All Galaxy S Smartphones to Get Android 2.2


Even with Samsung’s track record on some of their other devices, we expected Android 2.2 would be a big part in the future of the Galaxy S. The fact that they’re launching this thing in every nook and every corner imaginable to this Earth should be a big enough hint to assume they wouldn’t leave this device out in the cold when it comes to support.


They only offered “later this year” as a timeframe, but Sprint claims the wait for their version – the Samsung Epic 4G – won’t be long. Pretty assuring if you were enticed by the phone’s physical QWERTY keyboard, front-facing camera (something the other carriers suspiciously lack) and don’t mind TouchWiz.

[Samsung Twitter via Engadget]

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  2. Yeah yeah thats what they said last time just like in this video:


    Wait but this is different because it is a better phone than that one because that wasn’t the best Samsung phone when it came out :)

  3. The iPhonish samsung phones, they look great but Im goin with DROID X

  4. I don’t think it would be too hard to update TouchWiz 3.0 to 2.2. Many FroYo Nexus users are using that (dreadful) TouchWiz 3.0 launcher.

    Droid X v. Galaxy S is going to be an interesting debate this summer. Both have super-powerful processors (and GPUs), big screens, good cameras. Galaxy S on 105+ carriers in many countries while Droid X on 1 carrier in 1 country (I hope they release GSM versions). Droid X looks better imo. And Motorola has promised 2.2 late this summer.

  5. I think the ATT variant is actually the best looking of the bunch

  6. Samsung have said the qwerty model is USA only

  7. Me too DROID X all the way !!!

  8. Good step in dealing with fragmentation issues. Seems like about everything will be 2.2 in a month or two.

  9. the ATT and the Sprint ones are the best looking ones

  10. I really don’t know why they would use the phrase “later this year”. Later this summer would have meant August, but later this year could easily mean users won’t see Froyo ’til Q4. If that’s the case, people are gonna be slightly frustrated since Gingerbread will be just around the corner. Honestly, if they wouldn’t even give a date for the Fascinate, that means probably not until August, and you mean to tell me Samsung can’t get Froyo on at launch? They really need to ditch TouchWiz, it sucks anyway.

  11. …and I meant they wouldn’t even give a date for the Fascinate launch.

  12. And just because Samsung says they will get 2.2 out does not mean all carriers will get it out. Look at what happened just 2 weeks ago with Palm OS an update to all carriers except AT&T.

  13. Love the look of att version… you know that jobs probably thought the S looked too iphonie and the new design turns out looking the best… iPhone must be feeling attacked on all sides.

  14. Uh why can’t Verizon get a front facing camera and more memory then no doubt I would leave my Droid Incredible for the Fascinate

  15. I’m getting the Galaxy S tomorrow. I just received the tracking number. I look forward to it’s superior camcorder capabilities.

  16. I got burnt with the Samsung Moment, Airplane Mode issues, I don’t trust them. They’ve never fixed that problem. That poor phone will never even see Froyo.
    I’m loving my EVO!!

  17. By the time you have been able to see if Samsung will support and update these devices, something better will come along and will have dual core processing power, etc. I’ll just wait and enjoy Froyo on my N1 until then.

  18. I will still get the Droid X. Samsung does not have a good track record in supporting it’s Android phones (Behold II). Also the Bing search and Bing maps on the Fascinate are another minus.

  19. Every phone has its issue, but you’ve got to admit, Samsung’s AMOLED screen is the best out there…and the new Samsung, whenever it gets here, has improved on it. Should be awesome…

  20. DROID X is good and better phone. it is slim sleek and the design is too good. the scren size is an another good thing which i like. GALAXY S isnt the best smartphone. it does not have 8mp cam. it is not loaded with some of the interesting apps that verizon has loaded on the DROID X

  21. Expect this to be the last update to those phones. Assuming they’ve gotten their head out of their ass and don’t backpedal on this promise like they’ve done before.

    There hasn’t been a single Samsung phone released that has gotten more than one begrudging Android OS update (and a few have never had updates).

    And all you rooters/rom hackers? Well I don’t have to spell out what a nightmare it is to get creative with Samsung phones.

  22. all i have to say is that we were promised :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rksSeDkZ7Mc for the behold II and we are still waiting .

  23. I love the fact that Sprint got the slider version to add to their arsenal of android phones. That and the Evo and their awesome plans are great combos!

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