Shipped-ROMs Reaches Terms with HTC


coin_20flipGo ahead, modder community, let out that big sigh of relief. HTC won’t be shutting down Coinflipper and his merry crew of hackers over at Shipped-ROMs after all. Due to the cooperation of the site, HTC is extending the date on their cease and desist order and working with Coinflipper to identify exactly which software images need to go.

The problem lies in not Shipped-ROMs hosting HTC’s files, but rather hosting files that were co-developed with carriers. HTC is saying their own ROMs are fair game and that only the carrier specific varieties need to go. It will still cut down on the number of images available, but it won’t be the deafening blow everyone feared.

Coinflipper is even going so far as to inquire about becoming a legitimate licensed partner with HTC so he can go about distributing his goods free of any legal threats. The handset manufacturer didn’t say it would happen, but they didn’t count it out either.

[via XDA-Developers]

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  1. Sweet, good job HTC.

  2. HTC FTW! Now that’s good PR!

  3. His name is conflipper. I’m sure he would like it, if you spelled his name correctly.

  4. But they drew a picture now and everything! No, no, this won’t do; conflipper will have to change his name.

  5. Not to spoil your fun kids, but this means the EVO rom is a no-go for shipped-roms.
    It has some specific features put there by sprint to support 4G

  6. Every time this story comes up his name is always spelled wrong. idk but it really bothers me, that, they can’t get it right. Even tho it is right there in the link to xda. Also that pic sucks.

  7. Ahem, CONFLIPPER.

  8. They designed a logo based off an incorrect s/n. Ha Ha. Can’t call it a typo can they?

  9. WOW! Just….wow! The difference between HTC and Samsung just became ultra-clear to me. I’m a big believer in being loyal to corporations that treat customers as people. I left Palm because of the way they treated us Treo 650 / 700p customers, I’m leaving Apple/AT&T because of the way that they’ve treated me, and I’ve been hesitant to purchase a Galaxy S because of the way that Samsung has treated customers. But if this is the way that HTC is treating customers and modders, then I have to say that I will definitely purchase an Android HTC phone, even though I doubt I’ll ever mod it.

    Congratulations, HTC! You’ve just made yourself a loyal customer, who is happy to recommend your products to his family, friends, acquaintences, etc!

  10. Could have been worse, could have been cornflipper.

  11. i understan why they have to do that. good job htc, now if u could only fix the calendar in my incredible….

  12. christ yyou would think as many articles as youve written about him you could get his damn name right:


  13. At least they didn’t write Crapflusher, Cowtipper, or Cankicker. XD

    Seriously though, you’d think they’d have his name right by now…

  14. what makes it worse is the picture based on a mispelling of the guys name lol, come on phandroid get you sh!t together haha!

  15. Mr. Krause didn’t learn from his last article… conflipper.

  16. Has anyone mentioned his name is…

    screw it.

  17. Kudos HTC!

  18. So you’ll have to replace the coin in the pic with a convict in black and white stripes;)

  19. the name is conflipper

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