[Update] Android 2.2 Build FRF83 Update Out Now


Not long after Google announced that Android 2.2’s source was being published to their developer site, many Nexus One users (the ones that originally got FRF50 shortly after Google IO) received an OTA update with the build number FRF83. There’s no word yet on what this build changes or does, but we should note that it must be flashed directly over FRF50 or you’ll error out (this makes sense seeing as this one was being pushed to non-Googleplex devices – those devices did not officially receive FRF72).


If you want to try this out for yourself, be sure to download the file here. Revert back to FRF50 just to be on the safe side, and ALWAYS perform a full Nandroid backup before trying risky flashes like this.

[via XDA]

[Update]: Looks like there’s another file floating about that will allow you to flash FRF83 over FRF72. That can be had here.

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  1. will this work on droid?

  2. Upgrade your Nexus One from ANY version to frf83


    Just did it to mine..i was running frf72…no problems installing. The bootscreen took effing forever though.

  3. Shawn- I don’t think so.

  4. So if I’m using frf72 this doesn’t help me?

  5. Are there any pictures or videos of ppl running this build?

  6. Not true. I was on 72 and manually updated to 83 this morning. Here’s how you do it.
    1. Download and copy to SD card. Rename “update.” Here’s link to download.
    2. Turn off phone and hold trackball and power button.
    3. Select “Bootloader” and “Recovery.”
    4. When see log screen press power and volume up buttons and choose “update.zip.”
    Worked for me with no need to revert to 2.1 or FRF50. Enjoy!

  7. will it work on the mytouch. iam waiting for the update

  8. Hello – can you point me to instructions on reverting? I tried using the old Eclair to Froyo update but that didn’t work. Thanks in advance.

  9. So does this update work on the iPhone? C’mon people NEXUS ONE ONLY!

  10. Can anyone running the new OTA version of FRF83 tell me if it removes tethering. I am running developer version of FRF72 and am just worried that any OTA if its the official build stamped and approved by t-mobile will remove tethering.

  11. There is no need to revert to anything.. you can go from frf72 to frf83

  12. When is this thing coming out on stock N1 running 2.1??? I guess Google wants us all to void our warranties – getting itchy here to root but the official OTA to the rest of the world can’t be too far. Let’s go already…tha patient ones always suffer.

  13. Just installed. . . Google Voice is missing from App list, Market thinks it’s installed, can launch from market, can’t add as icon. . .


  14. i am not rooted and running the latest build. it opened the market back for , paid apps are now back. thank you google!

  15. @paul tethering and hotspt are still there.

  16. Google Voice returned after a reboot. . .

  17. I keep getting an error, something with the signature idk…

  18. @brandon AHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! Nice one!
    @Shawn Sure it will work on your Droid download the file and put it on your SD card, thats about all you can do with it…

  19. It looks like the missing protected apps are back on the market for FRF83. That’s probably the most important change with FRF83.

  20. i think ill just wait for the official OTA update

  21. @Samurai – I have not rooted my phone and I got the OTA update this morning… I also updated to 2.2 without rooting as well. I did the 2.2 update manually though. This is the final build so it will go out to all Nexus One phones over time I would think.

  22. None of my battery widgets are now working properly. It looks as if the phone is not charging. Anyone else noticed?

  23. It’s nice to know the Nexus One is on the bleeding edge of these software updates.

  24. I updates my non-rooted t-mobile nexus one to the FRF83. code, and it is working perfectly.

  25. I’m still on ERE27 with my Nexus, when will the official OTA come????

  26. my Nexus one gets all the fun with the updates…i can believe people who criticized this phone

  27. Anybody who upgraded to FR83 have issues with recording video on their N1 now?

  28. @Klas – Went from FRF72 to FRF82 and am noticing the same thing with Battery info. Seems like when it’s plugged into AC it doesn’t report the percentage on the lock screen like it used to. And, while it’s only at 95% it still shows a full charge icon. And, when plugged into charger, no longer showing the charging icon in the task bar.

  29. I’ll take this as good news; I’m waiting for the official Froyo rollout, but these advances are definitely a good indicator that a final, official update is coming soon.

  30. I just tried to install some of the paid apps that I could not see before FRF82 and kept getting “Download Unsuccessful.” Anyone else seen this?

  31. Sigh, everytime i do these, i have to reinstall swype.

  32. Trey – No problem with recording video on N1 with FRF83

  33. i did it and it works fast than before, no root and you dont lose tethering, it still charges, and records video..at lwase for me and i came from frf72

  34. I came from FRF50 to FRF83 and the upgrade went fast and smoothly. I can’t find the official app of ebay from the last build and neither can i find it on this build. No changes noticeable on my side on this two builds so far. Unless there’s stability issues which i’ve yet to discover. I hope WPA wifi mode connects this time.

  35. will the OTA come even on wifi connection? ty

  36. For anyone who had the video camera crashing then rebooting the phone, here is the solution I found.

    I had a EPF21B (non branded, out from Spain), and attempted to go directly to FRF83, the result was the video camera reboot…. so, I installed FRF50, then followed it to the FRF83.

    I can only assume that FRF50 has some firmware for the camera that must be updated.

    Hope this helps anyone who had the same issue

  37. I also got a problem with Google Voice missing from App list. Weird indeed. Reboot and wipe don’t help…

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