Android 2.2 Coming to Droid X Later this Summer



At today’s announcement it was revealed that the Motorola Droid X would be shipping with Android 2.1 and an updated version of MotoBlur. But don’t fret, because Motorola isn’t resting on getting Android 2.2 up and ready for the handset, promising that it will hit the device later in the summer. When asked whether or not the inclusion of MotoBlur would adversely affect the release schedule of an update, Motorola’s Sanjay Jha responded that they are “diligent” about getting the update out to the handset.

Google’s Andy Rubin was quick to chime in, “we just open-sourced it today. That’s when everybody says, ‘Go!’. That just happened today.” His faith in handset manufacturer’s and developers is obviously not stirred by the mishaps that have befallen previous OS upgrade for nearly every handset that has received one.


Let’s just hope the time frame of “later this summer” doesn’t push into fall and maybe even winter — a distinct possibility but seeming unlikely. I’m guessing they really want to have Android 2.2 ready by the Droid 2 launch, which is rumored to be coming towards the end of the summer months.

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  1. So when can we pre order the x , first btw lol

  2. I too am also interested in when pre-orders will be made available.

    It will (most likely) be my first Android phone.

  3. this is making the decision between droidx and 2 much more difficult…

  4. Does this mean the Droid X will at some point later in the year ship with 2.2 installed from the factory?

  5. ahhh i’m so friggin excited. I’m done with my Eris and eligible for an upgrade!! whooohooo!!

  6. It safe to assume that this phone is going to get rooted rather quickly and have a 2.2 rom flashed to it within a week or so after its launch. It might even get rooted sooner then that so it renders manufacturer updates moot. Unless you leave your phone stock, then we’ll see i guess.

  7. Its never safe to assume any phone gets rooted early or even at all. Just ask Incredible owners, their phone was out long before the EVO, and the EVO was rooted before it ever shipped. Incredible just got a not so decent root.

  8. THERE! now all you babies can stop crying over the droid X not getting updates because of blur.

    Lets just hope this baby wont lag when gingerbread 2.3 comes out

  9. @Norbert – Why wouldn’t it? The original Droid now ships with 2.1, the Eris ships w/ 2.1… not the original versions they came out with.

  10. On verizon’s droid website it nows says flash 10.1 late summer for the original droid so I’m guessing that means Froyo for original droid at the same time as the droid x?


  11. What frequencies will it support?
    800/900 1900/2100?

    I want to use this phone in Europe and we have the 2100MHz band.

  12. Does anyone know what the price will be out of contract for the X?

  13. I am sure i am getting this phone my 3 1/2 old razer is about had it. Dumb ? what is rooted?

  14. Yes, I hope they do that on that date

  15. I’ve been told by both Verizon AND Motorola workers to, “Keep your eye out for July 15, since it IS a big day.”, when asking as to when Android 2.2 is coming out. I SO hope that it comes out for my Droid on the 15th because I am honestly fed up with the waits and casual “coming soon =D” faux release dates. I’ve kept my information to myself however I am done with speculations and annoyances. This update probably means more to me than it should but then again, it’s going to be a giant moment in history when these phones will be able to do what we were promised. I expect to see results on or by the 15th. -End rant-

  16. Coolish!

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