Get A Free Nexus One For Pre-Ordering Unity Pro


I’m not sure this will fit the bill of a lot of our readers, but any serious developer out there looking to step their “game” up with Android game development can pre-order the Unity Pro SDK and get a free Nexus One. There are a couple of catches, though, as there always are.


Firstly, you must be within the first 500 people to pre-order the SDK. Easy peasy, right? Well, the SDK costs $1,200. If you already have it, you’ll need to pay another $1,500 for the Android Pro add-on, bringing the price up to a steep $2,700. Certainly not a sensible buy for anyone that’s not approaching game development on Android seriously, but if you’re a developer that wants to get started with Android and need a capable device to do so, then you’ll want to jump on this deal.

[Unity via TalkAndroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The price is wrong, it’s $1500 if you have Unity Pro already, $2700 if you need both.

  2. how do i get a free 2.2 android?

  3. Do they still have iPhone support after the policy change? If not, Android can get some attention :)

  4. @Jevon
    To get a free phone, you need to pay $2700.

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