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Yesterday we learned some interesting things about the next release of Android (code-named Gingerbread). One supposed caveat to the future iteration is that it may require phones have at the bare minimum a set of high-end specs including a 1GHz processor and 3.5-inch screen if there is any hope to see the new OS on the device. Now we are hearing rumors of one of the first devices that may be built with Gingerbread on board (or at least Gingerbread-ready).

According to Oxford-Zeiss Content & Research Guide HTC may be cooking up a device called the Sabor featuring a 2GHz processor and headed to Sprint close to the end of 2010/beginning of 2011. The juiciest part of this rumor is that HTC might even be developing their own display to compete head to head with current AMOLED and LCD technologies. The new displays are said to carry resolutons of over 1000 pixels, which matches up at least in theory with the rumored requirement of a 1280×720 screen resolution for Gingerbread compatibility. The phone detailed also boasts a 10MP camera, 1080p video recording, and a kickstand.

So is there a Super EVO coming to Sprint by year’s end? It may be a bit too early to tell, but even if only some of those hardware advancements make it to a handset by years end it only affirms that this has been one breakout year for smartphones.

[via AndroidGuys]

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