Jul 1st, 2010


While the folks in Australia have been able to get pretty darn close by means of the HTC Desire released through Telstra, today marks the launch of the Nexus One exclusively through Vodafone Hutchison Australia. The phone goes on sale for free on a 24-month contract at $79. Along with the announcement, VHA also began offering restructured data plans giving customers “anywhere from double to ten time the current data allocation, depending on the plan.” No word on whether the handset is launching with Android 2.2 pre-installed like in South Korea, but the report at the Sydney Morning Herald seems to indicate that it will ship with 2.1.

In related news, Telstra dropped the contract prices for the Desire to $49 and $79 while increasing bandwidth limits to 200MB and 500MB respectively. So if you’re in Australia, which one do you choose?

[via Sydney Morning Herald, thanks to Roni for the heads up!]

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