T-Mobile Drops Hints for Imminent Samsung Vibrant Announcement


T-Mobile has big news and they are dropping clues to help those curious enough to figure out what it is. They even launched a website (www.t-mobileclue.com) with a puzzle teasing their announcement. Now if only the people of the internet weren’t so quick, because the case was cracked much sooner than the countdown timer leading up to the reveal on Monday the 28th of June.

If that date lines up too nicely with the June 29th Samsung event in New York, that’s because it looks like the answer to the puzzle is in fact the Samsung Vibrant, T-Mobile’s variation of the Samsung Galaxy S. Here is the puzzle that was solved to reveal the answer:


Get it? That sort of thing should come as no trouble to anyone who read Highlights as a kid or drinks Natty Boh from bottles on the regular. So there you have it, the Samsung Vibrant.

They also have been dropping clues on the official T-Mobile Twitter, so far the following have been given:

  • Clue 1: Here’s your first clue. What do T-Mobile and the best-selling PC game of all time have in common?
  • Clue 2: It’s super slim but full of muscle
  • Clue 3: Have you guessed our big news? Never miss your favorite TV shows or the score to the big game.
  • Clue 4: We have a surprise tomorrow, but in the meantime…Clue 4: It’s easy to be a bookworm with this library at your fingertips.

Will there be more to the announcement or is the game over almost before it started? Either way we know for sure to get prepared for some Vibrant news heading our way.

[via Android and Me]

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  1. I’m upset that T-Mobile won’t get a legit Galaxy S.

  2. I was eagerly waiting for a good android phone on T-Mobile. When it was first rumored that the SGS will drop in on T-Mobile, I was looking forward to it.
    But now it seems that this version of the SGS will not have a camera flash and neither a front facing camera.
    I wonder what else will be stripped out of it? Now I don’t think I’m looking forward to it anymore. I guess, I’ll either buy the international version from Asia or use my HD2 a little bit longer than I thought I would.

  3. Yeah, same here Bob. I just hope the international Galaxy S price will go down.

  4. WTF is the Samsung Vibeerant?

  5. Well the good news is that the Galaxy S has already been rooted. Assuming that the Galaxy S spin offs that T-Mo, Sprint and AT&T are close to the original and can just as easily be rooted there will be custom ROMs and kernels abound!

  6. Tmobile tmobile tmobile! The only reason I’m still a customer is because the plans a moderately priced.samsung galaxy s was perfectly good phone until tmobile put there 2 sense in it.they should’ve let the phobe be exactly like the way it was intended. We want a ffc.I know someone is going to say its no important for the ffc to be there.I say to that person shut up and go play in traffic with your gimpy phone.I want to have some compareable if not better than the ip4 or the evo. In order to to be mentioned among those phones ya gotta keep the ffc.sprint has terrible prices and customer. But I’m willing to go through that to pay for something I want.damn, until then I’m still STUCK with my g1. Womp womp wooommp! Tmobile let us down again.and before someone says something the phone will probably be real cool just not for me that’s all. I want a ffc.if you don’t that’s ur business but I want one.tmobile just finds a way to always be a 4th rate phone selector. AnOTHER FAIL from Tmobile not suprised. I know I’m not the only one pissed or just put off because it doesn’t have the ffc.I’m not going to buy a phone just for it to be already outdated(hd2 anyone).

  7. Shouldn’t the puzzle be the Uncle Samsung Vibrant?

  8. I was REALLY hoping for the SGS to come to T-Mobile. I said to myself “finally a competitive phone!” Now they give us this crap? No front facing camera? Well then no purchase from me.

  9. A screen that’s a full 1.1″ smaller than the Evo or new Droid? That’s the best TMo can do?

  10. @ coolmandingo

    hey no one is gonna knock you for wanting a FFC, they will however knock you for saying it 500 times in one paragraph.. Dont settle, if thats what you want then do what you got to do.If you want an iphone then instead of going to sprint and paying xtra for 4g (you get close speeds with tmo hspa for free), goto ATT and get what it seems like you really want

  11. boo… im sure verizon will have a better phone in a bout 1 month. big let down. all the new phones will have fcc, but not tmobile. thanks for nothing.

  12. If you look at the screen shots of the AT&T version, it seems to have a FFC on it… Guess T-Mobile didn’t want to offer that feature.

  13. Looks promising. FFC is like the “in” color for the season. Pretty pointless, yet some think it’s a must have. C’mon people how often do you prefer to text someone rather than call them? So what, now you’re going to video call them because you have a ffc? Seriously?

  14. Taking a guess here,
    $350 – without upgrade
    $200 – with upgrade

  15. These guys are so completely out of touch with the android community. How in the world did they choose to take the first leap and flagship android, and then turn around and all but abandon it? This is going to be the first 1ghz android phone t-mobile offers (no, the nexus 1 doesn’t count. T-mobile doesn’t actually offer it) and it’s a water-down? Anybody who is going to be interested in this phone is already going to know that it’s a less impressive version of one that has been around for months in other countries. And for what? What does T-mobile benefit from removing the ffc and switching out the hardware buttons for unreliable haptic crap?

    Come on T-mobile! You’ve got 100% FREE customer feedback right here before a product even launches. Use it.

    If you’re not going to give us what we want, then at least have the decency to stop making such a big deal out of it. First the “Really Exciting Event” that turned out to be a new-family-plans-only waste of time and now this? Why do you hate me?

  16. Sorry to say this guys but tmobile will never come out with a cool phone. I felt the same way as everyone else. The only reason i am still with tmobile is because of there cheap plans! So I sucked it up and bought my Nexus one!! If you sit down and run your numbers in the long run with a 2yr contract you will be spending the same amount as the subsidized price on the N1. So why not get the unlocked phone with google OTA’s and not have to sit around and wait for your stinky carrier to come out with an awesome phone like big red and sprint. It is sad to see that tmobile is the only carrier that has a bunch of idiots working in the marketing department and another bunch of idiots that dont know jack about top notch phones! Instead they are getting the same stupid ancient phones for parents or kids like the Samsung Gravity® 3 and Samsung Gravity® T — and the Samsung :)™ (Smiley).

    So if your planning on staying with tmobile i would just recommend for you to leave them now if you can or suck it up and get a subsidized phone because everyone knows they will never offer a better phone than any of the other carriers.

  17. @bigmerf… my bad… lol. I was trying to cover all my bases. Because some of these tmobile fanboys always have something negative or stupid to say.at the same time I want tmobile to know if their reading this that we hate when they make changes to great phones.this one will be short. I don’t want to leave tmobile but come on. They (tmobile)know the landscape and what’s up in coming with the other carriers too.what they thought we wouldn’t those same features?

  18. T-Mobile make me rage. I can’t believe they’re behind everyone else.

  19. I agree with everyone. I know what Android can do on a crappy hardware compared to today’s (G1 comes to my mind) and it works great. So when I find a new Android phone, it’s basically all about the hardware and the SGS was great. Now, with the Droid X (and accessories that I will definitely use being announced) being announced today, I’m just thinking about moving to Verizon. Hopefully, next week’s press conference will change my mind again.

  20. Wowwwww, you guys are idiots

  21. I’m sad to see T-mobile playing catchup with their phones. I may just settle down to buy a Nexus One in waiting for the Nexus Two. Ebay is such a nice selling place.

  22. ffc video chat only makes sense if the carrier is there for it. With the iphone/AT&T…sorry, only wifi. Sprint/Evo? ok it is also on 3G but qik got taken down pretty fast. So until video calling is reliable and universal, it’s just a gee whiz feature.

  23. None of you have any clue what you are talking about. The Samsung Galaxy S has the most unbelievable screen of ANY smartphone on the market (and every UPCOMING phone save the iphone, and even that is debatable). That is a big deal. Ask anyone who has been able to use one – every other phone feels like a washed out piece of junk. The specs are also fantastic (hummingbird > snapdragon). And the international versions DO NOT have a front facing camera (wow, you all know nothing). I am THRILLED T-Mobile is getting this…it is the phone I have been waiting for.

  24. I don’t see why people are getting so upset over nothing. FIRST OFF, you have NO IDEA if the Vibrant will have a FFC, you’re just speculating based on a picture that may or may not even be the device and what other morons are blabbering about in blog comments. It may very well not have a FFC when it comes to market but right now, you have no idea.

    (besides that, if this actually is the device I see the FFC in the same place as the Galaxy S has it’s FFC).

    Secondly, when are you going to use it? Almost no one has a FFC today and the majority of those that will have it soon – iPhone 4 users – will not be able to video conference with Android users anyways as they are limited to iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 video conferencing.

    I’m of the opinion that the Vibrant will indeed have the FFC but even if it doesn’t, it’s really no big deal. Makes me wonder how you all possibly survived without a front facing camera all these years until now.

  25. i was all ready to buy this until they dropped the front facing cam… idiots.. why are they all idiots.. stupid freaking idiots

  26. TMOBILE needs 2 do right by us and make sure THEY get the FREAKIN SAMSUNG BEAM with a PROJECTOR built INSIDE and a SUPER AMOLED 3.7″ displayy!!!! WHOSE WIT ME!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  27. @Moi What are you talking about a 1.1″ smaller screen then the Evo and Droid X? THe Droid X and Evo both have a 4.3″ screen versus the Samsung “Vibrant” having a 4.0″ screen.

  28. Two months ago no one gave a damn about front facing cameras, suddenly you can’t live without it?

    By the way, you all say “I only stay with T-Mobile for the cheap plans” and then “Why don’t they ever get any great phones?!?” without acknowledging the connection. T-Mobile has cheap plans by not paying for high-end exclusives. They also don’t have the kind of market share to draw in exclusives.

    People wanted a large, touch-screen Android handset with a fast processor. Well, this is it.

  29. I came to t-mobile for the g1 and I will stay because its so cheap. I guess that’s why they can’t afford to hire people who know about the smartphone market. I love the n1 and with it I’ve been able to transform my devastation from their constant idiotic decisions into a sort of admiration for their dedication to failure. I used to be pissed, at this point I’m just interested in seeing how they will further ruin their Android fan base and their business generally in the united states, its genuinely entertaining since I do have a great phone (no thanks to tmo of course). The people in their stores think the slide is bleeding edge. It’s just a comical excuse for an attempt atprofitable decision making. Tmobiles smartphone “strategy” is utterly baffling. They don’t deserve success

  30. Man someone call the wambulance. Tmobile is still a growing company with the best customer service in the industry. But its a phone! Chill, your gonna switch to sprint for two years then tmo will come out with a great phone, and then your gonna cry again and hate your life because of a PHONE…again. so chill

  31. I could care less about flash or a front facing camera. The flash usually ruins the shot, overexposing it, and I won’t do video chat. I think the real issue here is will this device be supported…or just ignored as sammy moves on to something new?

    I want to see TMO get a high end Android device with a real keyboard. The my touch isn’t it. It’s a cheap looking toy.

    My N1 has froyo update now and that, with it’s rugged sleek build, puts the sammy to shame. I do like the idea of way more internal memory, but as it is, my N1 is amazing. TMO needs to get a high end Moto droid2 or something similar.

  32. Just like a few people said above,iguess I will be buying an unlocked phone from xpansys.com. damn real we want the in thing.us g1 ‘ers have long suffered for a better HTC phone SOLD BT TMOBILE or a phone worth talking about.if another phone carrier has something new innovative why shouldn’t we have it also.I knew that fathers thing was going to be failure because one of my friends that works at tmobile told me about the whole family plan gimmick.that was a huge slap in the face. I have no faith in tmobile.my contract is over and I’m pissed that I have to leave a company I’ve been with for going 8 years because of their lack of ingenuiety.yeah they were the first out the block with android but they haven’t done anything worth mentioning since then.tmobile has to understand that the g1’ers are the people that made android cool.so why no reward us with something cool. Damn real I want my ffc!if they got it I want it POINT BLANK.

  33. I laugh at the people wanting a FFC camera I honestly do. Our society has gone from people wanting to text each other rather then talk on the phone. People are not going to want to look at each other while talking. Video chats sounds cool but it’s just not something that works in the real world for most situations.

  34. I would keep this phone for 2 feaking years. (other carriers let you update at 1) I need a phone that will be less ancient in 2 years. I want FFC.

    My kids skype with their grandparents all the time. Wouldn’t it be great to skype for a soccer game or from the zoo when they are all excited to share with Nana and Papa?

  35. you guys are lucky in the states here in PR we got edge and only that with tmobile there plans are good the service is well i havent had to use it but reception sucks and no 3g man i cant live with internet so slow. they have been saying 3g is comming since sept. of last year and still nothing. i had no problem with att before just that price was up so i changed but i want to go back or at least have 3g to be able to talk and search the web. ffc well it would be nice but not that important. i think tmobile dont care about what we think they just care about the money and that is it.

  36. It’s not the fact of actually using the FCC, it’s the fact of it being there so we don’t have Apple lovers bashing on us.

  37. The AT&T version called the Captivate, does not have the front facing camera. According to some people who posted on the AT&T forum, all the other versions of the Galaxy S sold in the US IS supposed to have the camera. Perhaps that pic is a bad photoshop job …..

  38. Many of you who need the FFC are secret iphone lovers… get one! And stop annoying the rest of us.

  39. tmobilecustomer..shut your corny ass up. the evo technically had it first so did the galaxy s. i just got word that the SAMSUNG VIBRANT WILL NOT HAVE A FFC! I dont know bout yall but im gone!!TMOBILE YET again EFFED up a erfectly good phone. SMh

  40. Thanks JSMoney for setting these clueless people straight. coolMandigo you are a whiney little girl, SHUT UP! You woudnt know a good phone if it hit you in the face. No ffc, waa waaa waaaa, wow you are pathetic. Can’t wait for the Vibrant!!!

  41. @cooMANDINGO what occupation could you possible have that makes this ffc so important to you? Or are you just another retard that needs something to show off that is of no real use to you?

  42. @cool-lessmanDUMBO-tired of seeing your silly TMO bashing, Android-hating posts on every article. We get it. You’re out of contract, then leave. WinMo is waiting for you..Do you believe that anyone really cares about your gripes? Post something positive-do you think we are stupid & uninformed? Dude, we’re reading the same updates as you. What you quote isn’t new-move on, buddy so we can read real feedback-not the garbage you continually post, since you obviously, cannot truly foresee what TMO potentially, has to bring to their table. Jump ship & whine on some OTHER site, 4 months from now when whatever phone you’ve chosen is outdated, as well. Every quarter is any carrier’s game, depending on their lineup. Big hint: there will likely be a better phone within 4 months of the last greatest phone. It’s not cost effective to not move forward or to continue to read your crap. You bring nothing to this conversation-Move on. Overit.

  43. Right now, the FFC is sort of like USB was when it first came out: a bunch of devices with these cool-looking slots that no one could really use. Of course now (many years later), USB has become indispensable – and I am sure that the FFC will be the same – in a couple of years (maybe).

    I also think that many people who have gotten used to the anonymity of text messaging will find it difficult to deal with the whole video chat thing. Not to mention those of us who would then have to put on makeup for an hour or three before making any calls.

    FFC use, imho, will most probably benefit the porn industry if you really think about it. Maybe I should go out and buy a bunch of xxxifacechat.com-type url’s. hmmm…

    Anyway, the most likely reason TMo didn’t inlude a FFC (assuming they even had a choice) was a bandwidth issue. That is why ATT started putting limitations on their data plans to prevent their systems from being overloaded by 600,000 new iPhone 4 users trying out their new Gee Whiz device.

    For now, as suprising as it seems, I can live without a FFC. Really, I can.

  44. Although it’s been said before, I just want to say it again cause I have no one else to say it to…WTF T-mobile? I wouldn’t be so mad about the flop of this phone if every other carrier got a watered down version. It was released today that Verizon is getting the SGS or the Fascinate, and it’s got ffc, & flash. The whole reason I was excited for this phone was due to the fact that T-Mobile has been releasing nothing but sub-par trash. I can’t get the nexus one via upgrade and lets face it I’m not dropping $500 on it. That’s the only phone worth buying on your network for those who don’t want a BB or WM phone. I’m just really let down by this, I’ve been on my G1 for three 2+ years, a customer since VoiceStream and I feel like this is the last time I’m going to be let down by you all. So to wrap it up, thanks for providing us with the most basic flavor of the SGS, only real feature is the super amoled screen and 720p video, which I’d trade for a flash any day of the week. I will most likely be switching to a carrier that actually caters to their customers needs and produces competitive products.

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