Droid X Pre-Orders Abruptly Halted Due to Low Inventory Levels?


This one hasn’t been confirmed just yet, but a little rumor is starting to spread that Motorola Droid X pre-orders at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile locations were closed down today due to overwhelming demand. It would seem the number of phones that will be ready to ship come July 15th has been surpassed by the number of Droid-thirsty consumers, according to BGR.


Hmmm, that is turning out to be a growing trend with Android phones. Pro-tip for manufacturers: stop underestimating the demand for your product. OK, we get it, you need to make your margins somewhere, and betting big up front might not be the most effective way to turn profits quickly. Were you lucky enough to get your pre-order in? Were you turned away when trying to place yours today? Let us know!

[via BGR]

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  1. I went to pre-order today. No dice :(

  2. Got mine in first thing yesterday morning, hopefully I get both of the ones I pre ordered on launch day!!

  3. Well, thats what they get for making such a great phone! i personally pre- ordered mine 2nd in my city.

  4. My response to this post, and to most posts about this phone, is who cares? This is the same exact hype that surrounded the EVO last month, and the HTC Incredible a few months ago. We in the Android community are all suckers. We keep getting excited about these new phones that are trying to “kill” the iPhone, when we know that none of them ever will.

    Android phones, as well as this website, will all be irrelevant when the iPhone comes to Verizon sometime in 2011. In a year, we will all look back on these past few years as the era when Android tried to compete with Apple, and ultimately failed.

  5. I was the first one to preorder at my best buy! i had to actually tell them it was on preorder lol

  6. Theo,

    android is not going to vanish. In case you didn’t know most of android’s recent growth(160K per day sales) is coming from outside US, all the operators everywhere in the world want one or the other android phones. I feel sorry for blackberry mostly, since they are the ones about to vanish.

  7. @theo: personally I like having top quality hardware and software – and true multitasking. Something that the iPhone doesn’t have. Features are being added to the android platform at three times the rate that apple adds to their antiquated OS.

    Go ahead and hitch your wagon to the iPhone. Most of the iPhone sales for VZ will be fed up AT&T customers who want to be able to actually get a signal.

  8. Maybe you missed this Theo:


    Android is already bigger than iPhone.

  9. I was 6th to preorder at my BB…..just gotta hope that they get that many shipped to them. Then it is Droid X goodness to be had!!!!!!!!!!! Also, Android WILL take over the iphone at some point. What do you get with an iphone, 1 choice thats it. Just look at the amount of devices with Android not to mention the choice of carriers that you get along with that. Yes, the iphone is a good product, but the competition is gaining faster than ever at this point. Not a sermon, just a thought ;P

  10. I called store 1491 and they confirmed that they have stopped taking pre-orders. The person who took the call didn’t explain and didn’t indicate when they might take orders again.

  11. Theo- There are already phones better than the iphone. Just because the isheep only use the iphone doesn’t make it better.

    Granted the iphone did come out with the revolutionary video calling and multi-tasking but nobody does video calling anyway.

  12. Bob and Tad, you might be two people who will not be switching to the iPhone when it comes to your carriers, but it would be foolish to say that most people share your feelings.

    As Tad mentioned, many VZ iPhone sales will be from fed up AT&T customers. However, it is important to note that most Android customers are simply bitter Verizon/Sprint customers who want to rally together against the iPhone. However, I’m willing to bet a lot of money that most of whom will buy one when it comes to their carrier.

  13. Android has already passed the iPhone for the most part (other than games). I loved my iPhone since launch day in 2007 until I got my Droid. When the iPhone comes to Verizon I will buy one, but it will be before my 8 year old daughter, not for me

  14. and Reder, it is important to note, however, that iOS runs on one phone- the iPhone. Android runs on many, many phones. Although the Android system may be bigger than Apple’s, the iPhone is truly the biggest phone in the country.

  15. and Charlie, how can you truthfully state that Android has passed the iPhone, except for games? The Android App Market is pitiful. There are maybe 50 useful applications.

  16. @Rick James – i hope you were being sarcastic. Video calling and multitasking is revolutionary? LOL.

  17. Yea theo, I bought a droid because I’m bitter towards apple and no other reason.

  18. “However, it is important to note that most Android customers are simply bitter Verizon/Sprint customers who want to rally together against the iPhone”

    really ? so people have no business in life other than to buy a phone having android because they want to rally against IPhone ? what kind of logic is that ? are people so jobless ? any proof for that ? you are just picking up stuff from daringfireball or other pro mac websites, who cannot tolerate the growth of android :) Apple does not have the sole rights on innovation

  19. Theo – you just proved my point. Of course it’s going to be the biggest phone when it’s the only phone they sell. That’d be like saying the iPad is bigger than Windows 7 based laptops because there’s more sold, completely ignoring that there’s hundreds of laptops running the platform dominating iOS.

    That’s what makes Android so great – choice. I’d never use an iPhone, even if it came to my carrier and was free.

  20. My main point is that you would all have iPhones if it was on your carrier, and if you deny that then…well, we’ll see what happens when it does arrive on your network.

  21. The question I have is whether the BB shortage will effect Verizon’s stock. For those of us waiting for the morning of July 15 (e.g., because BB won’t honor Verizon’s deal that anyone who can upgrade in 2010 can get the DX at the launch date), are we going to be left in the cold? Anyone have some info on this?

  22. Pre-orders for my best-buy store have stopped as well…was going to go tomorrow. Very upsetting.

    Store in Jonesboro, AR

  23. Theo, the only intelligent thing you have said is that no Android phone will kill the iPhone. Yes, it is very popular, and will continue to remain so as long as Apple has its mind-control device (marketing) switched to ‘On’. That does not make the iPhone a superior device, nor will its (highly speculative) introduction on a better network make Android irrelevant. There is room in the market for both Android and iPhone, and the continuing battle for market share will make both brands better.

    Now please, stop trolling.

  24. @Theo

    You’re comparing Apples and Oranges (pun intended). Android is not trying to kill iPhone. Please realize that.

    Android is Android, and the iPhone is the iPhone. As much as they are supposed to be competition, they are VERY different beasts that appeal to different people.

  25. Regarding the article… It makes me sick. How dumb are these manufacturers/carriers that keep “underestimating” demand. Are you kidding me??

  26. @Theo,

    stats say otherwise, 160K per day(worldwide) is not a small number. In any case at the very least android will be a strong no.2 if not no.1. Simply a question of numbers

  27. I got mine in last weekend was #2 on the list!

  28. All of the reviews and previews of all these new Android phones all have one thing in common: comparisons to the iPhone. It is the standard for smartphones. The fact that HTC, Motorola, and the other manufacturers have had to come out with so many phones to keep market share just proves my point. It’s a scam. They are taking advantage of the fact that consumers of technologically advanced products, such as Android phones, are compulsive- always wanting the next best thing. I know countless people who had the Droid, switched to the Droid Incredible, and now will buy the Droid X. It’s like 100 fast runners in a race against the fastest runner in the world. The fastest runner in the world will still win.

  29. @Theo
    Please android is not going to just vanish even if the iphone does come to verizon which it was supposed to have come to verizon the past 2 years or so but you wait it out while all the people who like android get a phone that is actually better then the iphone. A phone will come along that dethrones it with all the innovation, nothing stays on top forever especially how apple is so slow to put new things in their phones something developers update into their new phones every few months.

  30. It’s more like the 10 fastest runners in the world trying to beat a guy who’s pretty fast and started the race 2 hours early.

  31. The question I have is whether the BB shortage will effect Verizon’s stock. For those of us waiting for the morning of July 15 (e.g., because BB won’t honor Verizon’s deal that anyone who can upgrade in 2010 can get the DX at the launch date), are we going to be left in the cold? Anyone have some info on this?

    The best buy in my area is honoring the same deal that verizon is doing maybe you just talked to someone who didnt know what they were talking about.

  32. wrong analogy dear boy, the prize for google is not winning the race for the best handset, the prize is to dominate the next generation computing platform and in this case adding up all the sales of handset vendors spouting android if it beats the best handset is more than enough for Google.

  33. @ Theo
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,You have made my day, you could actualy be the gimp from the iphone vs Evo video :)


    Surly its time you was on your prayer mat, worshiping your false god AKA steve Jobs.

    Does steve tell you when its time for bed as well as tell you what apps you can download ???

    I think you should stick to the Apple fanboy sites. Your obviously a troll.

    Android saleman ” The new iphone is already behing=d the curve ” Theo ” I dont care ” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Now Theo, run along and go have a video chat ( tech thats been out for years,NOT revolutionary ) whats that, you cant because your not on wifi ? Pathetic, not magical, thats what most tech savy people would class the new iphoney.

  34. Just went to BB to pre-order the Droid X and was told they are no longer taking pre-orders. BB headquarters shut it off this morning. The demand was outstanding!!!!!

  35. Ian, your obvious lack of education scares me. Anyone who uses a cartoon YouTube video as their primary source of argument is the one who is “pathetic”

  36. @theo, i was at at&t, and my contract expired for almost a year, and i did not want the iphone. With sprint and android now, i’m happy. I’m jealous though, Jealous of all the cool iphone people out there. Yall are so cool. Super cool.

  37. I got mine pre-ordered the day phandroid said BestBuy was doing the pre-order!!! First one in my city to get it!!

  38. @Theo, you think only usefully apps make it to apple’s app store?? Now that I have kindle on my Droid there is only 1 app I had for my iPhone that there is not a similar or better app on my Droid and that is poker journal.

    Did you even notice all of the upgrades to ios 4 was just trying to catch up to android – multitasking, folders, and wallpaper. Apple is still playing catch up. Where is the free navigation? Where is voice to text for any data entry? Where is the ability to hold the phone in your left hand and make a call? LOL.

    Apple revolutionized things in 2007, now they have been surpassed and are playing catch up, and not doing a very good job I might add. But like I said, it is a great phone for my 8 yr old daughter, hopefully her hands are small enough she won’t block the antenna when she tries to make a phone call!

  39. theo, not everyone that buy smartphones are cult members. remember when jobs said people arent smart enough to figure out android, but the iphone was easy. that means iphones are smart phones for idiots.


    There is going to be a software update that will allow the phone to auto rotate the screen when you turn the phone sideways!! Revolutionary!!

    Stay tuned for more info on this amazing feature coming to an iphone near you!

  41. Theo – You’re correct when you say that no android device will ever match the iPhone. On the flip side, the iPhone will never drive android out of the market. If iOS was put on multiple devices, perhaps, but still not likely. The iPhone is a good device, but some people want a qwerty keyboard, some want a larger screen, some want a rugged design, etc. One device of any kind will never stop the growth of all other devices because not everyone wants the same thing.

  42. By the way, video calling on phone, hong kong has that on their sony ericson 2/3 years ago. Nothing new.

  43. @Theo – I guess you’ve already been lambasted but I’ll chip in anyway. Nobody gives a rats ass how many iPhones sell on launch day. That doesn’t make the phone good. It doesn’t make it do anything besides show you a grid of icons. It doesn’t make it work when you hold it in your hand. If you are looking for some phone to outsell the iPhone on launch weekend so you can feel kool about your purchase please stay the hell away from Android. It won’t happen and everybody in the Android community understands why it won’t happen which is because of choice. You’ve just had the Incredible, Evo, Droid X and Galaxies announced. Each one splits up the users that will buy any one of them. But when you add them all together Android is starting to stomp the living shit out of Apple/iOS/iPhone. You should probably just stick to a Razr. A dumb phone for a dumb person.

  44. Theo-I am a VZW customer always wanted Iphone from start but absolutely hate AT&T (wouldn’t use their service if they gave it to me at no charge). That being said, I now own the Moto Droid and Droid Incredible. I also have an Ipod Touch. If they came out with an Android Touch I would toss my Ipod Touch and get it. Get the picture. No longer want an Iphone. Don’t even like the looks of it. So I guess I will be one of 3 people that doesn’t get it. DO NOT WANT IT ANYMORE EVEN ON MY FAVORITE NETWORK VZW!!! By the way I am going to get a Droid X and replace my Moto just because I like straight touchscreens.

  45. I wonder how many were in presold. I would think by now these companies would understand that these phones are SELLING. No need in testing the waters. Just get it out there. I am a bit surprised though at how quick this sold out even if it was a small allotment mainly because I haven’t seen a lick of advertising anywhere.

  46. @Theo
    you took your time in replying ? Was it because your fragile iphone kept losing its signal ? Have you already gone out and purchased a rather stylish rubber band to help protect the signal ? ( a phone that cant call or drops signal because your ” holding it wrong ” is basically a piece of crap.

    Its OK that your an iphone geek, who obviously goes round with your eyes closed to bigger and better things, but come on,This forum is for people in the know, people who understand that the iphoney is losing its grip and is now purchased by soccer mums and grandparents.

    Keep looking at your poster of Steve, I would suggest trying to call him, but you cant can you ;), reception issues.

  47. lol at THEO thinking he knows the future and that iPhone will completely dominate the cell world when coming to Verizon. Shut up.

  48. @Theo…remember when Steve Jobs couldn’t connect to his own mobile network during the keynote? remember how angry he got?

    a leader who cracks under pressure like that and shows vulnerability isn’t just worried about a keynote speech that everyone on Earth knew the contents of beforehand. he’s worried about Android. very worried.

  49. this is not true i just came back from best buy and pre ordered mine

  50. @ THEO last time i looked this website is called “Phandroid”, why don’t you get bent and get lost!

  51. iPhone = Automoton
    Android = Free thinking

    I am sorry for those of you locked out of the preorders. Part of that may be due to Incredible users jumping over to Droid X because of the specs and lack of supply. That is goodness.

    My personal opinion on the iPhone is that it is for people that do not like choices. They enjoy others doing all of their thinking for them, feed them a lot of hype, make a shit sandwich and have everyone take a bite. Android devices are for people that like choices, like to customize, enjoy flexibility, and do not want to be a lemming. An iPhone reminds me of brainwashing movies where they flash a white picture with black letters. “iPhone good”, “Choices Bad” flashing back and forth over and over and over until they cannot think any more.

  52. Kevin, Friday is protip day, not Wednesday. Just an FYI.

  53. lol @ Theo, the iPhone fanboy, trolling a product he knows is competition.

    Anyway, yeah, this is confirmed. But low inventory? My Best Buy barely has any pre-orders yet.

  54. Man, Theo is getting ripped on. how bout we focus on the topic lol.

  55. Ii use to want an iphone and really hoped that it would be announced on verizon or sprint but with all of the progress that android has made I will stick with android. I am really liking the samsung epic 4g and look forward to the gingerbread os phones that will roll out during Christmas. The epic for now and I will upgrade my wifes line during Christmas.

  56. I’m sorry to say this Theo, but the iPhone has not been killed, it is being beat in every possible way with android phones. But if you have to choose one phone that already killed the iPhone, it is the HTC Evo 4G. And have you heard of one big flaw that the iPhone 4 has? It’s called the Grip of Death. Google it and find out why the iPhone is pretty much a dead technology. I also have to disagree with Bob about the Blackberry vanashing anytime soon. When OS6 comes out, more users will want blackberry phones.

  57. The issue is how many phones to make for release month. Watching all the flagship Android phones sell out like Droid, Incredible, Evo, you could pretty much predict the Droid X would be enormous. I have a feeling Moto ordered all they possibly could produce.

    But think about having to put together a million or two of these complicated little beasts just for release day. That’s a pretty incredible little feat really. Plus – they all need to work perfectly.

    But I have a feeling they are simply having trouble getting parts. The LCDs and CPU’s and batteries on these phones don’t just grow on trees. You got Evo needing a million or two, Droid Incredible, needing a couple more mil, the iPhone gobbling up probably 2-4 mil – all just in the last two months.

    So I tried for two weeks to get a Droid Incredible, that was a month ago and I gave up, they still can’t make enough of them. So, yeah, I’m no. 6 on the list at the nearest BB.

    As for the iPhone on VZ, not really interested. If they had a 4″ screen or bigger . . . nah, still probably not even then. Not sure which sucks more, Apple and their control freak lock down policies, or AT&T and their Swiss cheese coverage where I live. What a match. Apple fans, you are welcome to it. Wonder if they’ll fix the antenna problem by then?! But by that time, guess what, there will be 5-10 more souped up Android phones, dual core chips, true 720p screens, 1080p video cameras and HDMI output, sky’s the limit really. HTC will get whacked by Samsung and they will have to pull out all the stops. And yeah’ I’ll probably kind of wish I could have waited for one of those.

  58. LOL went and pre-ordered mine yesterday and nobody had even came in yet to talk about the phone.

  59. Also, a lot of people buy the iPhone because they simply have NO IDEA what Android is. I’m being completely serious here… But they THINK they know what’s “in.”

  60. I pre ordered at Best Buy yesterday, but, I am an employee and was told that I will get mine only after all other pre-orders have been filled, and I may get mine later :(

  61. @@Z a lot of people were in your shoes…me I saw the line of people following the iPhone trend and went for the first android phone. Since then I have seen how forward android is about making the best cellphones true they have had good quality camera issues…well that’s not the OS problem but…anyhey iPhone is a good phone it really is but as it has been stated the iPhone has not had a lot of things android has had for along time. Can’t wait to see how the 2.2 runs being it is taking its time to come on out…most be a new game changing OS

  62. The iPhone was once the standard but that is no longer the case. The new iPhone is trying desperately to keep up with the competition and still falls short. There is nothing innovative about it and Apple has a major issue on their hands with the antenna problem. Quality was their main selling point and that just went out the window.

    The numbers speak for themselves. Android isn’t going anywhere. Google will dominate Apple in the mobile market using the same strategy MS used in the pc market.

  63. Theo,

    You really are an apple fanboy, and like most iPhone fanboys
    quite simple and ignorant.

    The word ‘sad’ comes to mind!

  64. I work for them and none of the employees even know all the release says is “stop preselling immediately. Do not presell this handset.”

  65. i have been an iphone user for about 2-3 years and have never owned an android. ive been doing a ton of research and reading blogs and such and always see iphone HATERS on android site talkin ish! Im sick of my iphone and i tried to pre order today in vegas no luck.. i will be waiting in line on the 15th to hopefully switch over to my cusomizable droid x. Theo kick rocks!

  66. Got my pre-order in the first day they announced and I was #3. Problem is I am flying away on business on 14th for seven days! Bummer, hope they don’t sell it to someone else. I have had my Iphone for about two years now, and it was the best thing out there when I got it. Just got tired of the lost calls and I actually got bored with it. Droid X will kick a$$. I actually hope Verizon does not pick up Iphone for another year or more, so more people will keep jumping ship, to get a better phone. Who ever back there called THeo the “I don’t care” cartoon was right on the money.

  67. @Theo
    If all that’s keeping Android alive is Apple’s exclusivity contract with AT&T, then why are there Android phones on AT&T?

  68. okay umm…i didn’t check what number am i on the list for pre orders for the droid x but i pre ordered mine on the 28th, anyone know if i have a chance of getting it on the launch date?

  69. pre ordered from BB two weeks ago. Was told I would have the phone no later than the 17th being 4th on their preorder list. Called to check on order status yesterday and was told they got one in leaving me 3rd in line then someone else pulled their pre order leaving me second in line. Great. I asked about coming in and picking my phone up and was told there wasn’t a shipment ordered until next week and they would call when they got it in. I ordered the phone online and went in to cancel my preorder where I was told two others had come in before me to do the same. There isn’t enough supply for the demand. All three of our verizon stores were sold out in less than an hour and I was told they order as from factory as the orders are place. Costco didn’t get any in for their sales.

    afterthought…wouldn’t order an iphone even if they were free. I am so sick of I this and I that. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings any if they weren’t in the running.

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