HTC Bringing 2GHz “Sabor” with Gingerbread at End of Year? [RUMOR]



Yesterday we learned some interesting things about the next release of Android (code-named Gingerbread). One supposed caveat to the future iteration is that it may require phones have at the bare minimum a set of high-end specs including a 1GHz processor and 3.5-inch screen if there is any hope to see the new OS on the device. Now we are hearing rumors of one of the first devices that may be built with Gingerbread on board (or at least Gingerbread-ready).

According to Oxford-Zeiss Content & Research Guide HTC may be cooking up a device called the Sabor featuring a 2GHz processor and headed to Sprint close to the end of 2010/beginning of 2011. The juiciest part of this rumor is that HTC might even be developing their own display to compete head to head with current AMOLED and LCD technologies. The new displays are said to carry resolutons of over 1000 pixels, which matches up at least in theory with the rumored requirement of a 1280×720 screen resolution for Gingerbread compatibility. The phone detailed also boasts a 10MP camera, 1080p video recording, and a kickstand.

So is there a Super EVO coming to Sprint by year’s end? It may be a bit too early to tell, but even if only some of those hardware advancements make it to a handset by years end it only affirms that this has been one breakout year for smartphones.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. I just jizzed.

  2. damn, why Sprint!?

  3. Because it will most likely be a 4G phone since spotty 3G/4G service is all the rage these days :P

  4. Fake. The original article is already taken down.

  5. If this is true then damn there is going to be no need for a laptop at all other than for big pc games!

  6. Oh well whatever is on Sprint Verizon will have something even better up their sleeves, while HTC will most likly use a dual core Snapdragon, MOTO and Verizon will come over the top with a dual core OMAP :)

  7. Europe thankyou please!

  8. Yeah man thats what I’m talking bout. Sprint is keeping up with the competition. I’m glad to see their coming out with these great phone, to me it doesn’t matter which one is better because with all the variety of devices coming to the company users will have handsets to choose from and that’s whats most important

  9. yeah, I’m really scratching my head as to HTC’s logic. America’s largest carrier currently offers the Imagio and Ozone as the only two HTC devices available to purchase today. This makes literally no sense (no pun intended). HTC surely better have something on the horizon for Verizon users, yet we’ve heard no leaks beyond Conflipper’s findings on the Scorpion/Olympian. If anything, HTC should be leaking some information (on purpose) to keep us from jumping over to Moto or Samsung. People will only wait so long, including myself.

  10. becasue SPRINT rules! why else?!

  11. @apollo305: no, they’re actually not. Sprint is doing what Sprint does. Trying to offset their lowest rated carrier standing by jumping the gun on 4G and 4G devices, and later they’ll play catch when every other carrier goes with LTE. They pushed the release of devices like the PPC-6700 and Mogul, launched both without MMS, and then spent time catching up to Verizon which launched both devices with MMS capability. This is literally textbook Sprint, and they’ll continue to shed customers every year, as usual.

  12. No kidding. Let’s be honest, Sprint sucks.

  13. considered switching to sprint after 7years with vzn…

  14. What is this high school? Enough about rumors.Were some grown $$ folks(some of us are).We want hard facts,graphs,pictures ect. So stop with the rumors who’s ever cooking them up. I have one rumor since y’all want to start those. Htc has a QUAD core,3X 20 mp cameras,3-d screen, android tres leches(android 3.0) ect. It supposed to come out by just before the holidays.

  15. Go sprint, take that all of you verizon and at&t zombies…

  16. ugh, why Sprint! that’s what we need on Verizon! Make it LTE capable and that joker is mine!!! LTE, Android 3.0. 4″+ screen, 2GHz processor? Yes please? PRETTY PLEASE?!?!?!?!

  17. Coolmandigo…. lol. “android TRES LECHES”? Hahahaha. Love it.

  18. @kr3w1

    The 2ghz moto phone for later this year will be maybe for VERIZON with LTE capable as you are sayin

  19. @JAG
    Yeah, I have heard grumblings about that. I Hope so much that is true. Annual upgrade due Nov 9. 2GHz, Android 3.0, 4.3″, LTE “X^2” anyone?

  20. I reluctantly switched to sprint about 6 months ago, and couldn’t be happier, data speeds are the best I have had with any provider and I’m saving a ton of money to boot, and I have yet to find a place where I don’t have 3g coverage, and with the massive speed they are rolling out 4g I will be covered by that soon too. If you look at clearwire (the 4g backbone), there are several indications that it’s a simple switch for them to migrate to LTE, so all the other guys touting LTE this and that are just spitting in the wind.

  21. moto droid pro is rumored to be a beast that would come to verizon.

  22. ckeegan… you’re stuck in the old Sprint, get over it. Unless you haven’t noticed, they ARE trying to be different these days, lol.

    IF this is true, it’s a good sign that they are serious about STAYING in the race as opposed to past practices of following the crowd. Next to Verizon, Sprint is the BEST alternative and has always had the most competitively priced plans. Handsets has always been Sprint’s downfall, but that appears to be changing. They will need this, especially if the iPhone/Verizon 2011 rumors are true. If they stay steady with the data plans and don’t get greedy like the other carriers, people will continue to flock to Sprints network as they are now. Also, exactly what’s wrong with 4G? Jumping the gun? Not… I think they’re actually doing it right in rolling out the service, making sure it’s incremented and implemented properly.

    Anyway, GO HTC! Go Sprint! Hahahaha…
    Gotta love all the competition right now, it’s creating a FEVERED pace in the mobile world with no slowing down in sight!

  23. OK. So HTC is supposedly dropping a 2Ghz Android on Sprint and a dual core 800 Mhz piece with T-Mobile. Motorola has already stated that a 2Ghz monster is coming to Verizon more than likely. Which leaves AT&T sucking wind. Shocked? Surprised?

  24. That’s fine cuz Project Emerald is shapping up to be in the same league and will probably come out first. HSPA+ and all

  25. We can’t keep going around changing a phone every time a new one comes out. My money does not grow on trees! I want to buy a really good phone that wont be out dated and supper surpassed for a least two years.

  26. I just switched from Verizon to Sprint, and get MUCH better reception now. And best of all, with the EVO, roaming on Verizon is no extra charge, even with data. Sprint is now literally everywhere Verizon is.

  27. Please stop reporting on made up stuff.

  28. LOL @ zahur then you better not buy a phone period! There has to come a point for you where a phone is fast enough and has all the features you actually want to use and then stop there. People like myself want to keep it moving.

  29. Everyone needs to remember where all of this stuff started. The Nexus One. Google set the standard with the N1 and the standard was met and is now being surpassed. Maybe now we can see what Google was really trying to accomplish with the NI. By this Christmas Android will have devices running with 2GHZ processors and state of the art displays and God knows what else. Meanwhile, Apple will be trying to compete with the same new IPhone you see today with these upcoming devices. Barely able to compete against the Incredible, EVO and Droid X. Imagine what it will be like for Apple in 6 months? It all started with the N1. Contrary to popular belief Google wasn’t looking to simply sell phones, they were looking to overtake Apple.

  30. screw sprint! we need phones to come out with: unlocked gsm versions, 4g ready, to run on ALL of the 3g frequencies so other people from other countries can have a good choice of phones! no more waiting for a possibility that a phone may come out to your provider and it also give you the ability to ditch the bastards when they try and up your rates so hopefully things will finally get competitive

  31. @25 Not gonna happen. We had this argument yesterday with a couple of disillusioned posters. Read the comments in http://phandroid.com/2010/06/30/rumor-android-3-0-gingerbread-details-outed-1ghz-minimum-specification/ and get a clue.

    And to the author, ‘with the rumored requirement of a 1280×720 screen resolution for Gingerbread compatibility.’ is complete bullshit.
    Accoring to yesterday’s article, that resolution is supported, not mandatory for Gingerbread support:

    ‘Enough about that, though, let’s get into some more of the meaty details that come along with this supposed rumor. Android 3.0 will include native support for devices with an HD resolution of 1280×720 (720p) so long as they’re 4-inches or larger. With Android’s tablet pool filling up by the day, this will be a welcome addition for many vendors that want to take on the iPad.’

  32. @Cool Sorry about that, for some reason I thought Sprint lost yet another 75,000 net subscribers in 1st quarter, and that they were still the lowest ranked carrier on JD Power in all categories. Spint never really followed the crowd, they’ve almost always beat Verizon to market with different handsets, but then they end up having to backtrack with updates, etc. Sprint’s downfall is in planning, executing, and service in general. Plan price is literally the only reason Sprint hasn’t gone out of business, but you get what you pay for. The roaming agreement is also irrelevant, unless you are in an area with absolutely NO Sprint service. Trust me, you can still have 1 bar on a Sprint device sitting next to a Verizon device with 5 bars. The roaming agreement also doesn’t apply to 4G, and I doubt Verizon will amend the existing agreement once Sprint has to switch to LTE. I also think a few WiMax handset owners would be slightly disturbed by the switch.

    @ChristmasLights: If that’s the case, then why can my wife’s personal phone (Verizon) gets amazingly better service than her work phone (Sprint) in the same locations?

    Everyone else: If rumors weren’t reported, none of these sites would exist, and we wouldn’t have a clue until the manufacturer or carrier decided it was time for us to know. I don’t mind the rumors, I’ve been following them since ’04.

  33. Damn, and here I was almost ready to buy the evo. Idk if I can last another 5 months with my current phone but if this is true I’m in love

  34. If HTC is making this phone all that means is the battery will be dead in 2 hours instead of 4 hours , HTC = Crap

  35. @ Steve: you may be right but what an amazing 2 hours those will be

  36. I’m pretty sure I’m getting what ever Google uses but for everyone sake I hope the Sprint phone and the new Motorola phone don’t have skins so we can get updates faster :)

  37. @34 HTC has a great record of supporting Android and delivering great phones. If not for HTC there’d be far less phones from which to choose and far less innovation.
    They really are quietly brilliant.

    If you expect to be able to turn on every single feature on your phone, have tons of intensive applications running and have it last 8 hours, well you just expect too much.

  38. In fact, my Nexus One typically lasts around 1.5 days without charge and I do plenty of web browsing and playing of Spotify with it.

  39. I would’ve stick to the name “Scorpion”

  40. what about battery life?? if the phone coming out today can’t hold a charge. then what you think is going to happen when a damn desktop processor is put in these phones?? They really need to slow down and fix the battery life on the 1ghz processor we have now.. Its starting not to make sense to buy shit anymore. because everybody is trying to out do the next company. But at the same time they stop focusing on what they just sold us.. i’m not no hater or shit. just giving y’all some food for thought!!!!

  41. I agree with the comments about batt. life, my Evo gives me around 4-5 hours of web, youtube, etc. in addition to apx 10-15 on standby. I don’t really mind those numbers for all the phone does but if you go from 1ghz-2ghz that better be one heck of a battery, because any less time would suck.

  42. cke3egan, first off, there is NO ROAMING data on 4g, it’s a complete different Freq., either you have it or you don’t, sorry. But then the phone WILL operate on 3g or 1x anyway which is just fine. If you know about the various frequencies used between the two networks, you would know that the frequency used by Verizon has better penetration characteristics and you will get better signal from Verizon, I don’t argue the fact that Verizon has the best coverage hands down of any carrier. With that I’ll keep the $50 per month difference I would pay for the same contract with Verizon in my pocket, thank you very much!

    Secondly, I’ve been with Sprint a very LONG time, and they have NOT been ahead of Verizon with respect to handsets, they have always chased Verizon. Slow to market with New stuff, all with the Exception of Palm Pre, but that was a dismal failure and from then on i think is when they woke up, something to do with a new chairman too I think, whatever. I agree, their support of various handsets has been dismal, but from what I’ve read and talked with other users on different networks, it’s pretty much the same there.

    As for Service, CUSTOMER service I think you are talking about? I’ve had my share of horror stories I could tell, but I have NEVER walked away dissatisfied, even when one problem took 5 months to clear up, I was more than compensated for my time and inconvenience. I just wouldn’t take no for an answer and I wouldn’t give up until I was happy, period! I even withheld payment from them until they fixed my issue, that was on file as well and when they would ATTEMPT to interrupt my service a simple call put it back online with even more compensation to me, lol.

    So really, big time screen resolution or not, I fully expected a dual core handset with the Nvidia mobile chipset to boot to be hitting the market by years end, this is something close to that.

    For those interested, MOORE’s Law – (computers) seem’s to be taking on an accelerated pace with respect to mobile handsets. Forget about 18 month shelf life, you looking at around 8-9 months average with respect to SMARTPHONES, which are basically small PC’s that can make phone calls, lol. As for JD Power & Assoc., well I guess that it’s Verizon then that getting all those 60,000 Android phones a day huh? Yeah, ok. BTW, you’re accessing old market info, Sprint is now 15% of the U.S. Mobile Market, behind Verizon but increased that share 50% over the last year from their previous stake, probably has something to do with Android. Also, the EVO cannot keep up with sales demand, so I don’t know really what you are looking at. Bottom line is, it’s all good for US, the customer, no matter how you slice it up. Have a great day!


  43. Yes please, just stop. There is no possiblily of this phone coming out. Maybe in 2012 but not within 6 months of the EVO. There isnt a possiblily of HTC having this many tricks up their sleeve, besides that…Can you even imagine the pricing?? The EVO retails for 499.99 and the stores have 494.99 invested in the phone. So if the retailer sells the phone to you for the unactivated price they make nothing. The market isnt ready for a phone that is advanced as this, the N2Y pricing would be 399-499 atleast so good luck selling that to the average consumer.

  44. just when i was exited about the Vision, tmobile blown out the water…. although these are still both rumors

  45. Doubt it will come out that early probably q2 2011 or 2012 but sounds like an super evo to me. I have sprint and an evo and couldn’t be happier.

  46. @Darkseider (#23) They wouldn’t dare upset Overlord Jobs by offering something better than his product.

  47. don’t forget the talk about motorola creating the “utopia” phone: everything that is technologically possible in a phone

  48. Damn you HTC. I just bought my Evo. Here we go again.

  49. -Battery life on these phones is to be expected, look at all that they do. Yes you would expect them to last longer but none of the companies are working on batteries, they are working on other bells and whistles to make us want the phones.
    -HTC not having anymore tricks up their sleeve? Are you kidding me? I was on the EVO train before it was even the EVO, I was scoping it out when it was still over the pond as the LEO. The rate that HTC brings out their phones is amazing. I’ve had 2 previous HTC devices and I will never go back to another phone.
    -It never fails I finally get a new phone and something else comes out within 2-9 months. So be it, I will still spend the money and get a new phone. Until then I will spend my 9hrs on my EVO doing whatever the heck I wanna do, because they have an app for that.

  50. all you whiners need to stop bashing sprint, i understand it probably isn’t the best for you, but in the south / midwest, sprint is AMAZING full 3g all the time WHEREVER i go, and 4g in dallas where i live, stop bashing what you can’t have!

  51. Sprint sucks. But their phones certainly dont. Not a fan of htc, the sense ui, or qualcom processors. But as long as this phone is better specced than the iphoney, im all for it.

  52. U fools can keep bashing sprint. Keep wasting your money on over priced carriers like verizon LOL…

  53. Coverage is more a matter of which company can get the permits to put up towers than anything else. I know a VzW employee who had great coverage until the roaming agreement with Sprint expired in his area, then all of a sudden his coverage disappeared. It’s not uncommon for coverage to go on a case by case, at least in the larger metros. Most of the time, not all, the carriers would like to improve coverage and put up a new tower, but almost always one local group or another files a suit to prevent the tower from going in to place. A church in Huntington Beach, CA wanted to put up a cell tower disguised as a large cross on church property. Some local residents objected and filed a lawsuit to stop the tower from being put up, even though it was on church property. I lost track of the case, but it does show that it’s not that easy to put up new towers.

  54. 1280×720 screen is not REQUIRED by Gingerbread, rather it is supported by Gingerbread. It would be amazing to see a 720p screen, but I”m thinkin we’ll only see that resolution on tablets. Sounds like a beast phone, though.

  55. I don’t get why everyone keeps saying that Gingerbread’s 1GHz processor requirement is high end. It is at the moment but we’re already hearing rumors of Dual Core processors and 2GHz processor coming at years end. So by the time Android 3.0 is even on market the Snapdragon could be outdated. And in all honesty the Snapdragon processor was introduced on the HD 2, which came out around the same time as the G1.

  56. No one seems to know for sure here and yet there alot of people acting like it, typical internet. If 3 drops by Nov that will be the 1 year mark for the droid there best selling phone, as it’s already getting ROM leaks after the N1 it would be smart to assume that it at least will support 3 and everything else is gravy.

    After all isn’t the point on android how light and fast it is, id expect the g1 could run it with some feature loss obviously.

    Anyway, taken down articles sometimes work the same way as concept cars at an auto show to demonstrate interest and get free advertising for current companies so don’t discount them.

    Personally I’d love to see a phone so powerful it could run the android os exactly the same as a net book could and simply forget about the chrome os altogether.

  57. “carry resolutons of over 1000 pixels”

    WTF!? Is that any resolution over 100 x 10???


  58. I feel so left out of ANDROID devices damn 2GHZ. I HATE AT&T DAMN IT!

  59. omg i so hope this is true. thats about the time that i can upgrade again

  60. For those of us who do not have Sprint, that my dear, is a matter of choice, not because we cannot have it. Preference-but I heard they’re hiring, if you’re interested. : )


  62. “which matches up at least in theory with the rumored requirement of a 1280×720 screen resolution for Gingerbread compatibility”

    1280×720 is the maximum supported, not the requirement.

  63. I joined Sprint with the Treo 300 because their network technology was set to be the fastest. I had only left when my company used AT&T and picked up my phone. When I left the company I wanted an N1 so I went with T-Mobile. When my T-Mobile contract ends in 1/2012, I am going back to Sprint. It is just a matter of which phone.

    Sprint Network – Fastest, second in coverage only to Verizon.

    Sprint Pricing – Reasonable,

    Sprint Customer Service – Friendly with a terrible billing system I really think they are trying hard it is just their internal billing software that they installed back around 2002-2003 was not well done.

  64. Gingerbread was said to support 1280*760 not to require it. Article is bogus and as far as I can tell based on a bogus article that was taken down.
    The most likely recipient of a dual core chip would be a tablet not a phone. Much more likely to see 1.2-1.5GHz chips in phones.

  65. Verizon and at&t both blow and htc is the best

  66. Raging fanboys left and right, i don’t know why everyone tries to defend their network like one is the best for all. Some people live in rural areas with little coverage with maybe the exception of one carrier, some people live in metropolitan areas and have amazing coverage regardless, so stop raging, get a damn good phone for the price you want to pay, and don’t worry if there is something better than it in a month, that is just how the market is right now, besides its just a phone.

  67. yo this phone is coming out and it is true its going to be 2ghz…. one problem though its not coming out for sprint its coming out for tmobile…. if you dont believe me go talk to the mobile stores they already know whats up and whats coming… i talked to both sprint store and tmobile store representatives.. found out nothing for sprint but indeed the 2ghz phone is coming to tmobile by the end of the year at least suppose to be…

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