Yahoo Mail, Messenger, and Search Now Available in the Android Market


If your Google phone is, well, just too Googly for you, you’ll be pleased to know that Yahoo just dropped a few new apps into the Android Market to get you your fix of Mail, Messenger, and Yahoo Search. Mail and Messenger are standalone apps, but also feature the built-in ability to quickly switch between the two, bringing a slightly more uniform experience. Yahoo Mail features push e-mail, contact book integration, and the ability to add photo attachments from your phone’s camera or gallery. Yahoo Messenger also incorporates push notifications while the app is running in the background and allows for messages to be sent via SMS.


You can also get yourself a Yahoo search widget to round-out a Google-less experience, or maybe just to get a second opinion on searches. What more could Yahoo power users wants? Find them all in the market now.


[via Yahoo]

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  1. Requires 2.0 or better… ugh I’ll be so glad to get rid of this G1 later this month…

  2. Yes finally a reall yahoo messenger and maill

  3. While I personally could care less this is good news for diversity.

    @Fatesealer: Really? Why not just get CyanogenMod and be done with it. Just grab Clockwork ROM Manager from the market and root the phone. You’ll be much happier.

  4. Dude, your phone is over 2 years old, time to move on. Time to ROOT it already too!

  5. Yahoo sucks.

  6. wow there’s something I’ll NEVER use

  7. This app will finally bridge the gap I had from my blackberry. I have Att internet @ home so I have a yahoo account, and it was a little too nerve wracking to change everything over to gmail. Now I can get my wife to move over to Android.

  8. I want to know when they’re going to come out with the fantasy football app like they have in the apple app store. Hopefully before the football season. Any word on if this app is in the works?

  9. ahahaha, I thought I could search Android Market for a second. :P

  10. Good for diversity, but yahoo can suck it. Clunky, cluttered website. No thanks.

  11. What’s wrong with yahoo? I’ve been using it for over 15 years and while it’s not my main account these days I still use it pretty frequently, especially with fantasy sports.

  12. I didn’t see it in Market. Is this what they call framentation? Some people will have some apps and others wouldn’t?


  14. As usual nothing works for the T-Mobile Cliq with our outdated market. I curse Android 1.5 and Motorola. Couldn’t even complain about the App if we wanted to.

  15. They also added a Y!Music app this week that I’ve been trying out. It seems decent. Offers all CBS-owned radio stations plus Yahoo music streams.

  16. @Fatesealer Yeah if I were you I would just root and install Cyanogen its not that hard, I installed the lastest version on two Mytouch 3G’s the other day and now they are on 2.1 update 1. As soon as 2.2 comes out for them I’ll install it, it should provide a boost to the older phones because of JIT. I’ve been on the Nexus One for 6 months but I think I’ll wait for the HTC Vision on T-mobile later this year before I upgrade.

  17. I don’t use yahoo for mail but the more services offered in the market the better the market will be. I do hope they offer a fantasy football app. I can’t a good one at all in the market.

  18. thank god! i have had the droid since the day it came out and i do not get any of my emails becauses its not a “gmail” account. this is 1 main reason i would leave my droid and go back to the blackberry. now i’m going to get off here and download this!!! i’ll let ya know how it works

  19. So far so good runs smooth especially the messenger that’s the main thing k wanted all my friends use yahoo messenger on their blackberrys but now that we have android phones no one wanted tl switch to gtalk

  20. Not bad Android version of Yahoo Mail, but I still prefer the mobile version accessible from

  21. Not too bad. I mostly use GMail but I have yahoo for a few things that I don’t want hammering my gmail account. The only issue that I have, and I might just be missing something, is I can’t seem to find where to turn off the audible notifications in it. The only notification option I see has to do with the top bar notification.

  22. You would be surprised at the number of people who don’t know their own ISP username and email address let alone their ISP password.. but their Yahoo email and password, that’s not a problem.

  23. Well this explains why my Incredible starting giving me login password errors the other day in the stock e-mail app when trying to access my Yahoo e-mails. Same passwords still worked on my laptop. I may download this app but it was nice and very convenient to be able to pick any of the e-mail accounts to view from one app.

  24. I’m getting the Vibrant at the end of the month so no worries there. It just sucks that it took this long to finally get an official Yahoo Messenger?

  25. @Brad:

    If you phone is over one year old, you should upgrade :P

    No joke. In October 2009, Acer Liquid was the most powerful Android phone on the market. By October 2010 , it will not be compatible with the latest iteration of the Android OS (Gingerbread).

    Technology evolves crazy. That is why I will never get locked into a 2-year contract.

  26. F**K Yahoo !

  27. is this a beta version? This needs a lot of work. The notification option is a joke (on and off only includes audible with their selected tone only). The app also registers itself as a service no matter if you have the notifications turned on or off, meaning it’s periodically (and unconfigurably… no entry to be found in the sync menu of the OS) checking for updates. Last, it’s a memory hog. I logged in, browsed two email folders, and composed one test email… 35 mb.

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