Motorola Droid to Get Android 2.2 Update on July 13? [RUMOR]



As a Motorola Droid owner who had to sit through the grueling wait for an OTA update to Android 2.1, I almost didn’t want to run this story. No reason to get everyone’s hopes up when history tells us that most rumored (and sometimes even official) dates are usually never met. But as it is my job to dutifully report on all things Android I’ll just get this one out of the way: The latest rumors are suggesting the Droid could be seeing the update to Froyo as soon as July 13th. If the fairly polished leaked build from earlier in the week is any indication, we’ll at least say there  is a possibility this date could stick. We’re not holding our breath though.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. That would be nice, then I can transfer my apps to SD for when I get my X on the 15th. I’m not getting my hopes up too much though!

  2. That would be a nice birthday present for me, if I had a Droid. Still holding out for the Droid 2.

  3. Does anybody know if the android 2.2 update will fix the automatic sync to picasa from the gallary on the Motorola Droid.

  4. This is great news! ….although I’ve been running a modded leaked version of 2.2 for about a month now thanks to all the third-party developers out there! :)
    Rooting isn’t tough – you should try it sometime!

  5. @josh What is wrong with automatic sync?

  6. polished??? MY REAR END!

    Google Listen doesn’t work! Paid for apps don’t show up in the market. Battery life STINKS unless you have a low voltage kernel. And you will have to pay for teathering, Be it wired or wireless… Flash is no where to be seen in the market. And where the heck is Skype? Every custom build and virgin code I have tried Skype is Missing In Action.

    Google and Motorola have a lot of work to do to fix the Droid Froyo!

  7. @DrDiff: No paid apps is on purpose, it is dev ROM. Pay for tethering is a Verizon demand, root it yourself to deal with that. Flash is copy protected probably and would not show much like pay for apps.

  8. July 12th headline: Froyo delayed for some bullsh*t reason; Froyo upgrade TBA. Just wait and see folks!

  9. Something new I found: this version of Froyo allows you to tilt the screen into layout mode in the other direction. Or at least it does in the version of Bugless Beast that I just flashed on mine.

  10. Sorry to bust down the rumor folks, there has been no release dates mentioned about the Froyo update. Not from google, not from moto, and Verizon only hinted later in july as a possible time. No release days indicated yet. my source? myself, I deal with the OTA rollout.

  11. Great! The Droid update & Droid X will probably both be released while the wifey & I are gone on a cruise. Wifey is looking forward to the X as an upgrade to her Eris. I guess it’ll all have to wait till we get back.

  12. @a

    Auto syncing to google picasa is not an option under the accounts and sync setting that was susposed to come Android 2.1 Some got it and some didn’t. I was one of the people that did not get it.

  13. I just got my 2.2 official update today………..on my Nexus One!

  14. I dled a rooted p3 version runnin up to 1.2ghz w 250v. Battery is just as good, and the flash is an apk that needs to b dled off the interwebz. Flash works just like a cpu, u can use fullscreen etc. The part that i like is that it can work like noscript from firefox andcan work on demand.

  15. Nice, beautiful song

  16. If you follow the link, it basically tries to link like 4 different circumstantial wild guesses together. Probability of the chance that this will happen on the 13th?


  17. Yay! July 13th is my birthday, by the way. Happy birthday to me! :D

  18. I hope it comes soon for my Milestone. Music turning itself on constantly with 2.1 is infuriating.

  19. I’d hope so. I’m really flipping out. I want numerical passwords!!

  20. dont go too crazy holding out for the new phone. you dont have to pay 300 dollars for the motorola droid. dot know if any of you guys are near a costco but they have the motorola droid for $100. thats where i got mine.

  21. Ok…..enuff bullshit already…its coming out….its not coming out….just release the update alrueady…..if I had known my droeid woupd not haveheen able to play FLASH….I never would have gotten it when I did.

  22. Yeah this update has taken so long…it really better be good. I think that Google is putting some additional things on the new update and that is one reason why they have not come out with it yet. Least I hope that’s the deal…one thing is for sure it better be dam good.

  23. I’ve owned two windows mobile devices that were un-updateable. Having a device that actually gets updates is something new for me, so I’m not complaining. As long as I get it eventually I’m happy.

  24. Scott if I were going on a cruise I wouldn’t be worried about either one.

  25. talked to a sales agent yesterday at my Verizon store and he said that the update should be any day now. He said something about Verizon doing quality tests before release.

  26. I got my Droid for $48.00, at Wally world………nice

  27. Soon would b nice, getting it rite first time around, really nice……

  28. When will droid get apps that iphone has?

  29. Got my Droid for 19.99 online @ walmart.com

  30. Shop for all phones at this website: http://bradshawteam.shopacnrep.com/wireless

    I can’t wait for the update because I love flash. Weird how 2.1 didn’t have flash.

  31. I’m starting to believe that we won’t see the Motorola Droid 2.2 update for along time. Even when we get it, it will probably still not have flash. I hope they figure it out soon.

  32. Why pay for feathering. There is a free apparently out there that enables feathering and works grreat.

  33. .All this hype and speculation about when the Motorola Droid will be receiving some Froyo love has been makin me go gray… I’m tired of waiting! even if it does come out tomorrow, it doesnt change the fact that at the end of this month I’m getting the Droid X. And then, how long will it be until that gets Froyo? This is really exhausting..

  34. Did anyone get the update yet today? no sign yet

  35. No, i haven’t gotten it and I can’t find any information on it. Has anyone else found any articles or forums about it?

  36. Blah…no update. big friggin surprise.it will probably be lame just like the 2.1.
    It would be nice if they fixed the damn keyboard though.

  37. Well after drooling to get 2.2 Motorola and Verizon have both not failed to disappoint me. Here it is the 13th – 2.2 has been out and available (for those eager enough to root and install themselves) for weeks. But those of us wanting to play by the rules are getting screwed! I don’t want to do this unofficially but if Motorola and Verizon do not want to accommodate the wishes of their clientele then so be it. Tomorrow morning I WILL ROOT AND INSTALL if they do not give me my update.

  38. Fustrasted again with Motorola and Verizon.

  39. I’m really disappointed as of this point that I don’t have the upgrade…I really hope that they come through

  40. I haven’t got the update yet either. If they don’t come through I’m going to consider rooting and doing it myself

  41. Is anyone else having trouble with the internet on the droid today? Half the sites I try to load stop loading halfway

  42. For all you Flash sceptics out there, no; 2.2 will not exactly include Flash. However, if you navigate to a page that requires flash on your Droid, then click on the icon where the Flash content should be, it will take you to an Adobe page which says straight up that the newest version of Flash will be available for 2.2. So even if 2.2 doesn’t come with the Flash update, it will at least support it. Now we just have to wait for that update.

  43. i was up last night till 2am in hopes of an update. after hearing about the 2.1 delay this doesn’t seem to surprise me. i’m not into rooting, but every hour further without an update i feel more tempted to do it.

  44. @tl ur not alone its been like that with my droid… I really want the 2.2 to ncome to the droid!!!

  45. @tl/john i feel your pain guys. instead of getting an update our phones are worse!!! Darn it verizon!!!!! and google!!!! just give us what you got! we’ll be happy with whatever instead of your lies!!! who agrees with me?!

  46. since i dont like waiting, what are the chances that if i root my droid it will brick?

  47. No update!? I’m ready to walk over to verizon and ask them “what the ****!? I want my ****** update!” What’s the point of keeping us waiting? Just tell us the release date or get off your rich lazy butts and give us the update! And yes, I did have trouble with the droid browser today… too many people are probobly looking up the release date.

  48. I need this update so I can do more work on websites with just a phone. This will almost eliminate the need for a laptop. A desktop at home and a droid that’s all us geeks will ever need.

  49. Well here I am on the new day and no update yet. Way to go Google and Verizon.

  50. Yup never a surpise from motorola and verizon. And here I unrooted my phone hoping to see how the new update is. having to wait all day and still nothing. If this update is a dissapointment too then I’m going back to rooted


  52. Quit whining. Seriously people be patient. How did you survive 6 years ago when you could barely text and/or email with phones let alone surf the web, use some frankly awesome apps, and do everything else. Waiting a few weeks even a month or more for the update is no big deal. I am very happy that we at least have updates and new stuff, do you even realize how many android phones will be left out?

  53. nowhereman, we have every f-ing right the b**** about this. we, as android users, have been promised flash and 2.2 for a good while now and all we keep getting from moto is “very soon”. maybe youre satisfied with the current version of 2.1 but everyone else on here has a very legitimate reason to be upset!! so shut that s*** up about “Quit whining” and go post on some other forum. at this point, no one wants to hear that crap.

  54. New news… 2.2 will be released the last half , no first half, no final quarter of NEVER! Buncha asses!! And no I don’t hate my droid I just hate everyone else ><

  55. You people whining and cursing and throwing a fit are all spoiled brats. I seriously hope you’re not adults.

  56. Flash is available and you can download it directly from adobe’s website. however it checks your phone for android 2.2 before allowing you to download

  57. New user here. Just commenting on the Droid prices. My son paid 30 and I paid 20 and now they are free with a 2 year comitment from wirefly

  58. i wish the update would come already! keep your word and stop putting out more phones get the update first and the apps right sheese un satisfied customer right about now!!!!!stop laggin sales will booooom if they know the phone has flash player already….i had friends leave other cell providers to come to verizon but find themselves running back!

  59. this is bull…no update but they have a new droid like every month…why not help out the people who help droid get this far…I think i am ending my contract with verizon pay the fee and go to something better like sprint or the fucking iphone…

  60. Chill people, this is only the second motorola droid to be released and only the thrid android high end phone on the network, go get the iphone and see how sucky your coverage is, and get a less prdoctive device. I am just as anxious as the next person, but as some have said be glad it is coming your phone was not bought with these features and it is just nice to get them for free, and see how often they come out with a new iphone, just saying.

  61. Just received ota update to 2.2 on my gf’s Droid. Now just waiting for mine.

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