[Update] Droid X Car Dock, Accessories Revealed


Coming straight from the Droid X unveiling today in New York we have our first look at the Droid X car dock and a few other accessories that will be available for the phone. It’s getting the standard treatment with scratch guards, a multimedia cradle, and charging options. There is even an answer to the EVO 4G’s kickstand in a snap-on case that features it’s own flip-out stand priced at $24.99. And if you’re the type who likes to bling out your phone, Verizon is offering NFL-flavored skins for the Droid X for the tune of $9.99.


The car dock is a reasonably priced $39.99 and will auto-trigger a new driver dashboard UI that we are guessing is a MotoBlur element rather than the vanilla Car Home application. The multimedia cradle is priced at $9.99, and it isn’t clear if it will also act as an HDMI cradle, although an HDMI cable will be available for $24.99.

[Update]: Some cases and an HDMI dock have also been added to that list.  You can get the silicon cases (purple, red, blue, and black) for $19.99 each, while the HDMI dock will run you a cool $49.99.



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  1. Go kick someone and find out when we can preorder this bastard!!! :)

  2. Now that is a sweet looking dock! I have to say I’m very disappointed by the lack of accessories for my Droid Incredible.

  3. This is one area that Apple tends to be more attractive in. Accessories. The standards they employ have kept the majority of accessories compatible across generations of iPods and on into the iPhone. I guess purchasing new accessories is a small price to pay for standard USB cable, standard video output, removable battery, and expandable memory. Still, it would be nice if all “with Google” devices had to adhere to some hardware standards.

  4. Kevin, your image is broken. Maybe a bad link?

  5. accessories are always a bit pricey from verizon, but at least they’re well build (seriously, that droid car dock was made of some incredibly tough plastic)

    the doid x is shaping up to be more of a successor than the droid 2.

  6. so does this car dock charge the phone? it doesn’t look like it would, i’m assuming the plug goes on the bottom

  7. I wonder what kind of capacity you would get out of a battery even if it made the entire profile as thick as the hump. It seems it’d still be thinner than the evo and have tons of energy.

    I’m wondering if the token Otterbox cases for the X will push it over my personal size limit.

  8. @Zer0-9
    the difficulty with standards, especially in terms of form factor, is that it limits hardware advancements.

    if a new phone had to be wide to fit in a standard car dock, that’s an undue restriction on hardware designers.

    i’d much rather just get one device and roll with it for two years than constantly upgrade and have the convenience of cross-generation accessories.

  9. charging port is on the side.. yeah that’s a good design for docks. i wish the htc desire had this

  10. Ken-DC, I could not agree more. I love my DI but the lack of accessories kills the buzz for me a bit. Seems a bit odd that nothing like a TRUE car dock or charging cradle has been produced. Come on guys, these are the accessories we need!

  11. I imagine Seidio will come out with a great line of accessories for it. For the motorola droid, I have their car dock (true dock, it charges it), multimedia/charging dock, surface case and belt holster. Additionally all of these accessories work with their extended double battery that they sell too. It was all a bit pricey, but worth the money.

  12. I want to know more about the multimedia cradle. It says it takes a standard HDMI cable. If it interfaces to the DroidX through the mini-HDMI port, that’s one thing, but if it interfaces through something else that the Droid2 also has, they might have a similar multimedia cradle for the Droid2 that gives it HDMI capabilities.

  13. What the hell? The dock is already of for the X, and I’m still waiting on the Droid Incredible dock…

    Is Verizon allergic to money?

  14. Ooh looks like the car dock might solve my #1 gripe with the original Droid’s… The dock covers up the camera! There have been a few times where I wish I could reach up and snap a pic or quick video of something, but the phone is in the dock.

  15. +1 on the dinc accessories. c’mon verizon/ htc lets get these things out to us.

  16. Re: Pre-ordering. You can pre-order it at Best Buy right now. I did today.

  17. I bought this dock for my Droid X, worked great without a case. Once you put a case on the Droid it no longer fits correctly, even when removing the extra piece they suggested. The USB port that hooks to the power bends if you force the phone in the holder.

    My suggestion if you by this do not put a case on your phone or when you are forcing the phone into the cradle you might damage your USB port on the phone.

    I hope they fix this soon.

  18. I agree with Dissatisfied. It didn’t even dawn on me when I bought this sleek looking Motorola Droid X Home Docking Station that I couldn’t charge my phone with the case still on it.

    The Docking Station works beautifully withOUT a case on the phone but who wants to keep taking their case on and off just to dock it for charging?

  19. Same car dock issue here – I’ve got the slimmest case Verizon had for my X (shell/holster combo), and even with the insert removed the phone still won’t connect to the point where it will charge.

    What pi**-poor planning/engineering … if I want to use the dock, I’ve got to remove the shell from the phone every time … how convenient :-(

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