Get Control of Your Balls with Android


How I love the smell of innuendo in the morning. GearBox is a startup that merges technological innovation and toys to create some pretty neat gadgets, and the latest they have to showcase is a fine set of balls remotely controlled through an Android handset. The best part is the robotic balls will get multiple applications offering a variety of games and play styles. The first is called Sumo, in which players face off head to head to see whose sphere reigns supreme. Collisions affect velocity and can result in reversed controls for your opponent.


The GearBox team is also opening up the ball’s APIs for other game developers to take advantage of, and even provide a few examples of games they would like to see. Office Golf? Curling? Or how about a way to keep your cat entertained without ever leaving the sofa?

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. Sweet…one day Android will be embedded in everything we can think of.

  2. soooooo want one of these
    if nothing else just to terrorise the cat : )

  3. Cat??? This will have my dog frustrated for hours on end.

  4. CAT TOY!!!!

  5. My dog would demolish this. But it’d be amazing to scare the pants of my fiance with!

  6. now flash this to a car :) i rather be bale to control my car with my phone than let my gf drive it … its more safe

  7. It needs an integrated webcam.

  8. My balls > Your Balls

  9. you think cat toy…I think those killer spheres from Phantasm

  10. @ari-free


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