Chrome Extension Brings Pay on the Go To Android


Google has just launched the Android Payment Chrome extension to allow merchants to accept credit card payments on the go no matter where they are. As long as the purchaser owns an Android phone, that is. Once a merchant goes through the process of setting up a Google Checkout account and creating a webstore through the Store Gadget Widget, the Android Payment extension is installed and ready to accept credit card purchases.


The customer’s shopping cart is filled on on a the laptop carrying the extension and the Checkout with Android button is clicked to produce a QR code. Have your customer scan the code and they will be directed to a page listing their items and total and allowing them to enter their credit card info to complete the payment. There may be a few options offered by third parties that are simpler at the point of sale for mobile payments, but if you need something quick and easy in a pinch this Chrome extension should do the trick.

[via Google]

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  1. Sooo sweet. Google is doing more for the mobility world than anyone in a long time. They’re giving us what we want, and it’s open…unlike other blood-sucking corporations.

  2. Huh…interesting to see whether this gets adapted more than Square, which still isn’t “fully baked” or whatever their lame excuse for rolling out too early was.

  3. adopted* that is

  4. This looks interesting, but misses the mark because it’s still tied to a web store. Useful in some situations but not in all. Allowing for this type of payment in a retail “brick n mortor” store location would be a huge thing.

  5. VERY good news.. this would have been great months ago!! now i get all my apps for FREE! Not fair for the dev’s i know..But it got’s to be a grade “A” work for me to pay for a app again. or i might just get it 4free anyway. LOLLL

  6. @cwalker30
    are you proud for downloading pirated apps !!! you know these developers work hard days and nights to release that app, yet you appreciate their hard work by stealing them !!!

  7. @Maj

    Very few apps are actually worth paying for anyway… lol.

  8. but the apps that are worth paying for are the apps that crooks like to pirate.

  9. @thrrgilag – I don’t see what would stop someone from using this at POS in a physical storefront. Even if that’s not it’s main intended use.

  10. @Ethan, I agree. I was looking forward to Square, but it looks like they’re in over their heads with no real clue of how to fix it. This might just be the thing I’m looking for.

  11. So the customer needs an Android, and you need a laptop. Not the best solution.

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