Skyfire: Screw Flash 10.1, Just Use Our Latest Browser


Skyfire was the source of a lot of ruckus when they released the latest version of their Android browser. The browser enabled users to access Flash video content in a very unique way. Instead of showing the video content embedded on the site, the browser will instead detect any flash video content and start playing it server side, then it proceeds to stream it to your device.

It wasn’t full flash, but it was the closest thing that most users had to getting it. They’ve released version 2.1 of their browser, and they’re boasting speed boosts and even more websites (does over 750,000 sound impressive to you?) added to their already-sizable list. They’ve even gone on record to claim that it will be faster to watch videos using their browser than it will be to watch videos using Adobe’s Flash 10.1 plugin being introduced with Android 2.2.

Unfortunately, some users are still having problems with it. I couldn’t even load up several flash videos from one of their pre-bookmarked sites as buffering always stalls at 25%. Many market commenters are echoing the same woes, so it’s kind of hard for a lot of us to see if Skyfire can truly back their claims up. In any case, go try it out for yourself and see if it works better for you.

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  1. Your browser used to be amazing on Windows Mobile devices I owned.. then there was Android.. Land of the Skyfire locking up on 25% of just about every video on the web. Garbage! I’ll stick with loading Flash 10.1 on demand with my Froyo tyvm.

  2. I have used mostly dolphin browser and skyfire on ocassion. I did just try to view the video on this article with their video player. I am not impressed! The video wouldn’t load and hung also at the 25% mark. I am all for ambition but this company should try not to mouth off if the experience is not universal. However since the app is still labled as Beta I will give a pass. Will be nice to see how it all shapes up.

  3. just make a better browser. Flash is soooo much more than video and games.

  4. I had to stop using SkyFire browser as it would lock my phone during use and I’d have to pull the battery. Until they come out of beta, I will steer clear.

  5. Unfortunately between 25% video load failures OR completely locking up my phone I am going to have to say no. This is on both Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 so it isn’t version specific.

  6. While I have nothing mobile-wise to compare it to, ESPN highlight videos work on my DROID…they’re choppy, but they work.

  7. Not impressed. Skyfire was nice pre-Flash. Now that I have Flash I’m not going back. I love being able to watch videos while in the browser but not be forced to view them full screen.

  8. I tested it an it worked okay with the few videos on YouTube I tried, although it didn’t seem to offer much more over the generic YouTube app that came with my HTC Desire.

  9. No Hulu support…

  10. I want froyo so I can ditch Skyfire for the app space. Having said that, Skyfire works well on my Droid; I have no compliants at all.

  11. I noticed that my G1 temporarily stalled out at 25% in less than ideal service areas, but then (after not this update, but the previous one) the videos would buffer past 25%, but I had to wait a bit. Sometimes it’ll get to 25% and sit there for one, solid second; other times, it’ll sit there for several seconds. Afterward, however, the videos tend to play just fine.

    Hell, after it starts streaming the video, I can be down to 2 bars on EDGE and still pull smooshy looking video!

  12. i just when on to try but it did not work vidz load stopped at 25%

  13. Skyfire can’t really replace Flash, as it only works for videos.

  14. I must admit, after updating to version 2.1, it has been a lot faster at loading web pages and just overall speed.

  15. Skyfire was great for my old WinMo phone and played flash content quite well. But on the Android it’s just not up to par yet (as evidenced by the comments above) and the lack of personalized bookmarks like their WinMo client is annoying.

  16. Android 2.2 Build FRF83 is excellent for watching tv shows on with the built-in Adobe Flash plug-in on a Nexus One.

  17. For me its not about videos. The stock browser on the Incredible can handle most of what I need. Its more about flash based content on sites, like streaming radio players, or things like that. For that, Skyfire failed.

    I LOVE the stock browser. Quick, and light. Can’t wait for the Froyo version.

  18. Flash is much better

  19. Using aforementioned QR code will pull up in market using Barcode Scanner, but will not install on my Moto Droid running 2.1. Anyone else with the same problem?

  20. Works great on my Droid. I’ve been able to watch videos on YouTube that I couldn’t watch with the YouTube app.

  21. Hulu is the Holy Grail of Flash Support on phones. will flash 10.1 enabled devices running android 2.2 work with hulu?

  22. @Colin

    I believe Hulu is supposed to only be accessible for full fledged computers not mobile devices. So when it checks the Agent info. You can theoretically change that info to trick it into working. But not sure if anyone with a 2.2 build has given that a go yet.

    Sure there will be work arounds when Froyo really gets its unveiling.

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