HTC HD2 Gets a Touch Sensitive Taste of Android


Stuck with an HTC HD2 but really wishing it was an HTC EVO 4G? You can get closer than ever by replacing that tired version of WinMo with Android, and thanks to the HTC Linux team you’ll now get a properly functioning touch screen. The release (also supporting other variants of Linux such as Ubunutu) isn’t quite stable, but soon enough your “practically an EVO” might just be running Android well enough to fool even the most discerning cell phone connoisseurs at a quick glance.

[via Engadget]

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  1. nice song…..Freestyler by bomfunk mc’s

  2. What is Ubunutu?
    Is it similar to the debian derivative Ubuntu?

  3. You know I love Android, I just bought a MTSlide but WinMo is pretty awesome too. I love my HD2 and the fact that I can modify whatever I wish. I will love to try this port eventually (I had XDAndroid on my TP2) but that won’t take away from how awesome the phone with WinMo is. Best of both worlds so to speak. It will be interesting to see how mush functionality they get from it.

  4. Steve, yes Ubuntu as in the debian derivative Ubuntu. Run the computer os on your phone. I’ve ran it on my Touch Pro 2. I’d love to see maemo on it though like the xda developers thread talks about.

  5. tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap..*click*..sighhh…tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap..*click*..sighhh…tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap ……

  6. @ Gunner

    Man you had me laughing for a good 10 min straight! I was thinking the exact same thing while watching the vid =P

  7. says 2.1update1 but LOOKS like 2.2 haha not bad

  8. ROFL
    @Steve, good catch!

  9. Funny, they even redirected http://ubunutu.com to ubuntu.com

  10. I love andorid phone. u can send photo or video by email to estarling digital photo frame. http://www.estarling.com.

  11. I love Ubuntu!!!!!!Android too!….but Ubuntu has been my first linux based operating system and Ubuntu 10.04 in my opinion rocks!!!

  12. That is good news because i hate fucking winmo phones. so that’s why i don’t have the hd2. but good fucking start!!!!

  13. @Gunner

    lol maybe its time for one of them fancy shmancy capacitive stylus that all the kids are raving about these days…

  14. so how long is the wait gonna be? I had a G1 and sold it, I bought the HD2 and prefer the droid over this crappy winmo. WTF was HTC thinking? Every other company got droid.. i missing my droid network.

  15. w00t, an OS that does the HD2 hardware justice! Honestly, what HD2 owner didn’t get the equivalent of a slap in the face when it was announced that the most technologically-advanced WinMo phone on the market would be bypassed for a n official Windows Phone 7 upgrade? If somebody can get a working build of Android on this phone, more power to them. It’s your hardware, use it how you want. Then maybe HTC will actually give the network that gave them their first shot with Android a decent Android phone. I mean come on, all they can come out with is the myTouch 3G slider? T-Mobile needs a Droid X, or an Incredible/Desire, or an EVO, SOMETHING worthwhile. I don’t like T-Mobile at all, but for people who rely on it, they deserve something better. The HD2 hardware was just downright wasted on WinMo.

  16. Oops, forgot about the Nexus One. Still though, it’s more of an original Droid-class device, and is already obsolete.

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