Droid X Vs. EVO 4G: Battle of the Wi-Fi Hotspots


The Motorola Droid X lends itself to some pretty easy comparisons the HTC EVO 4G, and why not? The two devices easily class each other on most aspects (most obviously size), and the one that comes out on top boils down to personal preference. But one point that is sure to be discussed is the comparison between not only the Droid X and EVO’s Wi-Fi hotspot functionality, but also the data plans being served up by Verizon and Sprint to accommodate these devices.


Let’s look at the numbers. The Droid X can act as a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to five devices. Verizon is charging an additional fee of $20 per month to use the service and bandwidth is allotted at 2GB per month. Go over your 2GB and you’ll get charged five cents for every megabyte used. The EVO 4G can provide wireless access for up to eight device, with Sprint setting the price at $29.99 for use of unlimited data by way of the extra $10 premium data surcharge taxed to EVO owners.


On the surface, the Droid X hotspot comes at a slightly lower price, but at a downgrade on the number of devices powered. Verizon’s contracts also tend to fall on the pricier side overall compared to Sprint’s. You also lack access to the 4G coverage provided by the EVO, which gives Sprint’s device a zippier connection compared to the 3G offered by Verizon on the Droid X. At this point, the lack of 4G coverage in most areas may make this point moot, but on the same token the Droid X is in no way future-proofed for when Verizon starts rolling out their LTE network.

So which is it? Does the Droid X’s lower-priced hotspot capabilities at the expense of a few devices best the EVO’s unlimited 4G data at a premium cost?

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  1. Evo FTW

  2. This was my biggest problem….which phone to get….I must say that the less expensive plan and 4G in my area, helped me choose Sprint. I don’t think anyone can lose with either phone. Both of these phones beat anything out there….including the fruit phone……DROID!!!!!

  3. There is no battle, one has faster speeds and handles more wireless devices. Im only talking about stock though….

    If we are talking rooted, then thats a whole other ballgame.

  4. You really need to look at the full price of the plans here. Sprint plans are generally cheaper over all or at least comparable when you include the $10 premium charge plus you get better nights and weekend hours and free cell to cell on any network. Plus if you tether that many devices, it’s pretty easy to hit 2GB.

  5. BTW, if you are gonna compare prices, WHY NOT compare the whole plan price instead of one FEATURE of a plan.

  6. the $10 premium data Sprint charges is NOT for unlimited bandwidth. why do so many blogs get this wrong? http://www.explainthefee.com

  7. Umm, I hope you’re going to have a beefier comparison of the two. I kind of want to see a size comparison, feature comparison (i.e. EVO has the front facing camera, kickstand, etc, but what’s the X offer that EVO doesn’t…). Personally, as an EVO owner, I think I didn’t miss out on much (would have been able to switch to Verizon). Any reason the X is better? Just curious…hopefully no buyer’s regret for me :)

  8. How often would one need to connect 8 devices at once…really?

  9. The general consensus is that Verizon has a better network. Tethering onto a phone that has a signal in more places would seem to increase the value. What’s the use in tethering if there is no signal to access with that tether?

  10. I wonder if rooted phones will get free wifi tether.

  11. First Post!

    Tough call, in my area 4G is available so the Evo would be a preferred upgrade over the Droid X. However, I’m still not sold on the touch screen only – call me old fashioned, but I enjoy the HW keyboard on my Droid…

  12. Personally I have the Motorola droid. I like it when it first came out. I had and have so many problems with my droid. I heard Verizon is coming out with the droid 2 and the droid x. By far I think the evo 4 or what ever you called it from sprint is a better phone. 2 things I notice sprint works on 4g and it has a camera in the front and back of the phone. Verizon I hope you learn from the past don t rush your phones out too quick.It isn t fair to the consumer.

  13. I think HTC is always a better choice over Motorola. Moto is always so far behind on releasing updates, while HTC devices have excellent support by the community

  14. No data cap on Sprints plans and I got a nice company discount off my personal plan(25%)…plus the development community on my EVO 4g is ridiculous.

  15. Where are you getting your sources on a 2GB cap?

  16. WiFi not clearly set as b/g or N here. Very important for me. N is critical to stream video.
    Then not clear what 3G network specs sit behind this WiFi hot spot. Is that HSPA+ capable ? 7.2 Mbps ? More ? Less ? What ?
    Please stop these endless frustrating mysteries, publish a full set of specs, so we can see what you have in hands.
    Starting with NO Front facing Camera and no kick stand, will make it difficult to sell in Europe, where all 3G fans use basic 3GPP visio extensively today, considering to add Skype or other higher quality Video over IP SW as soon as networks stop filtering them out, and watch 20 x free TV channels included in their 3G unlimited subscriptions. Droid X will fall short here.
    We need a 3G+ HSPA+ HTC EVO for Europe with a larger battery !

  17. Or just root and use free Wi-Fi hotspot.

  18. Evo no doubt. Even with extra 10.00. You’re still paying less compared with Verizon. Plus the front facing camera for video calls. Oh and 4g connectivity. No comparison there.

  19. Or, you can download a certain app from the Market and get Wifi tethering for the price of $free.

  20. One important thing to consider is Google Voice and Verizon’s “Friends and Family”

    All of my calls are routed through Google Voice. They all call out (and come in) on one number according to the provider. Sprint does not have a “Friends and Family” to specify numbers that count as 0 minutes.

    Regardless of who is offering cheaper data, I’ll be sticking with a network that allows me to specify free numbers so I can take the minimum calling plan. Cheaper in the end.

  21. For disclosure, I have an Evo and I’m a Sprint lover. I do realize Verizon may be the “better” carrier, and do believe they have more coverage in more areas. $30/month and the $10/month Prem Data charge make the Evo hotspot much more expensive than the Droid X’s. The 5 to 8 device attachment figure is moot to me because how often do you have 6 – 8 devices attached to a hotspot remotely? Can one person even carry that much hardware (yes, it’s good for a group of folks, but I’m alone much more of the time traveling). Next, although your’re going to have Verizon signal in every nook and cranny of the planet, I still believe Sprint’s network service is better and faster. Their 3G is fantastic and 4G is seriously fast, when u have access to it. The Droid will NEVER have access to 4G; and attaching multiple data-hungry devices to a 3G hotspot is just ridiculous (even running one device is minimally acceptable performance). Most important is the cost and data limit. 2GB on the Droid is just silly. I use 2GB/month just on email and just on one device. You’ll be paying massive data overage charges on that Droid every month. With Sprint, some months I’ll pull over 5 – 8GB on 3G and they never charge me another nickel, it always performs well, and they never bitch. In closing, Verizon is fantastic, the Droid X will be fantastic, but one SERIOUSLY has to consider Sprint and the EVO when thinking about any kind of serious hotspot usage.

  22. @Rappstar – Sprint roams freely to Verizon. Only 3g but any where you get a verizon or sprint signal either will work and Sprint does have free roaming.

    @Ok – with root, those limits don’t really mean anything anyway.

  23. In fairness, the “cost” of the app is kind of pointless. You’re no more required to pay for the carriers’ branded tethering app than you were required to pay $1.99 for that phat 50 Cent MIDI in 2003. Once you stop treating these devices like static appliances and start treating them like computers you will realize that there is growing competition out there. The pricey carrier apps are no more necessary than the pricey antivirus or Office packages everyone used 10 years ago.

    Install PDANet for free and USB tether. Gain root access and install Wifi Tether for free and tether wirelessly. Sprint’s +$10 unlimited data truly is unlimited (on the Evo at at least) so it’s not like you have any moral obligation to pay again. The whole argument for the $10 fee was that it allowed you uncapped access to their EVDO and Wimax networks wherever available. No reason it should matter how you connect your laptop to the phone.

  24. Only 2GB?

    That makes this useless and at $10/GB ridiculously expensive.

  25. clems your point is moot and invalid because sprint has anymobile anytime meaning we dont need to specify a network or number its always good

  26. @jerbear I agree, but like me you will be in trouble if your provider catches on to what we have been doing.

  27. @JohnW you do not have verizon all over the planet, I alway have to get a prepaid phone when I travel to europe. CDMA really only ever caught on in the USA.

  28. @JohnW and everyone else who claims there is going to be a 2GB data cap. All VZW smartphone data plans are UNLIMITED. The 2GB cap applies to the tethering only. And going over 2GB on tether is hard to do. Easy to do if you’re a stubborn mule because 3G is just not meant to be tethered like that and I don’t care what anyone else has to say about that, it’s just the truth.

  29. At the end of the day, regardless the price for the plan is gonna be over $100. Noone should be paying that much for ANY phone, i dont care what the spec’s.

  30. @greatone_pro verizon “unlimited” plans are limited to 5GB, read the fine print. I did when I signed up for my droid. Going over 2GB is not hard, try netflix or any other streaming video service. 3G is meant to do whatever you want, it is just a spec to talk data over. You are either a shill or just ignorant.

  31. i still say evo ftw looks better to me.the sense keyboard im sure is still the best out there and it has the front facing cam as well

  32. “$29.99 for use of unlimited data by way of the extra $10 premium data surcharge taxed to EVO owners.”

    Wrong, the $10 fee has nothing to do with the Hotspot, the fee is for premium data whether you’re using the Hotspot or not. It’s a no-brainer, unlimited data is far more desirable than data caps.

  33. EVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. plus im sure we can all agree that moto blur is not too hot right now

  35. Future proof – that’s what anyone buying a Smartphone today should be looking into. As we all know there are NO FUTURE PROOF devices on any level – but one would be wise to select a device that has the potential to “blend” in with tomorrow’s technology today.

    I switched from Verizon (Droid) to Sprint (EVO 4G) because Sprint’s plans are a better value than Verizon’s at EVERY level! Service is great as I’m in a 4G city, Chicago, and Sprint’s customer service is about equal to Verizon customer saervice at this point.

    I went from a $150.00 monthly bill to a $79.99 monthly bill WITH 4G SUPPORT. But to question the HotSpot issue should be a moot point across the board for everyone. Do people actually forget they’re paying for a monthly data plan and opt to use WiFi?

    What could possibly be so urgent that people insist they need a WiFi connection if they can’t get a good data signal? What could be so urgent they can’t wait until they get into an area where there is a better data signal or, (gasp) a computer, or even worse – a land line!

    I dunno about most of the people out there but I grew up when there was NO such thing as a VCR, a microwave, a personal computer or notebook, let alone a portable cellular phone??? You mean I’d be living in the stone ages again if the Droid X could only accept 5 devices to the EVO’s 8 devices? Or the Droid X’s lack of LTE or 4G?

    Let’s discuss something more important like the iPhone 4(G???) being obsolete even before it gets in the hands of all those Apple Fanboys. Now that’s something worth laughing at – all those zombies lining up to “Think Different”.

    Think Different – words to live by Apple?

  36. I second that EVOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  37. @Rappstar

    Pretty sure they run on the same network and share each others space, hence the free digital roaming, so Sprint is exactly the same as Verizon and vice versa, if wrong please let me know.


    Sprint has unlimited mobile to mobile on any network included in their packages, so the “10 free numbers” seems useless as most people I know only have cell phones.

    I;m still on the fence though about Sprints $10 tax for the 4G seeing as 4G doesn’t exist in my state. Paying an extra $10 for absolutely nothing seems like a waste and a big mistake on Sprints part.

  38. Carl, How does 802.11n matter on these phones? The 3G or 4G bandwidth is well below that of 802.11g, and even 802.11b in most cases. Even if you were pulling content from the local network, I doubt any of these phones can handle full 802.11n bandwidth on their buses.

    IMO the only reason to worry about 802.11n is if you have a network configured only for n, with g compatibility turned off.

  39. Evo is better…no brainer.

    No front facing camera, that should be standard now on any flagship phone. VZ = fail

    Data is going to kill us VZ customers. Sorry but with phones like these and the video you are going to use on it, I hope you like to pay over charges. because that is what we will be paying. Seriously disappointed in this.

    Sprint / HTC Evo….Here I Come!!

  40. @EVO 4Gman who the hell has a landline these days?

  41. I’m going to call it for the galaxy pro on sprint. FFC, great battery, super amoled screen, hummingbird gpu with no fps cap and a 5-row keyboard. Basically everything I could ever want in a phone except a trackball and a gyroscope (though that was listed as a feature for the captivate)

  42. Droid X…it will probably be faster.Besides as of today front facing cameras are more “meh” than gotta have it, to me presently they are just add-ons. I have another upgrade in Feb. to see the new developments with it. I’m loving the actual multi-touch on-screen keyboard for the Droid X. And if you live where I live, Sprint is where calls go to DIE, and I see no need in jumping networks for a phone(any phone). DROID X

  43. @ Steve – the 5gb cap is for wireless data cards, not for smartphone data plans. There is a difference.

    The 5gb cap on wireless data card plans is similar to the whole idea of the 2gb tethering cap. They figure someone tethering or using a wireless data card on a computer is more likely to use lots of data.

  44. no second camera for video conf on DROID X =FAILED…

  45. Yeah theres also to account Verizons Coverage for many places will probably be alot better than Sprints

  46. @sic0048 Then why only give you 2GB that is nothing.

  47. EVO FTW.

  48. How about neither… I think my nexus on t-mob with free wifi teathering does just fine thank you… others are a rip off. nuff said

  49. Both phones are pretty grade. I think if you’re on verizon and don’t want to switch carriers, you should definitely get this. If you’re on sprint, get the Evo. Both phones are great and I think it comes down to personal preference.

  50. This is going to sound crazy but I prefer Verizon’s 3G over Sprint 4G simply because where I live, along with nearly every one else, I do not have coverage for its 4G network. I have sprint 3G here, but elsewhere it begins to fail quickly…with Verizon, well, just look at how big their fu***** map is! You always have (moderately) fast internet

  51. This time EVO wins, but DROID X is a better device

  52. Will the hotspot and phone work at the same time?

  53. EVO Mobile Hotspot for $29.99 is superb for rommates, hey equally split the bill. Or if you’re someone that does business with software, computers and you need constant connection, high speed connection, uploading, downloading, surfing. you’ll use 2gb in the 1st day and they you got 29 more days to go. EVO hotspot is unlimited in 3g and 4g, but if you live in 4g, you can be on the phone talking and still use data at the same time. Will not affect it, 2gb is approx 3.5 movies streamed or downloaded. I burned 12gb in 1 month without trying. Does not include gaming, Ghost Recon, GOW3, and some on my ps3 via wifi. I mean look at the breakdown: Everything 450mins: unlimited mobile2mobile (between any cell phone, prepaid, postpaid), unlimited sms text messages, picturemail, videomail, internet unlimited, unlimited navigation-turn by turn audio directions, unlimited sprint tv-watch soccer live right now, unlimited radio, with EVO for $79.99, add in Mobile Hotspot for $29.99, total $109.99 before your company discount. Yes that includes the $10 prem fee. so you’ll only use the 450mins if you’re calling landlines or 800# some 900# lol. You are now sold!

  54. Oh, here, let’s make it even hotter. if you know someone tha t works for sprint, all you would be sprint customers, go here: http://www.sprint.com/sero its like a discount, the plan i mentioned about would give you 50 more mins and discount the plan by $10, wow did we just bypass that $10 prem fee. lol!

  55. Also remember that on the Sprint network. if you complain and threathen to go to Verizon they will give you 3 numbers that you can call without costing minutes. So, add a few land lines or conference call numbers to unlimited cell to cell calling and you are set.

  56. @steve-

    you read the WRONG fine print. Verizon smartphones have unlimited data- as in no specific numerical limit. aircards and the like have 5gb limits. Smartphones are ‘banned’ from certain behaviors- such as acting like a server or other things. There is no longer any number- they took that away years ago.

    for those that keep parroting that Sprint can roam ANYWHERE on verizon- just stop. It’s not true. period. end of story. You can roam where sprint haz no coverage but not where they have fringe coverage. There’s a reason your phones have a PRL. If you travel to a city or state with no native sprint coverage you will hop on verizon. But if you are just in a place with poor (but existing) sprint coverage then you will NOT roam. Try using sprint and verizon side by side in fringe areas and you will quickly see a difference.

    Real world example- try a sprint phone in a subway station in NYC. Frequently verizon will work in the stations becasue their 800 mhz signal will penetrate somewhat but sprinted PCS 1900 wont. The sprint phones will not roam because the PRL wont allow it. Areas of NY, NJ, and PA just off the beaten path have the same problem (spotty sprint but no roam on vz)- whereas if you get very far off the path then you roam on verizon.

    so the coverage is VERY SIMILAR but not 100% the same. if you happen to live, work, or play in one of the fringe areas then sprint is not the same. If you dont venture to those areas then they would be essentially the same.

  57. We have a lot of that going on down in the South as well.. My friends were kicked off Sprint due to using $1200 a month in data roaming charges to the company. (basicly used a Verizon tower all the time and never touched sprint towers.) So Sprint called and told them they dumped their contract and they had 14 days to port out. So they basicly had no choice but to move to Verizon since they only had coverage in their area.

  58. Thank you JOHNW for being the first one to bring up Verizon’s 2GB cap and .05 per MB over that vs Sprints unlimited. With 8 days left in my billing cycle on my Evo I am at 3GB so I will definitely break 4 and will probably be closer to 5 since my three kids will be on my Hotspot this weekend. For those of you that keep bringing up Sprints extra $10 data/hardware fee, do the math and see how much those 5 gigs would run on Verizon. End of debate, unless you stay under 2GB and don’t mind carrying around a flimsy Moto product. At least they dropped the “Gold Package” on the “X” and picked up some design tips from HTC. Oh…. and I guess you will have to hold your X while watching those HD movies. Maybe there next one will have a kick stand.

  59. i’m so sorry if you guys cant realize that the fact of the matter is that the Evo 4 g is way better than the droid x. It includes a kickstand and a front facing camera, has 4g , can connect 8 devices.you would have to be a moron to believe that the Droid x is better. stupid things like this swype deal can be made by people in the market. when i see it the droid x has not a single advantage in the hardware department. not to mention that the 4 g network is uncapped at just 10 dollars extra a month. let’s just agree that the evo 4 g came out before the droid x and the Droid x is still inferior. Thank you

  60. DroidX who really wants sprint

  61. I think I will have my cake and eat it too, HTC EVO (white) coming soon to me!!! Cant wait to use SENSE UI to make my phone look soo much better than the X.

  62. Both are cool, EVO is definitely better for many reasons. The kickstand and video conferencing are must haves for a new phone. The bar has been raised.

  63. @Fred (52) You can only use voice and data at the same time if you are in a 4G coverage area or on Wi-Fi. Data will stream on 4G and voice will go over 3G. This is, after all, still a CDMA phone, so it will not allow voice and data at the same time, it’s just that this phone has both EVDO and Wimax radios.

    As for costs, I compared my cost for a mobile broadband card for my computer ($59.95, unlimited) vs. $29.95 hotspot plus the $10 4G charge on the EVO. I save $20. I don’t happen to need to use voice and data at the same time, I don’t talk on the phone while I am using my computer!

    I see nothing in the Droid X that makes me want to run out and change carriers .

  64. Droid X is better than the Evo. It has better screen resolution, a bigger battery, its thinner, it supports multi touch typing on its keyboard it has a TI OMAP 1Ghz processer that is almost twice as fast as the Evos snapdragon processer and its on Verizon which has almost twice as much reception as sprint. Who cares about the front facing camera that is only 1.3 megapixels and the 4G that you can only get in a couple of places.

  65. It is totally the Droid x. I Mean, The 4G and 2 cameras are cool, But Verizon beats sprint with a spiked club when it comes to the reception Map.

  66. i think with evo in terms of wifi capabilities it is more advanced and more preferrable because imagine a 2 gb cap per month and if 5 users will be connected to it can 2 gb cap last for one full month? probably in terms of coverage verizon leads now but i have heard that sprint is widening theyre coverage area so with that i think sprint would be the better choice

  67. I’m sorry, but saying the EVO is better because it can handle 8 devices vs the Droid X’s 5 devices is just stupid. Are you going to run an ISP with this thing? Generally, you will only ever have 1 device connected. Unless you travel a lot and sell internet to people sitting next to you at the airport, that comparison is pretty useless. 5 is more than enough. The biggest concern is MotoBlur2 vs SenseUI. My believe is the less you screw with base Android OS the better. I hope Moto did a better job this time of leaving things as is.

  68. TJ: Saying the OMAP is “twice as fast” is not only premature, it’s also incorrect by early tests. The processor needs of Motoblur have made the phone seem slower than the Incredible by early reviewers. Of course, I desperately hope that’s just a glitch and/or beta firmware. I want the Droid X to be better, faster in every way. I’m sure it won’t be “twice”, but 50% would rock :)

  69. Evo Droid X will be forgotten end of the year. If you didn’t know LTE is coming end of this year for Verizon wireless. SPRINT knows this and so does ATT. Why do you think both made sudden changes in plans? VZW has the best coverage and in order to have 4g you need 3g. Well ATT is 1yr behind because they started late in getting license and other things required for the cell tower to upgrade. SPRINT is on 4g but a bootleg version of it. They’ve been on 4g since Sept 09 and still 30 markets? Because the company that they are rolling with is garbage.
    KNOW YOUR HISTORY sprint was the 1st 3g and still sucked and remember this post when you see VZW use that LTE to kill everyone else.

  70. Number 69 is absolutely wrong. LTE will be on Sprint, with Sprint combining WiMax and LTE, making it more diverse. It’s simple, Dan Hesse admitted that LTE is in Sprints future plans. Now if you thinnk Verizon is going to continue to be 1#, you have a another thing coming. Sprint is a veteran in this game. Don’t sleep Verizon!

  71. The retarded bias in these comments are hard to filter through. I got a little information and so many brick brained fools who cannot give a good unbiased opinion since they do not want to feel like they’ve wasted their money…

    Seriously, you fanboys have got to take your medicine.

  72. @Clems true, you cannot specify free friends and family on Sprint, but you can call ANY mobile number for free. Your monthly minutes only count towards landline calls before 7 PM.

    It’s a way better deal than specifying a few free friends and family members IMHO.

  73. the EVO might be better in this comperason buttt thats the oldest droid compere it to the incredible or the ERIS and it willllllllllll lllllllooooooooosssssseeeeeeeeee

  74. DONT GET THE DROID FOR ONE REASON, George Lucas has rights to the name “droid” and im sure that he is paid well by the phone makers to use that name.(Read the small print in the commercials) After seeing the new Star Wars movies and what they did to Indiana Jones, the idea of giving him more money is something i cannot be a part of. Therefore my next phone will be the Evo 4G

  75. I own a Graphics business and have had 20+ Mac/Apple Computers over 15 years. I have also been a Verizon Customer for over 10 years with a quick 6 month jump ships to AT&T about 6 years ago. I travel extensively and discovered how bad AT&T’s coverage is and immediately switched back to VZN. When the IPhone debuted I rushed out to buy one and one simple thing “other than Coverage” kept me from buying one, they had no GPS turn by turn Navigation, only maps downloaded from the web. No thank you! So I walked out disappointed and kept my Verizon contract. I have had several phones since then and they all sucked and the contracts are out of control. Having the TERRIBLE Storm2 I have been holding out for the New Iphone4 to arrive and the rumors are NOW January 2011. With the release of the Droid-X I am done with VZN. If the EVO 4G Switches to 3G when its not available, I am in. Less Money, a Phone that outperforms and it not obsolete in 6 months when 4G finally makes its debut with VZN, and YES if Apple goes to VZN, it will have have to have 4G, or they will do the whole release then within a year the 4G=IP5 version will be out to make everyone rush out and UPGRADE again. I am out with the marketing strategies. Ohh and BTW I read that the only thing the droid-X had over the EVO was the ability to press two keys simultaneously while texting and it will know… Well its been hacked and is down loadable for the EVO.

  76. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, speaking at CTIA this morning, made clear which 4G standard he thinks will be dominant in the future. And it’s not the one his company uses.

    Hesse’s comment, that LTE will likely be the larger of the two 4G standards, came a day ofter Sprint announced the world’s first ever 3G/4G phone, the HTC Evo. The issue: Sprint’s desire to get a 4G foothold as soon as possible. While LTE might be the more popular 4G standard in the future (AT&T and Verizon are both backing it), WiMax was available now, with an established infrastructure from Sprint partner Clearwire. In Sprint’s eyes, being first was more important than being biggest.

    Is that going to hurt them in the long run? Unlikely. As Hesse also said, they can always add other technologies later if need be. And as Matt pointed out last year, the two technologies are actually remarkably similar and could someday be harmonized. Clearwire CEO Bill Morrow said much the same in his follow-up comments today: that the two networks have about 80% overlap, and that Clearwire will be ready, willing and able to offer LTE if and when it ever surpasses Wimax’s capabilities.

    Today, though—as the interest garnered in Sprint’s Evo announcement proves—the benefits of having a head start on the next generation’s network are clear.

  77. You unworthy Droid lovers need to smd because Sprint, the number one company at this moment, is widening 4G coverage and no other company has attempted any 4G coverage. Eat that, and eat that hard.

  78. Lte the future of verizon may not be able to run streaming video due to the lower signal it runs on (700mhz). The 4g sprint runs much faster (2.5 ghz) and it can handle more people and can keep the speeds

  79. Coming from a verizon customer for the last 15 years i have been waiting on a phone from another provider simply because Verizon has way to many nickle and dimes to throw our way now days! Its rediculous! I am paying $370 every two months for a BB Curve w/ unlimited data and a env touch with no data plan! Tomorrow my EVO’s are suppose to be in and with both phones unlimited data i will be paying $234 every two months! Basically $70 a month cheaper! Im tired of dealing with the verizon crooks!

  80. The funny thing with people saying that Verizon is a “better” network or you get more signal from Verizon is that Sprint phones roam on the Verizon network and Sprint does not charge roaming fees for calls or data anymore. It’s simply applied to your anytime minutes or data usage plan as regular usage. So that argument no longer exists. Wherever you get Verizon (or really any other carrier now), you get Sprint service.

  81. Droid X all day evo is okay but Droid is jus better coming from a teenager!!!!!!!!! All yu geeks saying that evo is better because its mego pixels an shit lik that is lame the droid looks better camera better and JUST BETTER

  82. First off let me say that Sprint’s 4G network is kind of a joke. I owned the EVO and it is an awesome phone but 4G is sporadic at best on Sprint. Move 5 ft one way and you have it, move the other way…poof…it’s gone. I now own the Droid X because we were getting dropped calls on Sprint and for business, that isn’t good…ever!
    As for the phones themselves I think the EVO is a much better device,that is well thought out with more features. The Droid X is a great phone but it just doesn’t have the class that the EVO does(e.g.the sense UI and kickstand etc.). All being said, if the EVO was on the Verizon network I would have it and not the Droid X.

  83. evooo all dha way bruhh .

  84. Let me start by saying that before I bought my EVO4 phone I HATED cellphones. I had an iPhone and it proved to be nothing but frustrating due in large part to ATT’s abysmal phone coverage (in Charleston, SC at least where I live). The EVO4 is a completely different animal – I am a computer enthusiast and love browsing the internet. The EVO4 provides a truly viable alternative to having a computer for internet access. Access is fast, the phone is extremely user friendly and I don’t even have 4G coverage yet. The EVO4 has truly changed my attitude about the utility of a smart phone and I am extremely pleased with my purchase.

  85. For all of you Verizon customers that like your Droid X or Droid or Droid 2 you have to face it sooner or later Motorola sucks as a phone company they are in the band width company. Now as to the guy that spouted about how great his coverage is in the subway stations of NY I was in NY last month and I have to tell you my Sprint HTC EVO worked perfectly from Rockaway Beach all the way up to the Bronx without any dropouts. My cousin who was with me has a Droid and he lost his signal on the elevated section before we made it to underground and asked if he could use my EVO to call his wife. His wife asked what phone he was calling from because he sounded like himself and it wasn’t cracking up like he normally did. My cousin and his entire family are now saving a lot of money and have much better phones and service and aren’t capped,….they switched to Sprint that same day in Brooklyn. He told me he is saving over 1
    $125.00 per month and the signal is much better.
    Now for the guy that said something about being on the fringe of a calling area. I live in NE Tennessee at over 3,200 ft. above sea level and I am surrounded by mountains. Last year I lost my signal after a bad wind storm so I called the best Customer Service in the industry “Sprint” (*2)and complained and they switched me over to the “Air Rave” department where I told them my problem. Because I was a good customer and never missed a payment they gave me an Air Rave. The Air Rave is basically a broadband repeater or an amplifer that hooks up to my wireless-G router and it gives me 5 Bars within my house. And they aren’t charging me a penny for service or for the Air Rave.
    As for the debate over the HTC EVO and any other phones like the Droid, DroidX or Droid2 it all comes down to personal need and want, but if you actually still believe that verizon is a better deal and has better features then there is no hope for you, and you deserve verizon and you also should try a really great phone, the iPhone4 and at&t or how about t-mobile and while were at it I just happen to have some really nice mountain land that doesn’t have a flat spot on it for you to build your dream house, you best bring your climbing ropes and your crampons to get up there.

  86. Hey Speedy, I used to get some dropped calls but within the last year I haven’t had but about 3 or 4 and I called Sprint customer service and they gave me a credit on my next bill for the dropped calls. I was in Ohio last week and I was on 4G with my HTC EVO and I drove all around the city and into the country and never lost 4G. I hated to leave because we don’t have 4G where I live in Tennessee but should within about 10 months or sooner. But you are right, the HTC EVO is an awesome phone. For all of you out there that have the EVO and you are having short battery times go to Ebay and type in Extended batteries for HTC or Sprint EVO and buy the 3500mah or 3000 mah battery. I got one from Hong Kong with the rubberized back for $13.25 and that was shipping included. I am now getting almost 2 days on a charge. Before I had to keep it charging in my truck to get that much time on it.

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