Dual Core, 4.3-inch HTC Vision Headed For T-Mo This Year?


Well, if this doesn’t silence all of the complaints T-Mobile customers have regarding the lack of a true superphone, then I don’t know what could. During AndroidGuys’ podcast, Scotty Brown talked about a discussion he held with an HTC rep regarding a phone they’re working on that should impress the pants off of everyone by the end of this year.


The device in question would have a 4.3-inch touchscreen, an 800MHz dual-core processor, Android 3.0, an 8-megapixel camera, and more. The device would be called the HTC Vision and it’s believed that this will almost certainly be what everyone’s referring to as “Project Emerald”.

We’ll see if this rumor holds up with time, but for now, how would you guys feel about this kind of heat that HTC would be offering?

[AndroidGuys via TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

[Update] Sprint: 2.2 Upgrade Being Finalized for the EVO, Headed Your Way in the “Near Future”

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  1. Ohh boy, I wish and hope (with fingers crossed tight) this rumor comes true

  2. ^What he said^

  3. Umm, Android 3.0 is going to be released by the end of the year? I thought they were going to 2.3 next.

  4. HTC + GOOGLE…..trying to be Microsoft……

  5. android 3.0? lol what happened to everything in the middle? well tmobile customers will never stop complaining no matter what. After this phone is released sprint or verizon will totally released something that will crap on this phone.

  6. I thought Google said their updates will now be once a year. So 3.0 won’t come out till April next year.
    I hope T-Mobile doesn’t ask HTC to leave out FFC, Flash, HDMI etc.
    If the rumor turns out to be true, it’s definitely going to be a thanksgiving release.

  7. Well as much of a Moto + VZW fan as I am if the Droid X, Droid 2 and Droid Pro cannot be rooted proper and this rumored beast can… HELLO T-MOBILE!

  8. @ uly are you that insecure that your phone has to be better than everyone elses???

  9. Yeah and I bet it will be made from unicorn feces as well.

    Sigh…I’m tired of all these promises from T-Mobile regarding their handset lineup that never pan out. I’m a G1 owner stuck on my contract until December, and the thing that REALLY grinds my gears is that T-Mobile stops carrying accessories and supporting phones LONG BEFORE contracts are due to expire.

    They might have well just have said, this phone will have Android 5.0, 3 cameras, a quadcore snapdragon, and video chat. Because the phone doesn’t exist.

    I certainly hope I am wrong, though

  10. There will be the next “Baddest” phones coming after one another. We just have to learn to live with it.
    I’m using a BB9700 and it works just fine for me..but I’m sick of RIM App support. So, I WILL be joining you guys

  11. @T-Mobile Customer

    Oh not at all, im happy with my droid. Im just saying MOST people are insecure and will therefore never stop complaining.

  12. Sceptical for now. I hope it’s true, and if so, that is a huge step forward for a company that has traditionally been way behind the curve in terms of quality options. Hang in there, T-Mo. The SGS is a huge step forward, and this is the next logical step.

  13. Come on T-Mobile. We need dates, not rumors flying around the net. Keeping me on T-Mobile is going to be hard when all you do is release clues and official dates. :(

  14. Typo, *no official dates :( *

  15. Damn! 3.0?? Come on Google. Chill with the new updates! We don’t even have 2.2 and we JUST got 2.1. Calm the fuck down with these damn updates and just do it right one time.

  16. YES!!! I light at the end of the tunnel. I retract my statement form the last “Vibrant Post”.

  17. What is the deal with carriers releasing gigantic android phones?! (Droid X, HTC EVO, now TMO w/Vision) I mean 3.7″ is cool with me, but why do we need a 4.3″ screen on a “mobile” phone?! I am seriously considering going back to T-Mobile for the Nexus One just so I can go past 2.1 and have a sizable screen with camera flash.

  18. Can’t wait to see the benchmark tests.

  19. If it is stock with ffc and hspa+ I might drop my N1 for this

  20. dman977 it’s not a phone anymore. It’s a portable TV that just happens to make calls.

  21. I’m a loyal T-Mo customer, but I’m tired of waiting for a business class smart phone like those on other networks. Speed up development or lose another customer to the “big boys.”

  22. I love my 4.3″ screen, the hero (ok, it is smaller than the N1) feels like a toy in my hands now(looking at screen size, not just phone size). and the phone still easily fits in a pocket and in my hands just fine.

    games like abduction though, I do way better on the hero than on the evo.

  23. I thought the one-update-a-year was starting after Gingerbread, which was slated as coming at the end of this year? We have no idea what version number Gingerbread will be, but if Froyo’s featureset was set in stone a few months back, it’s not unreasonable to think that they could jump from 2.2 to 3.0 in the ~9 months of Dev time between.

    Afterall, most firmware numbers are pretty random. Many would argue that there was a far more significant jump from 1.5 to 1.6 than there was from 1.0 to 1.5, and likewise that 2.1 to 2.2 is more significant than 1.5 to 1.6 was. But perhaps their naming is based on some under-the-hood architecture and nothing to do with features per se? In which case, we have no way of knowing if Gingerbread will be 2.3 or 3.0.

    For what it’s worth, most devices I’ve had that have regularly updated firmwares are like this. the PS3 is known for having totally arbitrary numbers, which massive leaps involving few feature updates, whilst feature rich ones are only a 0.1 increment. Who knows! Eitherway, the actual number is basically irrelevant to this rumours plausability.

  24. I’m very doubtful. I’ve got a MyTouch 3G and am still stuck on Android 1.6 with only the promise of 2.2 “sometime” in the future.

    Also, I’m waiting for an Android phone with good specs and a xenon flash. So far there’s only one Android with xenon flash available and its specs aren’t quite what I want.

  25. i wonder how battery life on the dual core phones will hold up? Perhaps by only useing 2 cores when needed? Is that possible?

  26. wasnt the htc vision supposed to have a qwerty also from the leak a month or 2 back? if they put a qwerty with a 4.3 screen i may have to take a serious look at that. i dont have a problem with the added width unlike most people

  27. Calm down series there are people that want the big screen phones ,shoot I wish get were all at lest 5 inchers from now on. How you gonna see your beautiful graphics and effects on tiny screens. Plus I don’t know about you but I’m a Man an most of us have big hands and its more comfortable to typ on a big spaced out virtual keyboard,since theyre all mostly touchscreen nowadays .

  28. ABOUT FUCKING TIMEEEEEEEEEEEE T-JERKS!!!!!!!!!! the galaxy is going to hold me down until i’m ready to upgrade to this bad boy.. I might start calling you jerks t-mobile again.(tears) because i was going to drop you fucks until this galaxy Vibrant came about. maybe they are listing to what us customers is talking about. GO T-JERKSSSSS make us proud!!

  29. Sounds great. If it has a physical keyboard, it would likely be enough to make me switch to T-Mobile. My current plan is the Samsung Galaxy S Pro, though. It seems to be the best mix of the upcoming phones for me. Currently using classic Droid. :)

  30. Maybe its “this year” as in “this financial year” which could mean even April 2011 I believe, so I wouldn’t get too crazy about a new update to Android already.

    I’m not too surprised though, T-Mo seems to be pretty laid back with what phones they allow on their network, they got the G1, and the Nexus One, so while they may not have a whole bunch of awesome phones, it doesn’t surprise me that they would get the first Android 3.0 phone.

  31. HTC Vision is a reality, my friend is a designer for tmobile and said we will hear a lot more about the phone in July!!! yaaaaaay tmobile!!!

  32. Nice !


  33. I just left T-Mobile for Sprint/Evo, and I have no intention of going back. T-Mobile was due for something like this though – they were so close with the HD2, yet so far away.

  34. NIIIICCCEEE. i HOPE this rumor is true, T-Mobile really needs this.

    If this phone comes out, then goodbye Nexus One, hello HTC Vision. I HOPE, however, that they don’t put Gingerbread 3.0 with Sense UI over it. I think Google’s main focus in 3.0 is the UI and the overall look of the OS, it’d b kind of fucked up of HTC to still add Sense over it. Plus, i still want timely updates like i get with my N1 now. Well, u win some, you lose some.

  35. Make sense to me even though we complain about T-Mobile but the truth is they brought the game changing phone G1 to market now everybody wants an android phone. They were the first with the firmware 2.1 and google own Nexus 1, I’m sorry if you didn’t get a chance to enjoy both of these devices because I did with no regrets!! Now you tell me we get our 3rd HTC phone again with a 3.0 firmware from google, I think that makes T-Mobile a 3 time winner and you need to cut them some slack!! Other maybe good at advancing the hardware but T-Mobile has put the software on the map….

  36. ….and I agree no Sense UI PLEASEEE!!

  37. It is true…It is coming!!! I got a heads up from a friend of mine who works for htc!!!

  38. I’m definitely buying the first dual core HTC android device that’s coming out.
    That is the only reason I still haven’t upgraded to a Desire.

  39. All of these specs are awesome. But what about the RAM and ROM. Look at what 512 did for the g2slide. I hope it has at least 1 maybe 1 and half RAM/ROM. This would be nice for all us G1 users. We all should be ready for a full upgrade by then. Sure is nice to be patient. P.S. let’s see iphone top this.

  40. do want

  41. I’m waiting until T-mobile is getting the N1 into their store and pick it up then. And then I will be waiting for the N2 to come out. Stock Android all the way!

  42. Some companies just say anything to keep customers from bad mouthing them in the media. I wouldn’t be shocked if this whole thing just came from a conversation between developers trying to come up with a concept.

  43. I think is going to be release on October b/c its 2 year after the G1 came out= when Android was born ;)

  44. Don’t hold your breath. This device might be coming…but to Verizon, AT&T or Sprint. The only way T-Mobile will get this if it’s T-Mobile UK. I never believe any top-tier Android phones coming to T-Mobile. That ended when the Motorola Motoroi (at the time, to believed to be better than the Droid) was DEFINITELY coming to T-Mobile in mid-March of this year. (Reported by Phandroid & every other android fansite.) Instead, T-Mobile got the Cliq XT instead.

  45. As a person that has been beating up T-Mobile, I have to say that if true these rumors are great and kudos to T-Mobile.

  46. Gingerbread will be the last update coming in December timeframe before the one year updates. It will also be Android 3.0, it was announced during the I/O

  47. @ Mr.G1 That makes perfect sense.

  48. All I can say is year right! Htc/ good 4.3/ good 800 mhz/wtf. We want snap dragon stop skimming.tmobile will find a way to mess isht up. I wonr believe it until I actually see it. Tmobile is behind in the times.FFC,hdmi output should be a min. by then. Right?

  49. Due for an upgrade in November, and contract ends in Jan if I don’t. How this plays out will decide if I stay with T-mo or switch.

  50. @Sam I Am … Don’t rain on our parade. Project Emerald has been rumored as T-mobile’s flagship phone for quite some time. TMO better get this phone or all hell will break loose.

  51. Now 4.3 is fine cause is HTC which is workin on it, people would say other thing if that were a MOTOROLA.

    Some moto haters here

  52. All I can think is that someone is confused.. They probably were told 2.3 and somehow this became Android 3 .. 2.3 is due to be out in the Fall .. so realistically your looking at holiday (Thanksgiving/Xmas) phone sales..

  53. If this is true, the 1st question that pops in my head is… WHY, please tell me why… go so far as to get a phone with a 4.3″ touchscreen, pair it with an 8-MP camera, possibly release it with Android 3.0, only to limit it with a “800 MHz processor”? That definitely is not a ‘slow’ processor. However, you might as well leave the screen at 3.5″ or at most 3.7″. Isn’t it true that live wallpapers can only load/work on phones with a 1GHz processor? This is definitely a BIG step in the right direction for T-Mobile, but why would T-Mobile get a 4.3″ touchscreen, Android phone, at the end of 2010, without it having a 1 GHz processor? Look when the HD2 was released, and that has a 1 GHz processor!

    Lastly, if these specs are true, why was this being referred to as the Desire with a keyboard? The Desire has a 1 GHz processor.

  54. i am grabbin my chair as hard as i can to avoid falling from it

  55. YOU ARE A BUNCH OF NOOBS, stop complaining about 800 Mhz, it says: DUAL CORE if you don’t know what that is then you are not worthy of this devices…its gonna pwn!

  56. Just found out the samsung VIBRANT will NOT have a FFC. WOW ! tmobile found another way to screwwwwww the phone up. the phone perfect before tmobile touched i.t most like im getting an unlocked ip4(iphone4)or getting the evo. BUt im definitely waiting for tmobile to blew it again.someone at tmobile has to explain to us why they remove the thingd that other carriers are getting.tmobile forces us to leave them. its called PHONE service. SMH and this new device is all lies. when i see it i will believe. and even if i do believe i wont because tmobile will find a way to screwwwww that up too.

  57. @john .. you beat me to it.. DUAL CORE 800 should beat a 1ghz single core.

  58. LOL @ John … exactly what I was thinking.

  59. It’s about time! My T-mo contract is ready for renewal with my g1, and there’s nothing that makes me want to buy a new phone! I still love my g1.

  60. Wow, this would be a very impressive phone if the news is true. The 4.3″ screen on my wife’s Evo is pretty awesome. After using it all other screens seem small. It’d be nice if it were amoled to save on power, but given all the news about amoled shortages it probably won’t be.

  61. I just can’t stand any longer my almost 2-year old G1. Google jerks me around also with his Nexus One, saying I do not qualify because I have family plan! WTF Google, should I divorce my wife to get it? Or T-Mobile will put something worth to get in next couple of months?

  62. Ya Android 3.0 Gingerbread is gonna be released by the end of this year(early next year) After that… it’s yearly Android OS updates folks.

  63. One thing it needs to have. SUPER AMOLED (2??)

  64. gimmegimmegimmegimme pleeeeez!!!! I have been waiting so long, tied to a friggin’ T-Mo contract, hating their smartphone options. I swear I will buy one immediately.

  65. You know that sounds great minus the T-Mobile part. Will stick with the Evo.

  66. FINALLY! THE ROCK HAS COME BACK… nah but anyways, man I’ve been impatiently waiting for the next tmobile phone to kill the competition. Rockin a G1 still and we’re still in the game, but this phone better come out. I dont care if it comes with 1.5 comming stock. I just care about the hardware. I’ll just root for 3.0. TMOBILE announce this true soon!

  67. @mike… you are wrong about accessories….all the mytouch accessories work on the G1…namely the charger

  68. some of you guys are jokes..you call yourself techies and don’t know what a dual core is n how its going to pawn a 1ghz lol I’m laughing with join and others..n they don’t reply back instead they bring up a different topic later…and who said all other carriers have a ffc with the galaxy? Just stop with the whining n tmobile will have a sup phone besides the vibrant coming soon too dont worry

  69. Ok first off this phone will not have sense ui because this is the debut gingerbread phone and Google is makeing gingerbread so there wont be custom UI’s and u guys should have cought on by now t mobile gets first dibs on all new generation devices…g1 tmobile first with android then nexus one T-Mobile had 2.1 first now there gunna get gingerbread first Tmobile is always first when it comes to new beginning for android. And the HTC vision is gunna be the only high end gingerbread device tmobile will get to compete with wat ever Motorola and Verizon come out wit

  70. Some of you guys are jokes don’t even know about the differences between a single snapdragon and a dual core get out of here before you start posting I’m still laughin along with john and the outers lol and don’t act like you didn’t see our posts and just start posting something else off topic

  71. Oops it didn’t post last night now its double sorry guys

  72. Hope this is true because it seems that other carriors get better phones then tmo and its unfair hope this is true :)

  73. Damn, I really, really want to comment here. All I can say is T-Mo is set to release several new devices this year that should make people really happy. The MyTouch slide was never meant to be a super-device. It was meant to be what it is, an affordable entry level smartphone. Greater things are coming.

  74. @swehes, from what I heard, not going to happen. The Nexus is not going to end up in Tmo stores. I could be wrong, of course…

  75. i am hoping that htc comesout witha phone that is big powerful and has the following …


  76. Oooppps! Big enough to admit I was guilty of forming an opinion before I knew all the facts. Did not know the difference between what’s being rumored for this phone and the 1 GHz Snapdragon processor currently being used. If this is true, then this might be the baddest phone on the market this holiday season… unless Motorola drops that 2 GHz phone.

  77. This what I want in this phone;

    *AMOLED screen with great digitizer.
    *Stock Android
    *Great graphics chip
    *Excellent camera with XENON flash @5mp
    *Good media player with built in EQ
    * More Bluetooth profiles

    Don’t care about;

    *Front facing camera
    *HDMI output (maybe through a dock ala Zune but dont really care)
    *HD recording (VGA @ 30fps is just fine )

  78. Snapdraggons at 1.2 GHz, dual core, supporting 1280×800 resolutions already shipping

  79. LOL at this post. I was under the impression that project emerald would be an HTC Designed sidekick with the newest android os and htc sense, along with (MY DREAM PHONE) . well its all here by the people at “android and me” http://androidandme.com/2010/05/news/t-mobile-htc-android-snapdragon-qwerty-sidekick-twist/ Happy reading

  80. OH YEA, We G1 users contract expire around that time, I’m on vacation in November ! I guess I’ll spend my vacation in line upgrading my phone. Present from me to me lmao.

  81. @@@@ coolMANDINGO why do yu want a snap dragon? this is gonna be a dual core x 800 mhz = 1,600 mhz faster is better !!

  82. @ emh049 it’s not just an 800mhz processor it’s a dual-core 800mhz processor. Means each processor runs at 800mhz x 2= 1,600mhz =D

  83. Just because the person I spoke to was testing a device with a dual core 800 doesn’t mean that will be the final production piece. A LOT can happen in 4-5 months.

    –Scotty Brown

  84. It would be interesting if there were a connection to this.. http://androidandme.com/2010/05/news/nvidia-tegra-2-android-handsets-coming-2h-2010/ .. but don’t want to add rumors to rumors.. I’ll just wait till Sep/Oct when more info is leaked.

  85. Ya… pretty much everything about it turned out to be not true.

    4.3″ screen – no.
    Dual core processor – no.
    Gingerbread – no.

    Only the QWERTY keyboard survives. ;)

  86. I hope this is true. Tmobile is falling wayyy behind with not having a 4.3inch screen. I mean the hd2 wld have been ok,if it was android. Windows fucked that phone up….it only sold bc of the screen size..etc. I hope its coming soon. If tmo doesn’t do any better soon I’m leaving.I like tmo but they need to step it up bad. I have the mytouch slide. Its a nice phone but I really wnted a big screen phne. I had the hd2 but I didn’t like it. So if this phone is real ill be one of the first to buy it. Come on tm…..we knw you can do lol!! =)

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