Jun 30th, 2010 publishUpdated   Jan 16th, 2015, 2:01 pm

OK, so you have been wanting to dive deeper into your device, gain root access, maybe install a new ROM, slide a few apps over to your SD card, and fidget with some other things…no big deal. But what’s that? You’re not quite confident in your ability to root your HTC EVO 4G without bricking it to go through with the hack? What if I told you that you could drill right down to root in only three simple clicks?


If you are ready to go through with it, head over to this thread at XDA-Developers first to get the necessary goods, soak in that info, then hurry back. Install the program onto a Windows computer (sorry Mac brethren), and then limber up that pointer finger. Click one: open up root access. Click two: unlock Nand. Click three: Flash Recovery. And you’re done. That wasn’t so painful was it?

If you’re new to root you may want to head over to our Android Forums section dedicated to the topic to further expand your knowledge and understanding of just what exactly it does. We really don’t want you doing some serious pain to that nice new EVO, after all.

[UPDATE]: If you performed the recent OTA update provided through Sprint you won’t be able to use this tool to root your phone. I suspect it won’t take the guys behind it long to fix that, though.

[via Androinica]

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