Original GSM HTC Hero Gets 2.1 Upgrade in Asia


Once again, there is good news and bad news for some of our HTC Hero owners who’ve been stuck with Android 1.5 for nearly a year now. The good news is that HTC has finally brought the upgrade to Android 2.1 out for the phone. The bad news is that it’s only for the Taiwanese HTC Hero.


HTC is beginning their over the air process to get this update pushed out to all Taiwanese Hero owners. The software version will be dubbed 3.31.751.1 and will be the same Android 2.1 that many are now currently enjoying on other Sense-enabled HTC phones. While there’s no word on an update for other regions yet, this is a good sign that you guys won’t be far behind.

[HTC Taiwan via Engadget]

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  1. C’mon, it’s almost hereeeee!!!

    And by here I mean Europe :D.

  2. Still waiting for some word on the Telus HTC Hero. Sigh.

  3. I am half tempted to just root my Telus Hero instead of waiting

  4. Happy to report mine is working fine.

    Bought it in Taiwan last year.

  5. What is the main reason why not to flash this one ? non english language ? what ? Hardware is different ?

  6. Ugh, this is so frustrating! No update for Telus STILL!

  7. I see this as a good thing. It shows it’s ready and they have rolled it out to 1 market. If in a week or so this shows no issue then they will roll it out to a wider audience. Also gives people time to cook up all the operator variants etc.

  8. Oh, God, I can’t wait any longer!!! How come there isn’t any news about the updgrade in Europe yet??? It can’t take them that long…

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