Bricked EVO after Latest Update? Sprint and HTC Say Visit a Sprint Corporate Store



Quite a few people suffered an unfortunate side effect of the latest HTC EVO 4G update. Instead of a fresh take on their software they were hit with a phone that wouldn’t even power on. There is no easy fix for the problem, but there is hope. Sprint and HTC are recommending you take your fouled-up EVO to the nearest Sprint Corporate store where they should have a solution. Whether that solution is simply an exchanged handset or a forced hardware reset isn’t specified, but rest assured one way another you will be walking away with a fully functioning phone.

[via HTC]

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  1. I don’t personally have an EVO, however its nice to hear that they came up with a solution so quickly. I wish more companies addressed these kinds of issues with the same speed.

  2. Thank Goodness….! I updated mine yesterday without a hitch…..

  3. most companies don’t botch a release this hard…

  4. Yeah, I did this today and EVERYONE is sold out. The warehouse didn’t even have any. I DID NOT walk away with a working phone. I’m still phone-less. My bricked Evo wont even turn on. Won’t even charge.

    Sprint Corp. Store told me to go to Best Buy where I bought it. Went to Best Buy (obviously sold out), and they told me to go to Sprint Corp. Store. So I am phone-less because they put out an update that should never have been put out and I’m pissed. This is Mickey Mouse bullsh*t.

  5. Yeah, good thing we have no replacements in my store, and a wait list of over 100 people…

  6. No problems after my update. Smooth as silk.

  7. This is unacceptable. HTC and Sprint should have never released an update without putting extensive research and development into it.

  8. I own 2 EVO 4G’s, and both of them updated smoothly. I think most people that bricked their phone had either rooted 4G or ran update twice. Then started whining like little girls…
    There was nothing wrong with update, it improves performance..

  9. Today, an HTC support tech stated off the record that the customers who were negatively effected by the update either bought the EVO From RADIO SHACK or BEST BUY. I tried several Sprint locations and was not able to exchange my bricked EVO because I purchased it from Wack Shack. Several sprint reps informed me that most customers who have phone issues bought them from 3rd parties like Worst Buy and Wack Shack. A close sprint rep told me that Wack (Radio) Shack is known for handing out used or tampered with phones. And after speaking to a level 3 tech support he informed me that Sprint luanched the EVO WITHOUT any type of software to trouble shoot or flash the phone in the event this type of error occured. In fact, out of 7 conversation with 7 different Sprint techs (over the phone and in person) not one had any real training or knowledge of trouble techniques. And the more questions I asked the more I was accused of rooting the phone and causing it to crash.

    The bottom line Is that Sprint did a piss poor job of testing and preparing to luanch the so called #1 Phone in America’s history. Sprint will continue to keep as tight of a lid on this issue so they will stay in competition with the Top two, Verizon and AT&T. Now I see why sprint can’t get iPhones or decent Blackberry phones on their network.  Let’s face it, before the Palm Pre, sprint was just a high end boost mobile phone company. That is why. Despite the higher prices of the others, they continue to hold on to there customers. I am a long time Verizon customer and I paid more but I got more. I know it must have felt good to sprint knowing they are actually a company worthy of customers. I just hope they take more time getting things right because we all know that great corporations last because they run the marathon and not 40 yard dash….. I am done and I feel better now…. Wait I just looked at my bricked EVO
    ….. I feel a little better.

  10. I had this happen to me bright and early yesterday morning. The phone had downloaded and updated, and I had done a soft reboot. Following that I was prompted for a second updated message. While it was foolish of my to update again, I assumed that having bought a brand new phone 3 days before, that if it asked for an update it would need it. After it updated (again) and I realized it was the same update, I found these articles. The reason why I am posting: I took it to the Corporate Sprint retailer I bought it from, and they ordered me a new one. They said it would be in today, and I didn’t believe them due to the high demand. Low and Behold, I got a call before 11am this morning saying I was in. While I am disappointed a three hundred dollar phone cannot distinguish an update from itself, I was impressed at sprints speed of cleaning up its mess.

  11. I tried with no avail. I took my phone to best buy and they told me that they could not do anything because they don’t have the phones and the ones they had were rserved. the tech guy called sprint and sprint told me to go to the sprint service center, which i did, but they too didn’t have any, but they told me they would hold one until when they get there. i didn’t have to wait long beacause they called the same day, told me to come by and pick it up, cool then, so i went. Now, when i got there i told them my phone was bricked, they said(now here’s the catch) where did you purchase the phone, i told them best buy, and they basically told me that they could not give me the phone because they were not the point of sale store where i bought my evo. they told me they can replace it with a refurbed unit, but not a new one…wtf? so i went back to best buy and they said i will be put on a waiting list, but customers experiencing the dead/bricked evo will have priority on the next shipment. I just hope they don’t give me no crap if they haven’t recieved a phone beyond my 30 day store warranty and tell me that i now have to deal with the manufacturer because the warranty is out. i will cancel the stupid contract before that if i have not yet recieved the replacement. So no, you can’t take it to sprint if you bought it at a third party place…like best buy. you have to take it to the point of sale store. that’s what i was told.

  12. @speedy. I think you’ve been had. My evo had a blown speaker. I brought it from Walmart. I took it to sprint and they exchanged it with a new one. So Idk who told you that but its wrong.

  13. I went through the same thing. My local BB hooked me up they gave me a rain check for a new phone a replacement phone until the new one comes in and they are overnighting a unit from a partner store.

  14. I contacted several BB locations near Atlanta yesterday and could find no one with any EVO’s. When I got home last night and contacted my local BB again, they were out, but told me that a BB Mobile in a nearby town still had (17) of them, so I drove another 15 miles to get it.

    It felt like launch day all over again…so glad to have a working EVO again. BTW, if you’re near Spartanburg, SC, try the BB Mobile IN the mall.

  15. Hey Guys, I bought 3 evos. Rooted 2 of them. Updated 1 rooted and the other that wasn’t. They updated just fine without issue. It did intuit the phone, but that was it. I think that it was just a certain lot of phones that were manufactured.

  16. No update issue with mine. Got mine through a sprint rep over the phone had it next day. (granted it was a week after launch that I placed my order)

  17. Wow, at least if I lose my iPhone4 cell signal, I can still play games, listen to music, etc. Nice one HTC! Quality stuff!

  18. @ Shawn

    Was it you back speaker the blew? Mine is sounding weird. I think it’s blown. I bought it from sprint but I’m just out of my 30 day thing! Damn! I do have the insurance but I think they should just swap it out for me. (If they have any,) which I doubt they will.

    Even with the back speaker rattling a bit it still blows my old crappy IJunk phone away.

    EVO dropping jaws like the Iphone drops calls….

  19. Before the update my battery would drain in 15 mins with location, web, market off. I had to keep it on the charger. After the update my batt would last the whole day with everything on. Now for the past week in a half its draining fast again.

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