Here’s What the Samsung Fascinate Looks Like


It was only yesterday that we saw Verizon and Samsung announce the Samsung Fascinate – Big Red’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S – but we hadn’t gotten an image of that particular device straight away. Samsung’s event kicked off not too long ago, however, and it’s ready to make its red carpet debut: it looks like a Samsung Captivate… and a Samsung Vibrant.


To clarify, this version of the phone was not announced to have a front-facing camera, and from what bloggers around the sphere are echoing, their close-up fondling of the phone didn’t appear to say otherwise.

[via Android Community]

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  1. Nice, but still prefer the Vibrant.

  2. whats the link to the live conference???????? i getting piss off>lol

  3. Nice, second best looking galaxy s. Gotta give it to the captivate on the looks department . This one will be the one packing an led flash

  4. Looks like a CDMA Vibrant to me.

  5. I think the Captivate is the ugliest of the bunch. I think the Vibrant and Fascinate look the best, not sure which one I prefer looks wise. I’ll be getting the Fascinate though.

  6. I wonder if they’ll call it the Droid Fascinate since they don’t have a non-droid named android phone yet

  7. It kind of look likes the Vibrant cousin. I would like the Vibrant cos I have TMO. The out of the bunch its the Vibrant. Fascinate. Epic. then the Captivate.

  8. @Dan the LG Ally is offended by that comment.

  9. Looks or not, Epic is the one with Front Face Cam. I’m not sure why people are trying to downplay it, but whatever.

  10. What about the Devour? I think thats what its called, the fugly silver one that Megan Fox pretended to know how to use in the Super Bowl commercial?

  11. Low internal memory but does have a camera flash.

    I think based on specs, Epic is the best one. Has the camera flash, I think decent internal memory, the front camera and a qwerty (tho the last 2 don’t matter to me much).

  12. Epic has a front facing camera and a notification LED.. also a flash iirc, not to mention the qwerty. It is epic compared to the rest.

  13. all these Samsung phones are ugly.. my opinion…

  14. What’s up with the name though??? Fascinate?

    “Hey guys I’ve got the Fascinate!!”

    Is it just me? …

  15. First we have the HTC Incredible, then the Samsung Fascinate, what’s next, the LG Outrageous?

  16. The only name I care about is the one that says Samsung , Thats a deal breaker every single time for me

  17. I wonder which phone this or the droid x will be faster. Im a speed guy. From what Ive seen and heard the droid x is the fastest android phone to date. And theres bound to be more support for it than the Samsung Fascinate………..Im leaning toward the Droid X.

  18. Does this mean a cell phone is finally good to video chat? If not this one, which one, it’s gotta be soon, they do every thing else been looking for reason to put laptop away forever

  19. @prpqmnj

    Ironically, “epic” is already taken. Seriously, what’s next?

  20. Hmmm, I think it’s too bad there is no optical trackball or pad to assist with navigating the cursor to points too small for one’s finger. My N1’s trackball is a real help in this regard.

    I still think that if TMO is getting a dual processor phone w/ 4.3″ screen and real keyboard later in the year, it is better to wait, and wait I will.

  21. dual core processor that is….

  22. Samsung Fascinate have LED flash!


  23. @RayMatthew, Vibrant, Fascinate, Epic, Captivate of the four element Air – Fire – Water – Earth..

    Vibrant- Air

    Please correct me if I am wrong?

  24. Upgrade the cam to 8MP and I would be sold. I think I’m going with Droid X over Fascinate.

  25. Fascinate “to arouse interest of”. Increible “unbelievable, amazing”. I have the Increible and it is just that.

  26. I love my fascinate!!! Best phone ever! It has a better screen quality than droid x and its faster!!!! I wouldnt x change it for the world well mabey a Samsung Tablet!!! ( just a larger version of the Fascinate)

  27. Does anyone know what the things that look like a cam, or led are on the face of the fascinate next to the ear piece? cant find what that is anywhere, and if it does not have a led, or front facing cam, what is it?

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