They May Have Missed Q2, but Motorola Has Updated Their Android 2.1 Timeline: Cliq and Cliq XT “testing in process”


Either Motorola is really close to getting the anticipated Android 2.1 update out to the CLIQ and CLIQ XT, or they have just given up on naming a timeframe to avoid the metaphorical tomatoes and other assorted fruits and vegetables owners of those devices have been stockpiling to fling in their direction come the end of this month. Take it how you will but Moto just updated their Android 2.1 timeline listing the status for the CLIQ family of devices as “testing in process.”


This should mean that they have compiled a build they are happy with and just need to get the final quality checks out of the way before delivering it just slightly later than the promised Q2, right? Here’s hoping…or not. Word from Motorola:

For those asking for an update regarding a software upgrade on CLIQ in the U.S., we’ve made a decision to take more time on the release to optimize the experience in some key areas. We will continue to work to deliver it as soon as possible and apologize that we have been unable to provide an upgrade to these users in Q2 as planned.

We are working hard to provide an upgrade to Android 2.1 as soon as we can. Our consumers’ experience is our first priority and we will provide an upgrade when we can deliver the best possible user experience.

[via Motorola]

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  1. Wow. I wish I could say I was surprised.

    Verizon it is.

  2. They wait to the last moment to say something that sucks

  3. @yao.

    give you 75 bucks for your obsolete phone, no questions asked.

  4. Too little too late…Samsung Epic 4G on release day for me…No more Motorola phones in my future…And no I am not worried about getting future updates on my SGS when it is available in over 100 countries and on all 4 U.S.carriers so I don’t want to hear hear anything from Behold II owners trying to sway me….. At least you have 1.6 ! ! ! ….I’m still sitting on 1.5 in the dark ages of Android for the past 8 months…2.1 will be a welcome change till I get my Epic though so I will welcome up with open arms.

  5. It really sucks that the one of the first moto droids are the last to be updated… I’m glad they are getting it out to us but am pissed at how long they’re taking! Its like a failing kid doing his homework at the last minute! Moto dropped the ball on this one, I won’t buy their crap again…!

  6. I’ve been very patient with Motorola throughout the year but my patience is being tested at this point. Now don’t get me wrong I really love my Tmobile Motorola Cliq but the only thing that gets me is having 1.5 and missing on awesome apps in the Android market! Kinda frustrating when my friends suggest an app or online reviews show a great app I could use then you proceed to hit up the market and BAM! DENIED!! You find out that the app is not available unless you have Android 1.6 or higher..UUUUUH!! It’s starting to become a “disservice” to Tmobile customers in general. I want the most value possible out of my phone & what it’s capable of. But if i’m being denied over a simple upgrade that’s just an EPIC FAIL for Tmobile & Motorola. Quality checks I understand are necessary and welcomed but there has been more than enough time since 2.1 has been debuted out to developers and companies alike. For Gods sake 2.2 is already out and thriving. Get with it Motorola! Make the end user of your products happy & appreciated for.

  7. I knew that… they had plenty of time to work with it and/or keep us inform, not to leave for the end of Q2 to apologizes… that’s ridiculous… Moto, I’m really tired about you… all the goodies from moto are in verizon…. whatever… i knew that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You can only delay something for so log before people start to ignore the excuses. Moto has to start concentrating on retention as apposed to just gaining new customers. At this rate they will burn a lot of bridges including my self.
    I like my Cliq but am tired of empty promises. To me it reflects poorly on Motorola and they should be embarrassed that they have let so many people down who purchased one of their first Android phones.

  9. Well, they just launched the FLIPOUT with MOTOBLUR on Android 2.1 today, so I can only hope the CLIQ will be next anytime now. But I’m getting tired of this waiting game. The only solution to it, and the fragmentation issue, would be the Nexus One. But with the news today of Android 3.0, I’ll hold out a little longer for what I hope to be a simultaneous launch of the next official Google phone. I’m done with these third party phones, so if Google doesn’t deliver, God help me, I may just have to buy an iPhone 4.

  10. i felt as if i was just slapped in the face!

  11. @mitchell, the slap in the face was back when it was mentioned 6 months ago that the update was coming out. Today was the proverbial kick in the groin followed by the spit on the face as we roll on the ground trying to recover. Next the CEO of Moto is going to show up at my mom’s house and punch her in the gut.

  12. what phone gets update all the time when a new release is available ???

    Nexus One comes in mind. Does Tmob updates it all the time ???

  13. That’s it, I can’t take it anymore– I’ve already moved on a few weeks ago to the N1 now I’m in the process of getting my girl into that upcoming Vibrant. Motorola should be ashamed with disappointing their Cliq customer base.

  14. People people people just give up on tmobile and moto and be part of the rootside its not like I had a choose moto made me do it!

  15. @Eduoard: lol… You’re so right!!!!!! i feel you… lol

  16. Cliq? Oh yeah, that’s the phone that made me see the light, ditch T-Mobile and get the EVO. Regardless of Android version, I had to replace my Cliq 4 times, and continued to have problems. Hopefully 2.1 will resolve those issues so I can sell it on CraigsList.

  17. They can test all they want….I’m done with moto, they can stuff this cliq and it’s blur in their filing cabinet. Just decided not waiting anymore, been depressed on this thing much to long.

  18. any news on the devours upgrade? i see there it still has update under eval……..at least the other devices are being considered but it seems devour owners are being left in the dust.

  19. motorola has great products … but the worst custumer service in the wolrd !! its a shame they dont reallice they’re lossin so many posible buyers … me and my family included !!

  20. Go to this link http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=129646190409226 to join the Upgrade my Cliq now group on Facebook. Remember Betty White was booked for SNL just because FB had a group!

  21. no more moto for me. back to htc

  22. what really sucks about them waiting to the last minute to say that they will take longer is that they made the decision months ago to push back the release.

  23. Going back to HTC

  24. Im already happy with what i got!!!!

  25. I have the cliq xt and am pleased with it..its my first android phone..but when my friend got the mytouch3g slide and I saw its features I looked at mine with dissatisfaction please hurry up with the update cause I don’t want to invest in another phone:(

  26. Motorola has little to none interest in updating to Android 2.1. Testing shows multiple performance issues and forced many 2.1 featires to be disabled. Cliq is actually the smallest screen and by far least profitable phone for Motorola. Not only that, service and warranty records are some of the worst. Many customers recieved 2-3 replacements due to Cliq failing to recieve phone calls. It is expected to be discountinued before the release of android 2.1.. so please don’t wait… relax, sell it on ebay or something, or Call tmobile and they now giving $100 credit on any cliq towards Samsung Vibrant.

  27. Mann I hate motorola! They only care about the DROID”S that’s it they forgot about the cliq,cliqxt,backflip,devour I’m serious I want my g1 back itss better then the cliq! Motorola is a epic fail! -______-

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