Jun 24th, 2010

Skyfire was the source of a lot of ruckus when they released the latest version of their Android browser. The browser enabled users to access Flash video content in a very unique way. Instead of showing the video content embedded on the site, the browser will instead detect any flash video content and start playing it server side, then it proceeds to stream it to your device.

It wasn’t full flash, but it was the closest thing that most users had to getting it. They’ve released version 2.1 of their browser, and they’re boasting speed boosts and even more websites (does over 750,000 sound impressive to you?) added to their already-sizable list. They’ve even gone on record to claim that it will be faster to watch videos using their browser than it will be to watch videos using Adobe’s Flash 10.1 plugin being introduced with Android 2.2.

Unfortunately, some users are still having problems with it. I couldn’t even load up several flash videos from one of their pre-bookmarked sites as buffering always stalls at 25%. Many market commenters are echoing the same woes, so it’s kind of hard for a lot of us to see if Skyfire can truly back their claims up. In any case, go try it out for yourself and see if it works better for you.