HTC Android 2.1 “Second Package” OTA Now Headed for Southeast Asia



The HTC Hero update to Android 2.1 is slowly spreading. It started earlier this month in Taiwan and is now available for countries in Southeast Asia. The over-the-air update is being pushed to phones in the two part package that has been seen in other areas. The first preparatory update (firmware version 2.73.728.91, or 2.73.707.91 in Singapore) must be installed before the actual upgrade to Android 2.1 can occur, which will then be followed by a “second package” that will bring the phones firmware version to 2.1.

Those that can expect to see the update notification on their Hero are owners residing in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

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  1. im in the UK and i already got my prep update

  2. Nothing for good ol’ Canada yet though…

  3. @Jay

    This isn’t the 1st pre-update, it’s the 2nd part (i.e. FULL update to 2.1).

  4. Again, India doesn’t see any love.

  5. I’m in the UK and the update came but I cancelled due to low battery. How do I get it again?

  6. 2.1 upgrade available in Hong Kong too. 8)

  7. HTC service informed that the push upgrade would happen on June 25 night in Hong Kong, but I am still waiting on June 27. :-(

  8. i just received the update hours ago in singapore. halfway installing the 1st pack, the phone hanged. i took out the battery and restarted. now i can’t start my phone. any advice?

  9. @sam
    Just go to settings and change the year to 2011 :P
    Dont forget to change back when u have download the update(or some things may not work) :D

  10. anyone from the Philippines who already got their update?

  11. @viktor
    Thanks! I’ll try that, would hate to miss out on the 2.1 party!

  12. I accidentally canceled my update also and cannot find a way to get it back! I tried changing the date and everything but it still wont work. Any other suggestions?

  13. I do not think I have received anything regarding an update for my Hero. What do I do to get this??

  14. @missy and peterh

    Try doing what viktor said, change your year to 2011, and the update should come!

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