Motorola Charm and Samsung Supersonic Get Priced


T-Mobile isn’t quite done releasing Android devices for the crowded summer handset season, and now we are learning pricing details thanks to some info uncovered by our pals at TMoNews. First up on the docket is the Motorola Charm that we first learned about earlier in the week. It could very well end up being called the Motorola Basil, but either way the leaked documents are showing that this one will run $269.99 retail or $74.99 after a two-year contract and $75 rebate.


It isn’t quite so clear what phone the Samsung Supersonic is, however. The best speculation we can give is that it is a code name for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, in which case the pricing matches up at $199.99 on a two-year deal after a $50 rebate, though the full retail price is listed as $499.99. We got word from T-Mobile yesterday that the off-contract price would be $449.99. Throw in the $50 rebate on the retail priced version and the numbers line up pretty well.

[via TmoNews]

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  1. The Radio Shack preorder page for the Vibrant is live, and it turns out the off-contract price is $500, not $450. So either the T-Mobile source from yesterday was wrong, or Radio Shack’s marching to their own tune. If it’s the former, could be that Supersonic = Vibrant.

  2. @Mike: Wouldn’t it be 50 dollars to preorder?

  3. radioshack’s off contract pricing is always a little higher than going directly to a corporate store, btw.

  4. Radioshack’s prices seem to be higher than if bought from the T-Mobile store. This was the case with the HD2 where Radioshack had it for $50 more.

  5. supersonic strikes again!

  6. Sorry….the true Supersonic is the EVO

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