Sprint Says “Let’s Try This Again” Regarding EVO 4G OTA


Many a Sprint customer woke up to an unfortunate side effect to Sprint and HTC’s fixes this morning for the HTC EVO 4G: it actually broke some phones instead of fixing them. The update itself wasn’t directly responsible for the bricking of devices, but rather the update was being pushed to users twice (in err) and the double application didn’t bode too well for the state of their phone.


For those 4.3-inch paperweight toting Android users, I say sorry: nothing is going to bring your phone back from the dead. Try to get lucky with a replacement unit from Sprint or HTC, if you want, but this thing is about as hard to find as “the island” from “Lost” right now. HTC’s currently scrambling on a solution for you fallen soldiers.

For those already updated and their device is working fine? You’re good as the update is applied as it should be. Finally, for those that didn’t pull the trigger at all? Go ahead and try it, as HTC’s thrown the OTA back up into the cloud and they’re confident the problems should be squared away.

[via Android Central]

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  1. that really sucks for the people thats phones are bricked. They are soo hard to get here in AZ

  2. Thats everywhere dude, what really sucks now tho is there is gonna be double the people looking for Evo’s. Those that did have problems with the update looking for replacements and also those folks that are still waiting to experience a taste of 4G for the first time. Hopefully the Samsung Epic will satisfy some hunger for the tasty 4G goodness.

  3. I got mine at Best Buy!! Quite Simple Actually!!

  4. ya. preorder your phone and your guaranteed to get one when they come in.
    It’s a crazzy idea!!!

  5. The update sure helped my battery life

  6. Alright… i’m jumping in now.

  7. Downloaded now installing… *crosses fingers*

  8. Patiently waiting on the 4G screen..

  9. Total success. :)Thanks phandroid for keeping me up to date!

  10. The update also helped my Battery life too. Weird.

  11. Why did this have to happen now and not next week!?!?! I can finally get this phone on Thursday (when i can upgrade) and this crap happens

  12. I downloaded it but then after it finished it prompted Nero do it again so I cancelled the process … a little gun shy as I thought we should no longer get a second prompt ????

  13. Successful update on 2 Evo’s!
    1) Mine yesterday morning by a manual check, without a secondary prompt to update.
    2) Tonight per the go ahead above, on wifey’s Evo. Again by manual check for update.

    Thanks for the heads up Phandroid!

    I really do feel for those that got bricked on this. Hang in there y’all. We wouldn’t trade our Evo’s for 10 iAnythings.

  14. I’m scared to even try it. Evo works pretty well as is. Not sure if very slight bug fixes are worth possibly bricking my evo.

  15. MonkeyCheese I was going to upgrade on Thursday also but I upgraded on Sunday you can upgrade it now if you like and I just downloaded the new update and it went good.

  16. Success! Hope this update stops the phone from random shut down and restarts!
    Sorry to all those with bricks-Sprint has always been great with replacements…if they have the phone!
    G’nite all!

  17. Iphone 4 vs. HTC Evo

  18. Just updated and… where’s my home screen? I was using the Android stock launcher, and now Sense UI is back and empty. I went into the settings to clear the “launch by default” for HTC Sense, but it’s grayed out because it’s NOT set to launch by default. Any ideas how to get the stock Android launcher back?

  19. I own a G1, Droid, Hero and EVO, and the best advice I can offer when it comes to updates is “be patient and let the update do it’s thing”. Don’t interrupt it. If it looks like it’s not doing anything, let it be. Just wait until your old familiar home screen or lock screen comes back up. For the EVO update I just successfully applied, it even gives you a “Congratulations…” message on the home screen to let you know the update was successful. So have patience and all should be well.


  20. i got an ota prompt this afternoon, the ota update took what seemed like an eternity with the screen stuck on the 4G intro but after all fine and good.

  21. before doing updates always make sure to use default launcher as this create problems just like when i upgraded to FRF50 I was on helix launcher and had to erase all data because helix kept on FC and cant do a thing with my phone, lesson learned on my part good luck guys

    N1 FRF85B

  22. I’m just updating my phone now. But just to let everyone know, I’ve always had problems with my battery until 3 days ago when it lasted more than 12 hrs of continuous use. I hope it lasts longer now that the update is being applied as people are claiming.

    So excited!

  23. Idle battery life seems improved so far… Wi-fi is a tab bit stronger (hits 2 bars insted of 1 in my usual browsing areas).. and the phone does seem a bit quicker but i’m sure thats just because of the fresh re-boot.

  24. I just did the upgrade and I thought the phone had bricked when it rebooted but it just took longer than normal. Just be patient and the upgrade will work.

  25. hey guys, I have problem here after the update, the navigator seems not working properly at all. it keep loading forever with saying data lost… is there any solution for that?

  26. @ega278 Same problem with me. I went just now to switch it, and it’s gone. Tried manually, and through Home Launcher. Nada.

  27. I did a full factory reset because Google Maps wasn’t loading, and Google Navigator wasn’t loading either and I wanted to get my beloved stock Android launcher back. After the reset Google Maps and Google navigator is working again, but it seems the stock Android launcher has been blocked from being used. Also, my phone locked up twice requiring me to pull the battery out to reset it. It’s never done that until after the update.

    I don’t know what’s going on with my particular phone, but I’ve about had enough because this is already my second one. My first one had 2 very noticeable dents in the ear speaker screen, had failing adhesive at the bottom of the glass and when shut off, it would not restart unless the battery was removed and put back in. Now this one has a dead pixel and something is wrong with the accelerator. When demo’ing the “Teeter” game, the ball won’t move smooth as butter like my other phone, but instead jitters and skips around.

    I’m still within my 30 days, I think I’m taking my EVO back and waiting for the Sammy Epic. I’m thinking it shouldn’t be too long of a wait. 3-4 weeks hopefully?

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