Samsung Galaxy S Now on Virgin Mobile, Free with £30 Tariff


The Samsung Galaxy S continues to spread across Europe on its path to world domination, now out on Virgin Mobile at no up front cost with a £30 per month tariff. And that really isn’t a bad deal considering you’ll get 800 minutes of talk, unlimited texts, and unlimited (1GB) web access. Did we mention the Galaxy S gets subsidized to a cost of free?


And if that doesn’t fit your fancy there are other options as well, including dropping your monthly tariff by £5 all the way down to £25 and getting to shovel out £200 up front for the phone (we’d stick with the £30 plan, if you want our opinion). Either way European folks may be a tad bit luckier than most in the US, as the carriers in the States all seem to be getting their own exclusive (and in some cases nerfed) versions of the Galaxy S.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. in hooland we can get it free with 25 Euros and 2.95 euros for 3g

  2. Please Sprint don’t strip this phone of all its glory!

  3. That is one seriously awesome deal. $45/mo for what I am assuming is a 2yr contract? FREE Galaxy S in all of its’ full featured, non-nerfed glory? NICE.

  4. This phone is on Virgin Mobile too??? Wow they weren’t kidding when they said it would be on a ton of carriers! Maybe Virgin Mobile is bigger in Europe than in U.S…

  5. @ Spencer, Sprint selects products for the Virgin Mobile USA MNVO to be decent but cannibalizing android sales on Sprint.

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