorola Phone Portal: Maybe, I’ll have to look into it.
    Skype: Probably gone.
    Backup Assistant: Probably gone.
    City ID: Keep if it works well, otherwise I’ll use Caller ID by WhitePages from the market
    DLNA: Keep for sure if it works! Very cool!
    Verizon’s Voicemail: This or Google Voice is the question…probably Google…
    Verizon’s Mobile Hotspot:Keep if there’s a hotspot near me somewhere I’ll have to look
    NFL Mobile: Gone

  21. Swype Question:

    I have the Swype beta – been using since the original alpha on my Droid. I see this one has a S2T button beside the space-bar. My current version of the Swype beta doesn’t even have that. THAT is a winner right there and me wanty…

  22. @dogsby: Be careful buying motorola, they’ve promised to lock down all their phones from now on, the droid was a fluke. The milestone is the new norm.

  23. any phone bigger than 4 inches is to big for me, but otherwise the phone looks awsome

  24. @zonnked
    Thanks for the heads up! Definitely something to look into before making this purchase.

  25. If Motorola Phone Portal connects to the PC by Wifi, it might be a keeper. But I use eStrongs and Linda….cant remember if they are for non rooted ppl tho….

  26. Wish Motorola had made virtual buttons on the screen instead as part of the hardware. Would’ve kept overall size down while maintaining screen size.

    Still . . . I’m eager to see it!

    This probably my next phone.

  27. Droid x……easily over drioid 2 can’t wai to get miiinnneeeee

  28. As long as we can ditch most of those pre-installs; I have zero use for them so why do they need to take up space for a phone we are paying a lot of money for?

  29. The only negative I see about this phone is it’s size. Seems like it’s gonna be just a bit too big.

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