Jun 25th, 2010

Going right along with what the rumors were saying regarding Sprint wanting to be the first (presumably non-Nexus) carrier to bring Android 2.2 to the masses, they’ve stated that they’re finalizing the software for the upgrade now and expects to launch it in the near future.


While they didn’t specifically say that the HTC EVO 4G fits inside this “near future” window, I can’t imagine they’ll leave that crowd out of the circle for long. Their wording also indicates that other devices may be getting the upgrade, as well, so Moment and Hero owners could be in for a nice surprise pretty soon.

Let’s not get anyone’s hopes up, though: we all remember what happened the last time Android upgrade rumors started swirling about.

[Update]: The original poster at Sprint’s forums chimed in to clarify that the Moment and Hero will not be getting this update. I guess that clears things up regarding the “in the near future” confusion. Chalk it up to bad wording on their part.

[Sprint via AndroidCentral]

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