[UPDATE] Android Market Down for Some?



[UPDATE]: According to this post on the Android Developer’s Blog, the Market should be back to normal:

“Earlier today we had a brief outage in Android Market. For a period of about thirty minutes, some users were unable to find any apps. The problem was detected and corrected, and we believe the user experience is now back to normal. We apologize for the outage.”

We are hearing some reports that for some the Android Market is down on their handsets. The application loads up just fine, but there are no app listings to be found. Engadget is reporting that this issue seems to be rather sporadic, with some users not having any issues with the market (I being one of them) while other on various devices running various version of Android are reporting problems seeing the 65,000 apps available. This will certainly be a minor, temporary problem and we’ll keep you up to date as things develop. Any one out there experiencing these issues?

[via Engadget]

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  1. Works for me. I can see the 65,000 apps available. Sprint HTC Hero

  2. Not for me hahaha

  3. G1 on T-Mobile in So. Cal…ALL SYSTEMS GO, no market problems.

  4. Mine works with 2.2 on my Nexus One? Something weird is happening maybe its an official Froyo OTA :)

  5. Mine has been down for at least 30 min. Stock Droid, 2.1

  6. Works for me. With HTC hero running 2.1 with Cronos 1.4.1 ROM

  7. Mine is down. Rooted HTC Eris.

  8. i am having problems!!!!…Htc Hero

  9. fine for me. nexus with latest froyo leak. prep going on for ota?

  10. Yo si tengo ese error. Soy de Mexico, DF ,,, mi problema se ve en un HTC Droid Incredible >0.0<

  11. Another engadget reference, to yet another unverified story by way of engadgets anonymous tipsters. Why is this even a story?! An issue could be the device it self or the network, until it is verified, why run with the story? The great majority are not experiencing a problem.

  12. Market down here.. Droid Eris with 2.1..

  13. All good on Long Island, NY with my Droid…just downloaded an app, actually.

  14. Me, my GF, my mom, and 2 friend all have not market access. All on verizon. 4 with Incredible 1 with Moto Droid. all in Utah

  15. Moto Droid runnin FRF57, no problems…

    O NOES, WAIT….I can only see 62,000 apps!

  16. Droid Incredible in California. Not only was I able to see apps, I was able to update my Google Shopper app.

  17. No issues. Updating all apps as we speak.

  18. @Informed is that seriously necessary? I for one am happy to see that I’m not the only one with the market problem.

  19. @Brandon take off your silly morman underwear then it will work.

  20. mine works but earlier i wanst able to Download apps or use the facebook app

    but the market was glichty…it would go back and forth form working

    its back now

    HTC inc

  21. Droid Incredible – Pacific Northwest – no worries @ 1530.

  22. i experienced this and simply restarted my phone, clearing the problem. Im glad to know it wasn’t just me.

  23. G1 down here in Flordia everything works fine…

  24. Mine is down in So Cal HTC HERO for Sprint and is anyone else having a problem with HANDCENT SMS its not vibrating when i receive a text now wtf

  25. Malibu, California here, and everything is working just fine on my stock Nexus One. Waiting on that OTA Froyo. :D

  26. Mine has been glitchy all day and it’s 3:30AM and I have been searching for hours trying to find a fix. I hope this is temporary… weird thing is is that it was working fine before I factory reset my device, now it’s laggy or won’t load at all or take several minutes to load anything. I tried it on another Android device and the same problem!!! Then went back to my original and it was fine, factory reset then problematic again and that’s how it is now. I really hope this will be rectified, I’m worried my Google account has been glitched. I hope not! Anyone with similar issues?

  27. Seems to be down again. At least, every time I try to download my newly purchased app (or even go to the downloads section in the market) I get numerous “A network error has occurred.” alerts. Kind of frustrating!!!

  28. I had my HTC Aria factory reset today at my local AT&T store to fix an issue with not vibrating. Now I get the “A network error has occurred” message every time I try to access the apps on the market.

  29. Check if your Mobile network is on or not.
    Market place requires “mobile network” to be on

  30. I’m having problems with the marketplace on my adroid on tmobile g1. I can’t download apps or update my fone

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