Jun 30th, 2010

There are a LOT of similarities between the four Galaxy S phones recently announced by Samsung, but there are also a bunch of differences. One of the most distinct and noticeable differences is the full slideout QWERTY keyboard on the Epic 4G. As some people are stuck on QWERTYs I thought I’d give it a whirl on video to share my specific thoughts:

Very spacious. I’d personally say the layout is a bit wide and keys a bit flat to make it perfect in my personal opinion, but keyboard preferences vary GREATLY from person-to-person. As does the definition of perfect. Furthermore, you need awhile to get used to the input of a new device – familiarity and effectiveness are directly correlated. That being said, I was still VERY excited about the Epic 4G having a full QWERTY and it brings a great option to Sprint customers who like typing on hardware rather than software.

Fun fact: it has a dedicated smiley face hardware button!


Also of note is the car racing game Asphalt which comes prepackaged on the Epic 4G. The graphics were pretty stunning – especially on the Super AMOLED – and Kevin got behind the wheel to school computer guys in a little thing called “speed”:

Dusted by computer guys.

Part of Asphalt 5’s awesomeness is purely due to the stunning screen of ALL the Galaxy S devices – not just the Epic 4G in particular. We wanted to give you a demonstration of just how awesome the video is and that is exactly what we tried to do using a sample clip pre-installed on the phone. Remember, however, that there is limited video recording quality which gets dilluted when rendered for YouTube and then dilluted again when uploaded to YouTube. So watch this YouTube in the highest quality possible if you want the best idea…

but you really have to see it for yourself….

At the end of the last video Kevin mentions video out; none of the American Galaxy phones have HDMI video out but instead a protocol called (protocolled?) DLNA. You need DLNA compliant hardware in order to use the wireless video out technology and its becoming more popular. Wikipedia tells us that 26 big tech companies currently promote the standard and if you’d like to learn more, visit dlna.org where they talk about DLNA compliant devices such as TVs, DVRs, phones, laptops, printers and more.

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